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Oroszruszka Harcos Ujszék Orosz Patak Gorbeszeg Utczás/Ulics Vegaszo Juhaszlak Kistopolya Kispereszlo Jarmos Dara Sztarina, Czirokaofalu* Nagy Polena, Nagypolany Osztrozsnicza, Szedreske Szomolnok, Ujszomolnok, Zemplenszomolnok Zuella, Zello

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Please Note: These Settlement pages were developed in the year 2002, when the presence of Slovakia on the world-wide-web was in its' infancy.  None of these villages had a formal web page and if they did, it didn't contain much and didn't need to, since few people even googled their village.  Many never had a public presence, let alone an international presence.   Today my village pages are eclipsed by the tremendous work that each government has put into their external "face".   As my personal research is around northeastern Slovakia, so it represents those villages.   I have no desire to expand beyond the villages.   These pages condense information that is relevant to the genealogy researcher.  - Bill Tarkulich, 2020

Over the course of the fall, I assembled photos and historical material regarding many of the small and somewhat-neglected villages in the northeastern corner of Slovakia.  The area is generally from Snina eastward to the border of Ukraine and north to Poland.  These villages are predominantly Rusyn and dwindling in population.  Before any more permanent changes take place, I've taken an attempt to capture them as they are today.  I am reaching out to people who have photos or information to share.  Many people who have traveled the region have generously shared their photos.  Others have permitted sharing their published photos and historical essays.  Credits are duly noted.  Some folks have expressed an interest in building their own village web site, which I certainly hope they will do and I will link to them.

In the mean time, I'm finding it is an encouraging and useful "magnet" which brings together residents, transplants and folk with an ancestral past in these villages.
This is not a professional effort.  It is a collection of work from amateur genealogists, residents and researchers of the area.  It is constantly evolving as various people contribute.  It is an attempt to publish unique photos and English-language information on this region.   I also hope that others who have photos they may wish to share will do so here.  This is a non-commercial site.

I have taken some effort to investigation of the Starina Reservoir and the villages it has displaced.  This has caused certain trouble and heartache for those searching for those removed villages.  I am presently writing a more extensive history of the Oct-Nov. Dukla Pass battle.  There is also more local history material presently being translated for Ulic valley.  Lastly, I'm working with some local villagers to expand the scope of these pages.

For those unable to travel to this region, it gives a glimpse of life, from various perspectives.  It may also give you the first glimpse from the internet of many of these villages.  If you desire more photos, take a trip or hire someone to take and send some photos to you.

Click on the current Place Name below (underlined if available) to see a separate page of information about each village.  Surname lists, if available are found in the respective surnames column, with the record format described as the clickable title.  If a village is not underlined, the page has not yet been constructed.  I hope you enjoy it and leave a comment. 

Village Name Magyar Census
  Household Tax
Slovak [Current] Magyar (Hungarian) [Former] Rusyn Church Records

at the LDS

1869 1828
Place Name[s] Okres(S) (Jaras(M))


Place Name[s] Megye


Place Name[s]   FHL Int'l Film Number


Belá nad Cirochou  Snina Cziróka-Béla Zemplén (M) None known Rímsko-katolícka 722682 722683 623187
Brezovec Snina Berezocz Zemplén Berezovec'  ? 722680 623187


Humenné Csabalocz es Sterkocz Zemplén Cabalivci      


Snina Csukalócz or Csukahaza Zemplén Cukalivci Grécko-katolícka 722685 623187
Dara (1) Humenné Dara, Dare Zemplen Dara   0722686  
Dlhé nad Cirochou Snina Cziróka-Hosszúmezo Zemplén ? Rímsko-katolícka 722682 722683 623187
Hamry or Zemplínske Hámre [Sninské Hámre] Snina Szinna Hámor Zemplén ? Rímsko-katolícka ? 719790 719791 ?
Hostovice Snina Hosztovica or Vendagi Zemplén Hostovici Grécko-katolícka 722709  623188
Hrabová Roztoka Snina Hrabova-Rosztoka or Kisgereblyes Zemplén Hrabova Rostoka Greek Catholic ? 623188
Jablonka Humenné See Vysna JABLONKA Zemplén Vysnja Jablinka 1920572 1920573    
Jalová Snina Jalova or Jarmos Zemplén Jalova with Snina? 722712  623188


Snina Kelen Zemplén Klenova Grécko-katolícka




Humenné Koves/Vegaszo/Vegazo Zemplén Kovbasuv 1794353 1794354    
Nová Sedlica Snina Ujszek or Novaszelicza Zemplén Novoselyca  



Ostroznica (1) Humenné Osztroznica or Szedreske Zemplen Struznica RC - with Snina

GC - missing

Parihuzovce Zemplen
Pichne Snina Pihnye or Tuskes Zemplén Pychni Grécko-katolícka 722768 623191
Porúbka Humenné Ördög-Poruba Ung        
Prislop Humenné Kispereszlo Zemplén Pryslup      
Ptičie Humenné Peticse Zemplén        


Humenné (Homonnai) Rovnó, Rowne, Zemplénróna Zemplén ? Rímsko-katolícka 2150630 ?
Runina Humenné Juhaszlak Zemplén Runi      
Ruske (1) Humenné Oroszruszka, Zemplenoroszi Zemplen Rus'kyj Grécko-katolícka 1793643  
Rusky Potok Snina Oroszpatak / Orosz Patak Zemplén Rus'kyj Potuk   1794354  
Smolnik (1) Humenné


Zemplen Szomolnak, Ujszomolnok Zemplenszomolnok Zemplen Smulnyk Note (2)    
Snina Snina Szinna Zemplén none Rímsko-katolícka 719790 719791 623192
Stakčín Snina (Szinnai) Sztakcsin or Takcsany Zemplén Stasyn Rímsko-katolícka 719792 623192
Stakčínska Roztoka Snina Sztakcsinroztoka or Zuhatag Zemplén Stasinska Rostoka ? 719792 623192
Starina (1) Humenné Sztarina, Cirokaofalu, Cziokaofalu Zemplen Starina 1793894    
Sterkovce Humenné Sterkocz Zemplén        
Osadné or Telepovce Snina Telepócz or Oosadné Zemplén Telepivci Grécko-katolícka 720001 623192
Topoľa Snina Topolya or Kistopolya Zemplén Topolja ? 720007 623192
Ubľa Snina Ublya or Ugar Zemplén Vublja Grécko-katolícka 720015 623193
Úbrež Sobrance Ubrezs Ung ? Grécko-katolícka ? ?
Ulič Snina Ulics or Utczas Zemplén Ulyc Grécko-katolícka 720017 623193
Uličské Krivé Snina Ulicskriva or Gorbeszeg Zemplén Kryvyj Grécko-katolícka ? 623193
Velka Polana (1) Humenné Nagy Polena, Polana, Polena, Nagypolany Zemplén Velyky Poljany      
Valaskovce Snina Pasztorhegy Zemplén        
Vyšná Jablonka Humenné Felsoalmad Zemplén Vysnja Jablinka Grécko-katolícka

1920572 1920573

Zboj Snina Harczos/Harcos Zemplén Zbuj Grécko-katolícka 719801 623193
Zvala (1) Humenné Zello or Zuella Zemplen Zvala      
Other Snina-Region Villages              


Blazice Kosice Balogd Abauj-Torna        
Dobroslava Saris Dobroszlo Saros        
Hazin nad Cirochou Homonnai Kisgezseny Zemplén        
Horna Lehota Zvolen Felsoszabadi, Felsolehota          
Lekarovce Kosice Lekart Abauj-Torna        
Radatice (Meretice, Radacov) Saris Sarosszentimre, Radacs Saros        
Stropkov Snina Sztropko Zemplén        
Vysna Mysla Kosice Felsomislye Abauj-Torna        

Note (1) Starina Reservoir Village Evacuations - These villages were un-incorporated in 1980. 

Note (2): Snina, Roman Catholic records, births 1844-1895, marriages 1783-1845, deaths 1782-1895
Humenné, Jewish records, births 1851-1895, marriages 1852-1895, deaths 1851-1895. There are no data available about the Greek Catholic records (the majority of Smolnik was of Greek Catholic faith).   Peter Nagy, 12/02.

Other Villages

This list represents villages that are or have been actively researched.  There are many other villages in the Snina district not listed here.  If you don't see your village here, check the attached list.  We are seeking volunteers to research and maintain lists for additional villages.

If your village is in the DUKLA/SVIDNIK region, Rich Custer has developed a new site for this region and is seeking contributions (letters, pictures, stories, histories, etc.)

Eastern Region Suffers Depopulation - Reprint from The Slovak Spectator, 2003

Regional Information

Snina Region Tourism Site - RECOMMENDED Nice descriptions of villages in this region, good map, Lists of hiking paths, tourist attractions including roadside monuments, lodging, restaurants, recreation, cemeteries, manor houses, folk architecture, brief history.  A good resource for readers of these pages.  NEW, 2007. (English, German, Slovak)

Hiking the Kremenec

Stužica Virgin Forest

Krajzemplin - History of Zemplin Region

THE PROTECTED LANDSCAPE AREA OF THE EAST CARPATHIANS - photos of churches, description of Poloniny Park

UNESCO  - See publication, "Five transboundary biosphere reserves in Europe Biosphere reserves: technical notes"; Publ: 2003; 95 p., illus., maps; SC.2003/WS/29.


Hotel Armales - Stakčin

Penzion Kremenec - Nová Sedlica

Ulic Valley History

Zakarpatská oblast - Nice Photos from Rusky Potok, Nova Sedlica, Ubla, Ulicske Krive, Snina, Prislop, Stuzice (Ukraine). 5/2007

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