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Much has been written on the cultural aspects of Carpathian life.  Most of this work is written in other languages, especially Slovak and German.  Most of this work is also sadly out of print.  Through the generosity of various individuals, excerpts from various books have been published herein.   The items listed herein includes unique material not found on other web sites or resources.  No attempt is made to compile a complete bibliography, as the effort would be great.  If you come upon other English-language work that needs a home, would like to offer a translation or a link to a related work, please drop me a note.  This section grows on an ongoing basis, so check back occasionally.

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Other cultural information is commingled within several HISTORY references.

Links - Other Web Sites With Cultural Information

These links are by no means complete.  They are however some of my favorite and more frequented sites.



Photograph: Production of sunflowers is a common site in central and western Slovakia.  Credit to George Dolnack, 2002.


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