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Settlements of East SLOVAKIA


Topola (Kistopolya)


Photo Credit: Vasil Fedic, 2002


We have very little information about this village.  If you would like to contribute knowledge or material about this village, please drop us a note.


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Reference in Wooden Church book from Folk Museum of Ukrainian Culture at Svidnik

Wooden Church Photos

Online Historical Book:

Below Snina Rock (1964)

News Article: Eastern region suffers depopulation, 2003 Greek Catholic Church

1914 Zemplin County Map (714KB)

1939 Military Map

History of the Ulic Valley, 2002 (rewrite of the 1996 version)


Wooden Church - from



November, 2003 - World Monuments Fund (WMF) adds Three Greek Catholic churches at Bodruzal, Lukov-Venecia,  and Topola, Slovakia to it's 100 Most Endangered Sites List.  The Topola Church, St Michael the Archangel built about 1780.  The WMF indicates these churches are suffering from water and insect damage, which has resulted in structural damage.

Greek Catholic Church - Sts. Peter and Paul 1994, St. Michal Archangel 1775 (L,NKP)


First Mentioned 1337
2001 Population 29 Rusyn, 37 Ukrainian, 255 Other

3 Orthodox, 279 Greek Catholic, 9 Other

1914 Population 504

3 Magyar, 7 German, 489 Ruthenian;

7 Roman Catholic, 478 Greek Catholic, 16 Jew

Village Names Kistopolya

1337 Tupulya, Tupulia, 1786 Topolya



In the 14th century it belonged to the Humenné estate, and later to the Szirmay family.   Later in the 19th century it passed to the Count Andrássy family.  Throughout its history, its inhabitants were employed as woodsmen and coalmen.

Source: Vlastivedný Slovník Obcí na Slovensku Bratislava 1977


1337 Tupulya, Tupulia, 1786 Topolya. The first mention of the village is in 1337. In the XIV century it belonged to Humenné town and, after to Szirmay family. In the XIX century it passed to Andrássy counts. During the History, its inhabitants were occupied as woodmen.  Source: Roberto Cannoni, Italy



Greek Catholic Church of St. Archangel Michael (1780).  Reconstructed 1928-29 & 1970.

Orthodox - 2nd half, 17th century.   Icon picture of Snímanie z kríža from 1700.



Credit to Greg Csubak, 2003

Topola New Church

Credit to Greg Csubak, 2003

Topola New Church - Turkeys at the guard. Or is the dog...

Credit to Greg Csubak, 2003

Topola Wooden Church

Credit to Greg Csubak, 2003

Topola Wooden Church

Credit to Greg Csubak, 2003

Topola Wooden Church

Credit to Greg Csubak, 2003




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