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Settlements of East SLOVAKIA


Ubla, Ubľa (Ugar)



We have very little information about this village.  If you would like to contribute knowledge or material about this village, please drop us a note.


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Online Historical Book:

Below Snina Rock (1964)

News Article: Eastern region suffers depopulation, 2003

Greek Catholic Church

1914 Zemplin County Map (714KB)

Ubla is a Slovak Republic gateway to Ukraine.  Within it's reaches are the infamous Slovakia-Ukraine border crossing, where waits of several hours are typical while the Ukraine guards try to shake you down.  Ubla is one of the poorest regions in Slovakia.



First Mentioned 1567
2001 Population 184 Rusyn, 126 Ukrainian, 560 Other

300 Orthodox, 352 Greek Catholic, 218 Other or undetermined

1914 Population 976

45 Magyar, 59 Slovak, 807 Ruthenian

88 Roman Catholic, 781 Greek Catholic, 97 Jew

Village Names Ublya, Ugar

1567 Oblia, 1773 Ubla



Owned originally by the Humenne Estate, it later passed to the noble families Szirmay, Dernáth and Schmidegh families.  It was lastly owend by the Lobkowitz family beginning in the 19th century. 

Throughout its history, its inhabitants were employed as woodsmen.

Source: Vlastivedný Slovník Obcí na Slovensku Bratislava 1977

1567 Oblia, 1773 Ubla. It is md for the first time in 1567 as a Humenné town possession. Between the  and the century it belonged to noble families Szirmay, Dernáth and Schmidegh, to pass definitively to Lobkowitz family in the XIX century. During the History, its inhabitants were occupied as woodmen.  Source: Roberto Cannoni, Italy



Greek Catholic Church, Saint Mikuláš, 1826


Orthodox Chrám sv. apoštolov Petra a Pavla

Affiliated Parishes:

Hrabová Roztoka – náhradné bohoslužobné priestory (chrámový sviatok sv. Bazila Veľkého),
Michajlov – náhradné bohoslužobné priestory (chrámový sviatok Narodenie Presvätej Bohorodičky),
Berezovec – Chrám Všetkých svätých


Church near Ubla

Most likely a new Orthodox Church, Alan Toy, 2004

Looking east to Ukraine, from Ubla

Alan Toy, 2004

Near the Ukraine border, Ubla

Alan Toy, 2004

Slovakia-Ukraine at Dusk

Alan Toy, 2004

Ukraine Border Crossing

Ukraine-Slovakia border crossing, Looking west from Ukraine, entering Slovakia. Alan Toy, 2004





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