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Art and Architecture Overview

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Folk Art & Architecture



Danusha V. Goska, PhD

University of Indiana, 2002


Forward by Bill Tarkulich

Those with an interest in the Folk Art and Architecture of Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia who wish to delve well below the veneer of popular overview writings with find this material to be intriguing and a useful reference. 

 Ms. Goska has developed this bibliography as part of her PhD thesis at the University of Indiana in 2002.  It will be of particular interest to English-speaking readers, since it only includes references to English-language documents.  Ms. Goska has taken the time to extend the bibliography to include an annotated summary of each reference’s contents and main point. 

 For the researcher of this material, who may be exploring these issues to understand his/her cultural background or a genealogy researcher, this is a welcome addition.  It is a difficult task for the casual reader to uncover this material, making reading on this material to generally be “slim pickings.”  It includes material sourced from many nations and many perspectives: academic studies to newspaper articles, most dating before the “Velvet Revolution” of 1989.

 Topics range from “Everything you wanted to know about building a thatched dwelling” to Folk art theft.  The bibliography avoids many of the popular-press pieces which are readily accessible.

 Time is taken to describe the selection methodology and process.  Ms. Goska presents the summaries in a plain-English style, making is readable by a wide audience range.

  While digging up these articles may be a challenge, the heavy lifting has been done by Ms. Goska.  She has focused the reader on little-known region.  It is Ms. Goska’s hope that this material will extend its original thesis purpose to that of generating exposure to a long-neglected region of the world rich in Folk Architecture and Art.  We thank her for her generosity.

Note that the complete reference, document summary and main point descriptions are accessed by clicking on the individual entries.


The bibliographies are arranged into two separate documents: Art and Architecture.  For purposes of web presentation, the Art bibliography spans four web pages and the Architecture bibliography contains three web pages.  For the reader who desires to quickly scan the topics the following quick-index was created.  The quick-index describes the author and document title.  Clicking on this link takes the reader to the particular entry.

For those who would rather browse the entries, a sub-menu of Art and Architecture pages is shown at the top of each page.

1. Folk Architecture of Poland, Ukraine, and Slovakia.

The Introduction to An Annotated Bibliography of Eastern European Folk Architecture (14 pages)

Architecture A-L, 30 pages

Archit333.doc - Document Continuation, Bibligographic References

Architecture M-Z, 26 pages


2. Folk Art of an area taking in Poland, Ukraine, and Slovakia

Bibliography describes in some detail the essence of each reference along with its applicability to the overall theme of Folk Art.

The Introduction to An Annotated Bibliography of Eastern European Folk Art (30 pages)


Art Bibliography A-J  (22 pages)

Art Bibliography K-R

Art Art Bibliography R-Z

Copyright 2004, Danusha V. Goska

Email: calamitygene [at] hotmail [dot] com

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