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Wooden Churches in North America

Only a few marvelous creations of Eastern Slovakia wooden churches have been constructed in North America.

Greek Catholic Union St. Nicholas Chapel Beaver, PA (near Pittsburgh,) built circa 1991.

The chapel was designed to be representative of the wooden church architecture in Eastern Slovakia.  Lucky for us, the designers were captivated by our ancestral churches. 

         Nave: The original Nova Sedlica church inspired the mid section of the church (note the three windows).  Relocated to Humenne Skanzen (open-air museum).

         Sanctuary: The Zboj church inspired the sacristy, with its octagonal altar area.  Relocated to the Bardejovske Kupele Skanzen).

         The front/spire was inspired after Mikulasova Church (relocated to the Bardejovske Kupele Skanzen).  This section is often called the "babinets", or "women's room/porch."

Camp Nazareth, Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese, Mercer PA, SAINTS CYRIL AND METHODIOS Wooden Church Under construction, 2002.  Not modeled after any specific churches. Joe Parimucha, Architect.

Holy Trinity Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Church, Danbury, CT

Construction to commence Spring, 2004.  Groundbreaking in 2002.  Architects Ihor Stecura and Donald Zaleta.  It will be a 3-space wooden church, modeled after churches found in the Carpathians. (Updated by Jim Zeleniak, Project Manager, December, 2003)

St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church , Ukrainian Style, built 1962,     Hunter, NY (in the Catskill Region)

Verkhovyna Mountain View Resort, Glenn Spey, NY, Ukrainian Diocese.  Ukrainian Catholic Church, built 1969.  General reference information can be found at a regional web site.  Now owned by Ukrainian American Cultural Foundation (church photos), which is in the process of restoring the resort. (Jim Zeleniak)

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada Web page sponsored by  Text by Oleh Iwanusiw.

St. ELIAS in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.  Web page sponsored by www.infoukes.comSt. Elias Official Home Page

St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church, Northern Cambria, Pennsylvania, built 1970's (Joe Thur)

Mother of God Shrine & Altar Pavilion, Sisters of Saint Basil the Great, Uniontown, Pennsylvania. Architect Mike Moyta.



Church Architecture and Iconography , American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of the U.S.A.


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