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Settlements of East SLOVAKIA




SLOVAKIA'S most eastern territory, Zemplín, has never enjoyed peace for long. First, Turks roamed this part of the country, then soldiers during the anti-Habsburg uprisings. Zemplín's citizens eventually migrated to Dolná zem (what is now Hungary) and later to America. 

Slovaks returning from America played a significant role in moving this poor region forward. This progress was mirrored in the architecture. During the 20th century, people lived in grimy houses without chimneys and together with animals. Roofs were often made from cane or straw, as we can see in this postcard from the 1920s, while walls were from stone, clay or wood. Americans brought back not only money but new experiences. This was also how houses similar to those now emerged in Zemplín for the first time.

The women on the postcard are processing hemp, from which they later manufactured linen.

Prepared by Branislav Chovan


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