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I am always gratified when another person benefits from these pages and comes closer to discovering more about their ancestry.   My introductory remarks indicate that this is a hobby for me.  As a result, I write when the spirit moves me.  The spirit that usually moves me is oft times Genealogy Discussion Groups.  Questions and comments help me see where the greatest need is.  When I begin to see the same question again and again, I then decide to write about it.  By asking questions, you contribute indirectly to the production of the web site.
So I thank you in advance for your comments.  In a short while of research, you will find yourself  experienced enough at this work that you can respond to the questions of those researchers even "newer" than you.  Please do respond, even while the "experts" respond.  A simple statement such as "That may be generally true, but in my case...." can inspire others to "think out of the box," to be creative in their approach. 
None of us have a monopoly on Genealogical research.  Every immigrant had a unique story.  Every path followed is different.  Just as we must be careful with generalizations in this work, we must be willing to share what we know.  While it may be but one experience, it provides inspiration and alternatives for other researchers. 
And when you've hit a milestone in your research, don't forget to share not just the story, but the journey with the research community. 
Genealogy can be very frustrating, especially when we hit roadblocks.  These roadblocks can stall us for years.  Many a new researcher has abandoned their work prematurely.  Persistence is key.  When the going gets tough, here is some inspiration to help you persevere.

Speaking of roadblocks, I've found internet discussion groups to be extremely valuable.  Genealogy researchers are in fact a small lot.  By necessity, we make it even smaller by focusing our geographic interest.  Discussion groups bring together researchers worldwide who have a common research interest in a small, obscure region which is often misunderstood.  Lurk for a while to make sure you're in the right group and get a sense of the general tenor of the group.  Stay for a while.  Most participants do research as a hobby.  There may be "dry periods", especially in the summer and holiday periods.  There will be hot periods, with lively debate.  But often, it's a community of readers, who gain from the discussion or contact each other privately.  As much as I know, I constantly learn from the discussion groups.  I am active in several groups (Carpatho-Rusyn Society, Delphi,, Poland Border,, Vychodoslovensky and other private mail groups) ) and I encourage you to do the same.

One little tidbit of information you can offer.  A name, a place, a story, a date, might be all it takes to move a hurdle for another researcher.  Real-time success stories do a great deal to motivate and encourage others to carry on.

So "keep those cards and letters coming" and get involved in genealogy discussion groups. 


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