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  • Learn a bit of History.  The area we search in was victimized, dominated and controlled by a seemingly endless number of conquerors.  Learn about neighboring cultures and nations.  Their histories are unequivocally related.

  • Question everything, especially the seemingly obvious. Insist on corroborative evidence.  Take nothing for gospel, especially facts from government documents.

  • Be willing to "think outside the box" especially when classic approaches fail you.  Consider the impossible.

  • Persist. Never abandon the search, even if it takes decades.

  • Contribute to discussions - you get so much more in return. Check your ego at the door; listen to other's feedback. Learn from your mistakes.

  • Contact everyone. Even those in foreign lands.  Contact family elders and ask, ask, ask. Ask for documents. Things come back to them in fragments. It's up to you to reconstruct family history.

  • When you can't find your ancestors, look for other friends, villagers, travelers and family.  Their networking skills, especially necessary when emigrating were second to none.

  • Use the Mormon Family History Site extensively.

  • Join Genealogy Research Groups, especially the Carpatho-Rusyn Society

  • Turn over every stone, even if it seems like it's duplicate info or indirectly applicable.

  • Trust your gut instinct, which develops as your search continues. In all cases demand of yourself that you prove your conclusion by locating corroborative evidence.

  • Share your success with others.  It serves to encourage and inspire.

Persist. Future generations will thank you for it.

"There is no one more resourceful than a genealogist looking for a record." , Avotanyu, July 8. 2001

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