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Bill Tarkulich's

Eastern Slovakia (Východoslovenský) & Environs

Genealogy Research Strategies

Developing effective approaches to ancestral research in Eastern Slovakia


My grandparents told us nearly nothing about the "old country" and left no paper trail.  A very common theme among early 20th century immigrants.  I had pretty much given it up as lost, until communism crumbled and the internet began to connect the world.  I was amazed to discover that a few ordinary documents, still stored by government agencies would provide the necessary clues.  The information, tidbits at best, was enough to lead me to my ancestral village.  My work began in 1998.  In 1999 I located and began corresponding with Rusyn cousins I never knew I had, some still in the ancestral village.  The adventure culminated in the summer of 2001 with a Trip to Eastern Slovakia and the meeting of a lifetime with my cousins. The relationships forged that summer will remain with us for our lifetimes, with every hope to ensure the bond doesn't break again.

These pages serve four major objectives:  (a) To describe successful research strategies and methods particular to this region, (b) Identify the tools utilized and weave them into an integrated approach and (c) Present the most useful advice I have authored for various discussion groups, especially Delphi Forums and (d) village-specific information presented in the English-language.

While my particular interest and knowledge is in the Snina region eastward, I'm happy to include other contributions, such as village pictures, stories or histories from other regions in East Slovakia.  Several folks have provided photos of their villages which I have gladly included.  I am also happy to include information generally useful to the entire country, such as passport examples, historical information and the like.

This is a labor of love, a work in progress.  It is my hobby, not a profession. (Which means "I get to it when I get to it!")  It is the transformation of what I have learned, the notes I have taken, the connections I have made into a generally useful resource.  I hope you benefit.

While I'm pleased and honored to offer you my advice and opinion, I won't do your work for you.  I'm a firm believer in "Teach a person to fish, you feed them for a lifetime."  So send me your questions, I'll do my best to respond. 

Your contributions are important - If you have knowledge, photos, histories or other resources, I solicit your contributions.  As you peruse the material you will notice information has been obtained from dozens of individuals who have graciously permitted its' inclusions.  It is my hope that one or more of these "tidbits" help you find your ancestors and piece together a better understanding of your heritage and the life they lived.

You get out what you put in.  Don't stop here.  Get involved with like-minded discussion groups, mailing lists and forums.

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Happy Hunting!

Bill Tarkulich


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