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Researcher Networking: Discussion Groups, Mail Lists and Societies

At some point in your research, you will need to reach out to others who are more knowledgeable than you.  I have collected here some of the more important sites where expert knowledge can be located.

Some of the people who participate in these forums are for-hire genealogists, but the great majority of participants are individuals seeking their own roots.  You will find a wide spectrum of backgrounds and interests which is extremely helpful.  There are historians,  Slovak and Czech citizens, beginners, people who have completed their search and are offering guidance to others, those who have visited the homelands, those who are interested in customs and culture, those interested in religion, those researching heraldry and so on.  While a general search strategy may be helpful, each search is so unique, there are no cookie-cutter answers.  This is a great mechanism for brainstorming approaches, testing the answers or conclusions  you want to draw, without needing to become an expert at all things.

Discussion Groups

Delphi Forums Highly recommended.  A number of experts, including Slovak Republic citizens.  Fairly broad-based knowledge, including languages, history, culture, geography and genealogy resources.  For serious researchers, beginners warmly welcomed.

The remainder of the discussion groups have rather light and infrequent participation.  They are often used one-timers to post surnames and forget about it.  Really.

Rusyn Genealogy at Carpatho-Rusyn Society

Slovakia at Rootsweb

vychodoslovensky (East Slovakia) at

zakarpatska (West Ukraine) at

Slovak Immigrants at

Slovak Genealogy at

Hungary Genealogy Forum Don't overlook the Hungarian research groups.  Our lands were part of Hungary for nearly 1000 years.

Polish Roots Genealogy Forum at

Mail Lists

InfoUkes - with a Ukrainian focus.  Knowledgeable and cordial.  Active.

Rusyns at Yahoogroups - A couple of knowledgeable historians frequent this list.  Great information with a sometimes caustic delivery.

Poland Border Surnames at Rootsweb - Good place to go when your search takes you to the Slovakia-Poland borderlands.

Slovak-World - focus on heritage, culture and contemporary issues.  Not a genealogy forum.

AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN-MILITARY-L - A bilingual English-German mailing list for anyone with a genealogical or historical interest in the military of the Austro-Hungarian Empire

Czech Mail List at Rootsweb

Hungary-related Mailing lists at Rootsweb


It is standard practice when posting inquiries to CAPITALIZE all SURNAMES and PLACE NAMES / VILLAGES.  This makes it easier for the reader to quickly identify names of interest.  It also benefits the writer in that you'll get a high response rate.

Societies and Clubs

Research Resources

While this web site is not intended to be a "page-o-links", but rather a strategy with thoughtful, well-connected references, I have included below a select set of web sites which offer substantial or unique knowledge about the region and it's people.

Old Hungary Resources

As Slovakia was a component of pre-1918 Hungary, much of it's history is intertwined with that of Slovakia.  Attached here are some of the more valuable research sites for Hungary past and present.

  • Radix - Checkout their "links" page for even more resources.  Excellent.

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