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Passport, Certificate, Government & Other Document Examples

Representative examples of various historical documents of interest to genealogists are presented here.  Other contributions are appreciated.  I would especially like to post a passport from the former Zemplen and Ung counties, pre-1918 Hungary.


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1871 Austrian Passport

1899 Hungary Passport (Saros)

1901 Declaration of Intent, USA

1906 Declaration of Intent, USA

1907 Hungary Passport (Bekes)

1907 Hungary Military Passport (Forgaras)

1907 Christening Certificate (Keresztelési kivonat)

for an 1882 birth, Hungary

1909 Hungary Passport (Abuj-Torna)

1912 U.S. Passport Application (Feldman, from Kolbasov, SK (x-HU)

1913 Kivonat - Birth - Roman Catholic

1915 Hungary Passport (Abuj-Torna)

1915 United States Naturalization Certificate

1920 Czechoslovakia Passport / Cestovni list

1920 issue of a record extraction (Szuletesi anayakonyvi

kivonat) for a 1910 birth, Czechoslovakia.

1929 Czechoslovakia Passport

1929 Kivonat Birth, Civil

1929 Rodny list - Birth, Civil

1939 Naturalization - Canada

1948 Reformed Church Baptism Certificate

Slovak-American League Certificate

Czech Republic (formerly Austrian provinces of Moravia and Bohemia)

First Czechoslovakia Period (1918-1938)

Residency Certificate, Moravia, 1919

Military ID, Moravia, 1921

Birth Certificate, 1918


Click on each image for a larger view.






Image 2: 1871 issue of an Austrian Passport  Credit and thanks to John Adam






























1899 issue of a Hungary Passport - Village of Bajorvágás (present-day Bajerovce); Felső-tárcai District, Saros County (present-day Slovakia) - Nine Images Includes document holder from F. Missler, shipping agent.  This traveler appears to have been assigned to the Imperial and Royal Army, Infantry Regiment Nr. 6.  Credit and thanks to Bill Lucak


1907 issue of a Hungary Passport - Bekes County (present-day Hungary) - Four Images.

Credit and thanks to Paula Knebler.

1907 issue of a Hungary Military Passport, Forgaras County (present-day Romania),

6 images.  Credit and thanks to Christina Pomeroy

More Military Information  This traveler was assigned to the "K and K, Infantry, Regiment Nr. 31.


1909 issue of a Hungary Passport - Origin: City of Kassa, Abuj-Torna County (present-day Kosice, Slovakia) - Four Images.  Credit and thanks to Steve Brickse.  Translation


1912 U.S. Passport Application -

Samuel Feldman, US Citizen, born Kolbasov, SK (formerly Hungary) - Credit to H. A. Weinbaum


1915 issue of a Hungary Passport -

Origin: City of Hidasnemeti, Abuj-Torna County (present-day Hungary) Issued during World War I (1914-1918) - Two images. 

Credit and thanks to Frank Kurchina.  Translation





1920 issue of a Czechoslovakia Passport / Cestovni list

Credit and Thanks to Carol Novotni



1929 issue of a Czechoslovakia Passport (4 images)

Credit and thanks to John Adam



Note: World War I: 1914-1918, World War II: 1938-1945





1907 issue of a Christening Certificate (Keresztelési kivonat) for an 1882 birth, Hungary 

Credit and Thanks to Carol Novotini



1920 issue of a record extraction (Szuletesi anayakonyvi kivonat) for a 1910 birth, Czechoslovakia

Credit and Thanks to Carol Novotini




1948 issue of a Reformed Church Baptism Certificate (Kivonat) (birth of 1881)

Issued in Hungary, 1948

Credit and thanks to Paula Knebler



1913 issue of a Roman Catholic Birth Certificate (Kivonat); Birth of 1862. 

Credit to Paula Knebler



Civil Birth Certificates

 1929 issue of a Kivonat (Extraction from a Birth Certificate)

for an 1874 birth, issued in 1929, Village of Sarospatak, Czechoslovakia

Thanks to John Adam


 1929 issue of a Rodny list - (Birth Certificate)

for a 1901 birth, issued 1929, village of Dubravka, Czechoslovakia.

Thanks to John Adam





Pre-1906 (1901) Declaration of Intention 

Thanks and credit to George Dolnack



1906+ USA Declaration of Intention 

Thanks and credit to George Dolnack



1915 United States Naturalization Certificate 

Thanks and credit to Paula Knebler



1939 Canada Naturalization Certificate

Credit to Kelly Gyurkovits






1901, Hungary Work Log Book

Bacs-Bodrog County.  Logbook of a journeyman cabinetmaker. 

Credit and Thanks to Jean Helbrecht 




1919, Slovak-American League

Acknowledgement of a financial contribution made by Stephan Baraj to support the Liberation of Slovakia.  1919.  

Credit and thanks to Mike Maristch















Czech Republic Documents (formerly Austrian provinces of Moravia and Bohemia)


Period of First Czechoslovakia (1918-1939)



Residency Certificate, Moravia, 1919

Credit to Jay (Delphi Forums, 2009)

[This] is a "residency certificate", where town Skrben' confirms that Josef Vymlátil, a cooper foreman by occupation, born in 1893, a sigle, has right of abode in town Skrben. (Mick Sura)

This is a document issued by the local governmental organization and confirms his entitlement to permanently reside in the village called Skrben' (Olomouc district).  His profession is listed as in charge of of the section that manufactured crates in the local timber mill (or simmilar). He is single and this document is issued on 22-d of september 1919. Josef signed on the left and mayor of Skrben'  on the right. (V. Kovalsky)

Written in Czech Language

Military ID, Moravia, 1921


Credit to Jay (Delphi Forums, 2009)

This  ID document was issued by the Czechoslovak army

It confirms that Jozef was transferred to the army reserves on 15-th of December 1920 as a corporal. He was allocated to the mountain division number 8 and  in the event of the mobilization is is to report within  24 hours to the town of Kezmarok in Slovakia. He is also entitled to free  train travel to his destination.   Document is issued in Poprad (Slovakia) on 14-th of April 1921.  (V. Kovalsky)

There is written that corporal in reserve Vymlatil Jozef, born in 1893 in Nemilany, Olomouc district, resident of town Skrbeny, was enregistered 15 DEC 1920 to the 1-th reserve of Czechoslovak mountain battalion Nr.8. In case of mobilisation, he had to be in town Kezmarok within 24 hours, where he had to join to reserve platoon of Czechoslovak mountain battalion Nr.8 (Mick Sura)


Written in Czech Language

Birth Certificate, 1918


Credit to Jay (Delphi Forums, 2009)


It is a birth certificate written in German

District where he was born is now called Olomouc (Moravia), dekanat is in Dub and  "pfarre" is located in Schnobolin (or simmillar, did not check the current Czech name).

Josef Vymlatil was born on 18/11/1893 i in the village that had a German name Nimlau.  House number was 73

Ludwig Holain is registering priest and church is called Anream catholic church or simmillar.

Josef's father is Johann Vymlatil (also from Nimlau)  and is son of Johann Vymlatil. His wife's maiden name was Franziska  C'ech.

Josef's mother is Anna and she is a daughter of Anton Jenik and Anna Jenik (born Navratil).

God father was Vincenz Navratil and God mother was Marie Navratil.

Strnisko is medical sister's name assisting at the the birth of Josef.

Document is issued in Schnobolin, dated on 27-th of August 1918 and signed by Wilhelm Pospisil.

BTW surname Vymlatil means to beat someone in the physical sense and can also be used to indicate that someone had broken something (like a window). All surnames mentioned are typical Czech surnames so it would be a mystery to me as to why somebody who was obviously a typical Czech decided to fight in the German army at the time when Czechs were fighting for their independence.  Credit: Vladimir Kovalsky








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