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Settlements of East SLOVAKIA

Starina (Sztarina,  Cirkokaofalu)


We have very little information about this village.  If you would like to contribute knowledge or material about this village, please drop us a note.


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1997 Topographical Map

Online Historical Book:

Below Snina Rock (1964)


Gloria Kurbanick's 2009 Photos (FUTURE UPLOAD PLANNED)

Current Road Map

Starina Reservoir

Topo Map #2

1939 Military map

1914 Zemplin County Map (714KB)


1925 Topo Map (1.4MB)



First Mentioned 1557
2001 Population 0
1914 Population


29 Magyar, 27 German, 674 Ruthene;

28 Roman Catholic, 694 Greek Catholic, 32 Jewish

Village Names 1557 Ztarina, 1773 Staryna, 1786 Starina, 1907-1913, 1939-1945 Cirkokaofalu/Czirkokaofalu, 1863-1902 Sztarina



This village was evacuated in 1980 as it was in the watershed area for the construction of the Starina Reservoir.  One building and the cemetery remain.


Situated in the Cirocha river valley, the village is mentioned for the first time in the 1557 as a Humenné Estate possession. In the 18th century it belonged to the noble family Roll, passing then to the Révészy family, and later to the Ocskay family. A mill was constructed in 1715. Throughout its history, its inhabitants were employed as woodsmen and coalmen.


The church, was of Baroque decoration, originated in 1775.  It was removed in 1980.


Source: Vlastivedný Slovník Obcí na Slovensku Bratislava 1977


1557 Ztarina, 1773 Staryna, 1786 Starina. Situated in the Cirocha river valley, the village is mentioned for the first time in the 1557 as the town Humenné possession. In the XVIII century it belonged to the Roll, the Révészy, and the Ocskay families. It got a mill in 1715. During the History, its inhabitants were occupied as woodmen and coalmen.  Source: Roberto Cannoni, Italy


Cemetery Photos by Juraj Cisarik

Rusyns - Lost Homes - A picture essay of the land of the seven villages cleared to make way for the Starina Reservoir.


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