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Settlements of East SLOVAKIA

Stakčín (Sztakcsin or Takcsány)


Roman Catholic Church Greek Catholic Church



We have very little information about this village.  If you would like to contribute knowledge or material about this village, please drop us a note.


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Online Historical Book:

Below Snina Rock (1964)


1914 Zemplin County Map (714KB)

    Starina Reservoir


First Mentioned  
2001 Population 247 Rusyn, 159 Ukrainian, 2022 Other

1339 Orthodox, 262 Greek Catholic, 826 Other

1914 Population 1315

109 Magyar, 93 German, 881 Ruthene, 201 Pole; 331 Roman Catholic, 957 Greek Catholic, 79 Jew

Village Names Sztakcsin, Stakčin, Stakcshin, Sztakcsin, Stassčin, Takcsány






Greek Catholic Church: Ochrana Presvätej Bohorodičky 1994

Affiliated parishes of Jalová and Stakčínská Roztoka (Stakcin administers these parishes)


Orthodox Chrám Zostúpenia Svätého Ducha  

Affiliated Parish: Stakčínska Roztoka


Stakcin Train Station - Westernmost terminus in Slovakia


Communist-style block housing, Stakcin


Liberation Monument to Russian Troops, Stakcin


Stakcin - War Damage, 1945



Church Photo Credits,  Jim Nickel, 2003, All others, Bill Tarkulich, 2001.  Thanks to Martina Schwartz for church identification.


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