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Church Slavonic

Old Church Slavonic is the first Slavic language known to have been recorded in writing. It is the liturgical language of most branches of the Eastern Orthodox Church, although no longer spoken. Its alphabet uses the Cyrillic characters and several of it's own. It has its own numbering system using letters.

Enough has been published on the web, that some quick links below will suffice for those seeking further information.

Church Slavonic Alphabet - From the Orthodox Church


More Background

  • Church Slavonic Alphabet - Transliteration, Pronunciation, Diacritical Markings (FUTURE FILE LOAD)
  • Other Cyrillic Resources

Church Slavonic Resources


Slavonic Numbering System

The Slavonic numbering system is not used very often, but it does creep up from time to time.  Most often however, you will see Church Slavonic words, with Arabic numerals.

Slovyans'ki Tsyfry  Good chart to print.  Includes 10's, 100's and explains how large numbers are formulated.

Church Slavonic Numbers - Good chart to print, includes examples of number in teens and twenties and thousands.  This combined with the prior Slovyans'ki Tsyfry would make an excellent set of references.

Church Slavonic Numerals - Another good rendering of 1-9, 10's, 100's.  FUTURE


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