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Settlements of HUNGARY


Village of Bodoló

Surnames: HALMY, Fáy



We have very little information about this village.  If you would like to contribute knowledge or material about this village, please drop us a note.


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Editor's Note: This material was provided by Peter Halmy.


My family was originally a well known noble family in the county Pest until the end of the XIV century. The family fled in 1540 to the  Boldva river valley and lived in Bodoló, and later in Kosice.


Previously the only photo of the Fáy castle in Bodoló ( Fáy Péter was my grand grandfather).


Our residence was called castle by the local inhabitants.  It was not big really, but has lot of auxiliary buildings.  I wrote our family history, which contains much information, all written in Latin or Hungarian language.  My ancestors lived originally near Budapest, in county Pest. In 1540 they fled to the region Boldva river. The castle was not built by them. It was built by the family of my grandmother, the family Fáy. The Fáy family is a very old noble famous family.  Other nobles in the region : Vécsey (my grand-grandmother ), Szemere..etc.

Presently nobody from our family lives in Szepsi.  The Halmy's are buried in the reformed cemetery in Szepsi. 


Attached are photos Fáy graves in the old cemetery near the place of the castle. They are in Bodoló.



The "Castle" (Actually a Manor House)

Graveyard, Tombstones


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