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Regional Phone Books

Slovak Republic (Slovakia) Phone Book

Czech Republic Phone Book

There are few columns you have to fill - first, Prijmeni (Surname) and Tel. obvod (Area).

You have to choose one of the areas, which are - Praha (Prague), Jihocesky (South Bohemia), Jihomoravsky (South Moravia), Karlovarsky (Karlovy Vary County in Western Bohemia), Vysocina (Highlands County on Czech-Moravian border) Kralovehradecky (Hradec Kralove County in Eastern Bohemia), Liberecky (Liberec County in Northern Bohemia), Moravskoslezsky (Moravia-Silesia), Olomoucky (Olomouc County in Middle Moravia), Pardubicky (Pardubice County in Eastern Bohemia), Plzensky (Plzen County in South-Western Bohemia), Stredocesky (Middle Bohemia), Ustecky (Usti nad Labem County in North-Western Bohemia) and Zlinsky (Zlin County in Southern Moravia).

And then press Osoby (People), not Firmy (Companies).

Poland Phone Book


Hungary Phone Book


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