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This web does not focus on nobles, landowners or other privileged classes.  These people in general were not part of the 1880-1918 emigration wave, as they lived a pretty good life and were satisfied with the lives they led.  Even after World War I, and the abolition of the Hungary monarchy, in the new territory of Czechoslovakia, the landowners held onto their property.  Only after 1949, when the communist government confiscated their lands, were they forced to flee.

Type the surname in the slot for "csalad" (= family) and click on the button.  Clicking on an entry calls up the actual text.

  • "Noble Families of Hungary," by Bela Kempelen.   It was written about 1908 and is in Magyar/Hungarian. It has a paragraph or two on the families for which he could find documents in the archives confirming the grant to them of the status of nobility.  Available at the LDS Family History Library and Centers.  Also available from Arcanum on a DVD for sale.



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