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Military Records in Upper Hungary (Slovakia)

Muster Lists


1871 Army Muster Roll Example - Snina Military District


Would appreciate help with corrections and filling in the blanks.




1. Village Name and roll number designation.

2. Registration (Roll) Number (the lower the number, the more likely you were selected)

3. Conscript's Family Name (Surname), christening or given name, other secondary name.

4. Birth Year

5. Birth Place (District and County)

6. Religion, Marital Status (notlen - single, unmarried, no''s - Married Man, )



7. Read (1= yes)

8. Write (1 = yes)

9. Play a Musical Instrument (Zeneben)

10. Sport expertise


11. Trade or Profession

12. Father (or next of kin) Surname if different, Given Name

13. Town and house number of conscript

14. Final statement made by conscripted

15. Height

16. Chest Measurement

17. Annual exemption/release from active duty, order

18-19 - Findings of Recruitment commission

18. - Admission preferences

19. - Transfer status

20. Annual Status of Conscripted and Military Unit

21. Remarks or Comments




1867 Army Muster Roll - Includes column header English-language translations from Magyar


Family History Center

Copies of these muster rolls are found at the Family History Center, filed under "Slovakia", under the category of "Slovakia, Snina (okres) - Military records", with the following heading:

"Katonai nyilvántartási jegyzék, 1880-1887", (Muster rolls from the Szinna military district of Hungary, now Snina, Czechoslovakia. 1880-1887, births of 1852-1867." film number 629854.  Uses old Magyar village names.



Thanks to Frank Kurchina for Magyar language clarifications.  Thanks to Joe Jarfas for adding the translation in muster list column 10.


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