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Joseph and Valent Csmiko

researched by

John M. Chmiko Jr.

Michigan, USA

I am forwarding to you and your website readers the results of my search for the Austro-Hungarian army service records of my grandfather Joseph & his brother Valent. My first inquiry was to Budapest at the address listed on your site. Having not been successful there, I sent another records request to an Army archive office in Bratislava. Again a dead-end.

My third request went to Prague with mixed results. I was sent by mail in less than 30 days the records for my uncle but none existed for my grandfather. Those 3 replies are attached along with a commissioned pencil drawing showing my grandfather in his Dress Uniform that he brought with him in to the U.S. when he arrived in 1911. The army picture is circa 1908. There are 4 pages of records for Valent (one was scanned twice by mistake) that are in what I believe to be Hungarian. I submit these records and picture so they may be of help to anyone  with a similar pursuit.

Joseph Csmiko, 1908

Photograph Josef Csmiko, circa 1908

1. Contents of the Prague Archive for Valintin Csmiko, born 1875 (PDF format)

  • Service Record

  • Kmenovy List (birth record)

  • Other military records

2. Response from Budapest on records availability:

Budapest Response

3: Bratislava Response (Microsoft Word Format)


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