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Update Survey for Slovakia

July 2006 through July 2007

Church Records In Slovakia  | FHL Catalog (offsite) |  FHL Update Survey from prior years

This survey describe changes to the Slovakia holdings at the Family History from July 2006 through mid-July 2007 (July 18th).  The pace actually picked up in 2007.   All of 121 entries this year were new contrasted to 28 new entries in 2006.  We are also beginning to see the first update to Jewish records in a while; 10 Jewish records were added.

All the records added in the last 12 months were from the western territories of Slovakia.  The sources were Slovakia Archives in Bratislava, Bytca and Nitra.  The overwhelming majority of records were from Nitra.

Our cataloguer in the Salt Lake City FHL provided the additional notes with regard to Slovakia and other East European countries: 


1. Cataloging of Nitra is now complete

2. Banska Bystrica is about 60% finished

3. Bratislava has now been almost totally filmed, through the T's, alphabetically.


There is extremely important news with regard to Czech Republic records:

The FHL has signed an agreement to begin filming the Czech Republic Archives records:

1. In Třeboň, The FHL has signed agreements to microfilm all the church records and the 1921 census and the seignorial records.
3. In Litoměřice and Opava, the FHL signed agreements to film the church records.
4. Filming will be done digitally, but the FHL doesn't yet have the framework set in place to look at digital images for cataloging. The hope is to have the viewing facility operational the end of the year, but no guarantees.
This suggests it still could be a couple years out before you have images available, since they then have to put an external framework together for people like you and me to view them.

Summary Slovakia Statistics

  • 121 Entries

    • 10 Jewish

    • 80 Roman Catholic

    • 31 Evangelical


  • 3 Archives source:

    •  Bratislava (6 entries)

    • Bytca (3 entries)

    • Nitra (112 entries) 


ArchiveEntryTitle Nr.DenominationVillage
Bratislava29-May-071393479Roman CatholicGbely (Skalica)
Bratislava21-May-071392819Evangelical Myjava (Myjava
Bratislava21-May-071392826Roman CatholicMyjava (Myjava
Bratislava21-May-071392835Evangelical Prietrž (Senica
Bratislave. 28-Nov-061360037Jewish Chropov (Skalica)
Bytca16-Apr-071385077Evangelical Zvolen (Zvolen
Bytca16-Apr-071385030Roman CatholicZvolen (Zvolen
Bytca16-Apr-071385085Jewish Zvolen (Zvolen) 
Nitra30-Apr-071387787Evangelical Ostrove (Komárno
Nitra9-Apr-071384129Evangelical Bátorove Kesy (Parkan
Nitra9-Apr-071384110Roman CatholicBátorove Kesy (Parkan
Nitra9-Apr-071384093Evangelical Farkašd (Šala
Nitra9-Apr-071384090Evangelical Farkašd, (Šala
Nitra9-Apr-071384084Roman CatholicFarkašd, (Šala
Nitra23-Apr-071386193Evangelical Fedvernek (Želiezovce
Nitra15-Feb-071375921Roman CatholicHontianske (=Tekovské) Trstany (Levice)
Nitra19-Mar-071379489Roman CatholicJaníkovce (Nitra
Nitra7-May-071389949Jewish Nitrou (Topolcany)
Nitra6-Jul-061339262Roman CatholicPreselany (Topolcany)
Nitra18-Jul-061340146Roman Catholic Preselany nad Iplom (Krupina
Nitra27-Jul-061341287EvangelicalPribeta (Stará Dala
Nitra20-Jul-061341030Roman CatholicPribeta (Stará Dala)
Nitra3-Aug-061343454Roman CatholicPrievidza 
Nitra24-Aug-061345976Jewish Prievidza (Prievidza)
Nitra23-Aug-061345816Evangelical Pukanec (Levice)
Nitra23-Aug-061345791Roman CatholicPukanec (Levice)
Nitra24-Aug-061345944Roman CatholicRadošina (Topolcany)
Nitra7-Dec-061362029Evangelical Radvan nad Dunajom (Komárno
Nitra14-Dec-061363323Roman CatholicRišnovce (Hlohovec)
Nitra14-Dec-061363370Roman CatholicRybník (Levice)
Nitra29-Jul-061341418Roman CatholicŠahy (Krupina
Nitra12-Dec-061362681Jewish Šahy (Krupina)
Nitra4-Jan-071367930Roman CatholicŠala (Šala
Nitra19-Dec-061363888Roman CatholicSalka (Nové Zámky
Nitra25-Jan-071371238Evangelical Šalov (Levice
Nitra30-Jan-071371892Evangelical Šarovce (Levice
Nitra25-Jan-071371281Roman CatholicŠarovce (Levice
Nitra21-Dec-061364277Evangelical Sazdice (Levice
Nitra2-Jan-071366696Evangelical Selice (Šala
Nitra21-Dec-061364290Roman CatholicSelice (Šala
Nitra2-Jan-071366703Roman CatholicSemerovo (Stará Dala
Nitra2-Jan-071366712Evangelical Sikenica (Želiezovce
Nitra4-Jan-071367900Roman CatholicSikenicka (Nové Zámky
Nitra30-Jan-071371922Roman CatholicŠišov (Bánovce nad Bebravou)
Nitra4-Jan-071367912Roman CatholicSkacany (Partizánske
Nitra9-Jan-071368478Roman CatholicSkýcov (Zlaté Moravce)
Nitra9-Jan-071368510Roman CatholicSládeckovce (Šala)
Nitra11-Jan-071368869Roman CatholicSlatina nad Bebravou (Bánovce nad Bebravou)
Nitra11-Jan-071368904Evangelical Sokolce (Liptovský Mikuláš) 
Nitra11-Jan-071368907Roman CatholicSokolníky (Nitra) 
Nitra16-Jan-071369400Roman CatholicSolcany (Topolcany) 
Nitra16-Jan-071369410Roman CatholicStarý Tekov (Levice)
Nitra18-Jan-071369849Roman CatholicStrekov (Komárno) 
Nitra30-Jan-071371949Roman CatholicŠtúrovo (Nové Zámky)
Nitra30-Jan-071372474Jewish Štúrovo (Nové Zámky) 
Nitra1-Feb-071373036Jewish Šurany (Nové Zámky)
Nitra1-Feb-071373005Roman CatholicŠurany (Nové Zámky) 
Nitra1-Feb-071373064Roman CatholicŠurianky (Nitra) 
Nitra18-Jan-071369916Evangelical Svätoplukovo (Nitra
Nitra23-Jan-071370483Evangelical Svätý Peter (Komárno
Nitra18-Jan-071369932Roman CatholicSvätý Peter (Komárno
Nitra23-Jan-071370604Roman CatholicSvodín (Nové Zámky
Nitra25-Jan-071371226Evangelical Svodov (Levice
Nitra6-Feb-071373293Roman CatholicTekovská Nová Ves (Levice)
Nitra8-Feb-071375465Evangelical Tekovské Lužany (Levice) 
Nitra6-Feb-071373343Roman CatholicTekovské Lužany (Levice) 
Nitra8-Feb-071375476Jewish Tekovské Lužany (Levice) 
Nitra15-Feb-071375896Roman CatholicTekovské Nemce (Zlaté Moravce)
Nitra15-Feb-071375946Evangelical Tekovský Hrádok (Levice
Nitra15-Feb-071375940Roman CatholicTekovský Hrádok (Levice
Nitra15-Feb-071375954Roman CatholicTesáre nad Žitavou (Zlaté Moravce
Nitra15-Feb-071375973Roman CatholicTešedíkovo (Šala
Nitra20-Feb-071376481Evangelical Tôn (Komárno)
Nitra20-Feb-071376505Roman CatholicTopolcany (Topolcany
Nitra22-Feb-071376900Roman CatholicTopolcianky (Zlaté Moravce
Nitra27-Feb-071377347Roman CatholicTrávnica (Levice
Nitra1-Mar-071377975Roman CatholicTrávnik (Komárno
Nitra1-Mar-071377987Roman CatholicTrnovec nad Váhom (Šala)
Nitra6-Mar-071378473Roman CatholicTužina (Prievidza) 
Nitra8-Mar-071378698Evangelical Uhrovec (Bánovce nad Bebravou
Nitra8-Mar-071378697Roman CatholicUhrovec (Bánovce nad Bebravou
Nitra8-Mar-071378711Roman CatholicUrmince (Topolcany)
Nitra15-Mar-071379170Roman CatholicValaská Belá (Prievidza
Nitra15-Mar-071379173Roman CatholicVelcice (Zlaté Moravce
Nitra15-Mar-071379188Roman CatholicVelká Mana (Nové Zámky
Nitra30-Mar-071381587Roman CatholicVelké  Ludnice (Parkan) 
Nitra15-Mar-071379211Roman CatholicVelké Bielice (Topolcany
Nitra19-Mar-071379431Roman CatholicVelké Chraštany (Zlaté Moravce
Nitra19-Mar-071379454Roman CatholicVelké Chyndice (Vrable
Nitra28-Mar-071381252Evangelical Velké Kosihy (Komárno
Nitra28-Mar-071381187Roman CatholicVelké Kosihy (Komárno)
Nitra30-Mar-071381515Roman CatholicVelké Krškany (Levice
Nitra30-Mar-071381553Roman CatholicVelké Lovce (Zlaté Moravce
Nitra2-Apr-071382956Evangelical Velké Ludince (Parkan)
Nitra2-Apr-071382975Roman CatholicVelké Ostratice (Bánovce nad Bebravou
Nitra2-Apr-071382977Roman CatholicVelké Ripnany (Nitra
Nitra3-Apr-071383041Roman CatholicVelké Uherce (Topolcany
Nitra9-Apr-071384014Roman CatholicVelký Cetín (Nitra
Nitra9-Apr-071384065Roman CatholicVelký Lapáš (Nitra
Nitra9-Apr-071384180Evangelical Vozokany nad Hronom (Želiezovce
Nitra9-Apr-071384189Roman CatholicVráble (Vráble
Nitra16-Apr-071384990Jewish Vráble (Vráble)
Nitra16-Apr-071385108Roman CatholicVýcapy-Opatovce (Nitra
Nitra29-Jul-061341419Roman CatholicVyškovce (Krupina
Nitra23-Apr-071386081Roman CatholicVysocany (Bánovce nad Bebravou
Nitra7-May-071389922Roman CatholicŽabokreky nad Nitrou (Topolcany
Nitra23-Apr-071386149Roman CatholicZávada (Topolcany
Nitra23-Apr-071386168Roman CatholicZbehy (Nitra
Nitra7-May-071390118Evangelical Želiezovce (Želiezovce
Nitra7-May-071390081Roman CatholicŽeliezovce (Želiezovce
Nitra7-May-071390158Roman CatholicŽemberovce (Levice
Nitra30-Apr-071387515Evangelical Zemianska Olca (Komárno
Nitra30-Apr-071387526Evangelical Zemianske Kostolany (Prievidza
Nitra15-May-071392206Roman CatholicŽemliare (Želiezovce
Nitra30-Apr-071387593Roman CatholicZemné (Komárno
Nitra15-May-071392245Evangelical Žihárec (Šala
Nitra15-May-071392224Roman CatholicŽihárec (Šala
Nitra15-May-071392258Roman CatholicŽirany (Zlaté Moravce
Nitra8-Mar-071378736Roman CatholicŽitavou (Vráble) 
Nitra30-Apr-071387794Roman CatholicZlaté Moravce (Zlaté Moravce
Nitra30-Apr-071387800Jewish Zlaté Moravce (Zlaté Moravce) 


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