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Updates for Slovakia

June 2003 - May 2004

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The Family History Library added (or modified) records during the period of June 1, 2003 to June 1, 2004.  The data contained herein was derived from a June 1st report.  While the cataloging is complete, the FHL card catalog is in process.  The FHL Cataloguer has informed me that the films are available for ordering now.  However, the web card catalog has not yet been updated by the FHL technicians.  If you need a film number in the interim, drop me a note.  However, many local Family History Centers are hesitant or refuse to order films they cannot find in the catalog.  Patience is the keyword!


  • 98 church records from 88 villages

  • 85 church records added from Banska Bystrica Archive.

    • Includes villages with present-day names with beginning letter “D” through “L”

    • Roman Catholic, Evangelical, Reformed, Jewish

  • 13 church records modified from archives at: Levoca(11), Presov(1) and Nitra(1)

  • Record adds have not been added to catalog and are not yet orderable.

  • Record adds were done between February and May 2004 only.

  • 1 new military record

  • 3 new post-1895 Civil Registration records


Books or monographs

  • 4 new or updated General Slovakia references

  • 14 Carpathian German books/periodicals

  • 1 new Judaica book





Abrahamovce-Pikovce (LevočaRoman CatholicLevočaUpdate
Batizovce (PopradRoman CatholicLevočaUpdate
Batizovce (PopradEvangelicalLevočaUpdate
Brutovce (LevočaRoman CatholicLevočaUpdate
Budkovce (MichalovceRoman CatholicPrešoveUpdate
Chanava (FeledinceReformedBanskej BystriciNew
Detvianska Huta (Zvolen) Roman CatholicBanskej BystriciUpdate
Devičie (KrupinaEvangelicalBanskej BystriciNew
Divín (LučenecRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Dobrá Niva (ZvolenRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Dobrá Niva (ZvolenEvangelicalBanskej BystriciNew
Dobroč (LučenecEvangelicalBanskej BystriciNew
Dolní Badín (KrupinaRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Dolnia Strehová (Modrý KameňEvangelical New
Dolnie Plachtince (Modrý KameňRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Dolnie Príbelce (Modrý KameňEvangelicalBanskej BystriciNew
Dolnie Rykynčice (Krupina)Roman CatholicLevočiUpdate
Donovaly (RužomberokRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Drážovce (KrupinaEvangelicalBanskej BystriciNew
Drienčany (Rimavská SobotaEvangelicalBanskej BystriciNew
Drienovo (KrupinaEvangelicalBanskej BystriciNew
Držkovce (TornaľaRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Dubovec (FeledinceRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Dvorníky (KrupinaEvangelicalBanskej BystriciNew
Fedýmeš (ŠahyRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Feledince (FeledinceReformedBanskej BystriciNew
Feledince (FeledinceRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Fiľakovo (LučenecRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Galša (LučenecRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Garansek (Banská BystricaEvangelicalBanskej BystriciNew
Gelnica (GelnicaRoman CatholicLevočaUpdate
Gelnica (GelnicaEvangelicalLevočaUpdate
Gemer (TornaľaEvangelicalBanskej BystriciNew
Gemerská Horka (TornaľaReformedBanskej BystriciNew
Gemerská Panita (TornaľaEvangelicalBanskej BystriciNew
Gortva (FeledinceReformedBanskej BystriciNew
Hájniky (ZvolenRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Haligovce (Ves Spišská StaráRoman CatholicLevočaUpdate
Harmac (FeledinceReformedBanskej BystriciNew
Helpa (BreznoRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Hidvég (ŠahyRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Hliník nad Hronom (Nová BaňaRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Hnúšťa (Rimavská SobotaRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Hnúšťa (Rimavská SobotaEvangelicalBanskej BystriciNew
Hodejov (FeledinceRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Hokovce (KrupinaRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Hontianske Tesáry (KrupinaEvangelicalBanskej BystriciNew
Horni Tisovnik (Modrý KameňRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Hornia Lehota (Brezno nad HronomRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Hornia Lehota (Brezno nad HronomEvangelicalBanskej BystriciNew
Hornia Lehota (Brezno nad HronomRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Hornia Mičiná (Banská BystricaRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Hornia Mičiná (Banská BystricaEvangelicalBanskej BystriciNew
Hornia Strehová (Modrý KameňEvangelicalBanskej BystriciNew
Hornia Ždáňa (Nová BaňaRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Hornie Hámry (Nová BaňaRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Hornie Opatovce (Kremnica)Roman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Hornie Rykynčice (KrupinaEvangelicalBanskej BystriciNew
Hornie Turovce (KrupinaRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Hostice (FeledinceRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Hrachovo (Rimavská SobotaRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Hrachovo (Rimavská SobotaEvangelicalBanskej BystriciNew
Hrkovce (KrupinaRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Hrochoť (Banská BystricaEvangelicalBanskej BystriciNew
Hronec (Brezno nad HronomRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Hrušov (BrandýsRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Hrušovo (Rimavská SobotaEvangelicalBanskej BystriciNew
Hubovo (TornaľaReformedBanskej BystriciNew
Husiná (FeledinceRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Jalná (KremnicaRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Janova Lehota (KremnicaRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Jastrabá (KremnicaRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Kalinovo (LučenecEvangelicalBanskej BystriciNew
Kamenné Kosihy (Modrý KameňRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Kesovce (TornaľaReformedBanskej BystriciNew
Kežmarok (KežmarokEvangelicalLevočiUpdate
Kľak (Nová BaňaRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Klenovec (Rimavská SobotaEvangelicalBanskej BystriciNew
Kokava nad Rimavicou (Rimavská SobotaEvangelicalBanskej BystriciNew
Kokava nad Rimavicou (Rimavská SobotaRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Kopernica (KremnicaRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Kostolná Bašta (FeledinceRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Kostolné Moravce (KrupinaEvangelicalBanskej BystriciNew
Kráľovce (KrupinaEvangelicalBanskej BystriciNew
Kremnica (KremnicaRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Kremnica (KremnicaEvangelicalBanskej BystriciNew
Kremnica (KremnicaJewishBanskej BystriciNew
Kunešov (KremnicaRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Kyjatice (Rimavská SobotaEvangelicalBanskej BystriciNew
Ladzany (Krupina) EvangelicalBanskej BystriciNew
Levice (LeviceEvangelicalNitreUpdate
Levkeška (TornaľaEvangelicalBanskej BystriciNew
Litava (KrupinaRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Lom nad Rimavicou (Rimavská Sobota)Roman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Nemce (KrupinaRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Piargy (KremnicaRoman CatholicBanskej BystriciNew
Svätuš (MichalovceReformedLevočiUpdate
Vel'bachy (Ves Spišska NováRoman CatholicLevočaUpdate

Table 1: Church Record Addition or Updates



TitleVillageEnglish Summary
Állami anyakönyvekKeszegfalva, Komárom, HungaryCivil registration of births, marriages, and deaths for Keszegfalva, Komárom, Hungary.  '1895-1908
Állami anyakönyvekKeszegfalva, Komárom, HungaryCivil registration of births, marriages, and deaths for Keszegfalva, Komárom, Hungary.  Text in Hungarian.  Civil registration began October 1895.'1895-1908
Állami anyakönyvekVajka, Pozsony, HungaryCivil registration of births, marriages, and deaths for Vajka, Pozsony, Hungary.  Text in Hungarian.  Civil registration began October 1895.  '1895-1911









CARPATHIAN GERMANSVillageEnglish Summary
Deutsch-ProbenDeutsch-Proben, SlovakiaHistory of the German-speaking town of Deutsch-Proben, Slovakia; formerly Németpróna, Nyitra, Hungary; later Nitrianske Pravno, Slovakia.  Text in German.
GaidelGajdel, SlovakiaHistory of the German community in Gajdell, Nytra, Hungary; now Gajdel, Slovakia.
KrickerhauHandlová, SlovakiaHistory of the German community of Krickerhau (i.e. Handlová, Slovakia) ; formerly Handlova, Nyitra, Hungary.
Blaufuss: ein Dorf der Gold- und Münzstadt KremnitzKrahule.History of Blaufuss, Slovakia, a.k.a. Krahule. Includes a list of of residents at the end of World War II, arranged by house number and listing names, birthdates, and a note concerning each individual. Text in German.
Kremnitz-Kremnica, eine ehemals deutsche Bergstadt in der mittleren SlowakeiKremnica, SlovakiaHistory of the German community in Kremnica, Slovakia; formerly Körmöczbánya, Bars, Hungary.
Unsere Heimat JohannesbergKremnické Bane, Slovakia)History of the German community of Johannesberg (i.e. Kremnické Bane, Slovakia); formerly Jánoshegy, Bars, Hungary
Kuneschhau: Erinnerung an ein deutsches Dorf in der SlowakeiKunešov, SlovakiaHistory of Kunešov, Slovakia. Formerly known as Kuneschhay or Kuneschhau. Includes a list of residents in 1940. Text in German
NeuhauNová Lehota, SlovakiaHistory of the German communty of Nová Lehota, Slovakia (German Neuhau, Neuhej, etc.); formerly Ujlehota, Bars, Hungary
Oberturz und UnterturzOberturz and Unterturz, SlovakiaA history of the German settlements Oberturz and Unterturz, Slovakia; earlier Felsőturcsek and Alsóturcsek, Turócz, Hungary; today Turčék and Dolný Turčék, Slovakia.
SchmiedshauTužina, SlovakiaHistory of the German-speaking settlement Schmiedshau (also Schmidts Haj), Slovakia; in Hungarian, Tuzsina, Nyitra, Hungary; in 2004, Tužina, Slovakia.  Text in German
Hochwies PaulischVeľke Pole, Slovakia and Píla (Nová Baňa), SlovakiaHistory of the German communities of Hochwies and Paulisch now Veľke Pole, Slovakia and Píla (Nová Baňa), Slovakia; formerly Velkapola, Bars, Hungary and Pilla, Bars, Hungary.
GrossschlagendorfVeľký SlavkovHistory of the German community of Veľký Slavkov 
A look back at Münnichwies an ethnic German village in middle Slovakia; with a Charleroi and Mon Valley connection
Karpatendeutsches biographisches LexikonBiographical dictionary of Carpathian Germans in Slovakia
Wegweiser für Forschungen nach VorfahrenGenealogical handbook of former German lands throughout southeastern, eastern, and central Europe
Wegweiser für Forschungen nach VorfahrenGuide to genealogical research resources for German ethnic ancestry from Eastern and Central Europe, including the Soviet Union, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Romania and other neighboring countries. Includes addresses of ecclesiastical and civil archives, researchers, and bibliographies of genealogical and related research publications
Siedlungsgeschichte und Lautgeographie des deutschen Haulandes in der MittelslowakeiHistory of German settlers in Central Slovakia with a special emphasis upon the languages
Deutsche Siedler am Dunajetz History of German settlers in the Spiš region, the Tatra Mountains, and the Dunajec River Valley; formerly in Austria and Hungary; now in Slovakia and Poland.  Includes bibliography (p. 165-166).  Text in German.
Unser Dorf Deutsch-Litta History of the German community of Deutsch-Litta; now Kopernica, Slovakia; formerly Kaproncza, Bars, Hungary
Das deutsche Element im Personal der niederungarischen BergstädteList of German tradesmen and miners in the lower Hungarian (Slovakian) mining cities in the 15th to 19th centuries
Deutsche Ortsnamen in der Slowakei Reference book giving the German names for 679 ethnically German communities in Slovakia with references from Slovak and Hungarian forms of the names.
Karpatenpost Personen-Register fuer die Jahrgaenge = Karpatenpost name index for the years 1950-1970The Karpatenpost (Carpathian Post) was a newsletter of the Carpathian German Cultural Association, discussing local history of the former ethnic German communities in Slovakia.
Karpaten Jahrbuch -Serial  Yearbook and calendar of the Carpathian Germans from Slovakia; formerly in northern Hungary.
Index to Jewish vital statistic records of Slovakia 
Between Galicia and Hungary the Jews of Stropkov 
Czech-mates Directory of genealogists doing Czech research with index to the surnames being researched. Mostly localities from the Czech Republic, but includes some from Slovakia.
Názvy obcí slovenskej republiky Lists Slovakian place names over time, from 1773 through 1997.  Includes index.
Slovakia a Slovak heritage newsletter Serial Newsletter focuses on Slovak traditions, folklife and genealogy with reference to Slovak Americans
Velký Autoatlas Československa Road atlas for Czechoslovakia, now the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Acta judaica slovaca Topics on Jewish history in Slovakia.  Text in Slovak

Table 3: Books/Monographs

Österreich. Armee. Untererziehungshaus Fischau (NiederösterreichÖsterreich. Armee. Untererziehungshaus Fischau (NiederösterreichArmyKriegsarchiv Wien

Table 4: Military Update

The aforementioned items have been catalogued, but the on-line web index has not been updated as of 02 June 2003.

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