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1715 Urbarial Census Example

Villages of Zboj and Nova Sedlica

Census Main

The 1715 Ubarium (census) along with others, between 1527 and 1800 century. is now online thanks to the Hungary thanks to the Arcanum

This is a collection of "Urbar" (possession inventory) for the Feudal Estates.  It includes a listing of villager heads of household who owned property and a description of the property.  Of little genealogical value.  This is a good illustration of how little property was owned by peasants in 1715.

On the first sheet (148), the village of Nova Sedlica is enumerated first, then the village of neighboring Zboj.  Certain other notes are on the second (149) sheet.  It then goes on to enumerate the next village.

Credit to Juraj Kumičák for the examples.

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