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Survey of Holdings

1869 Magyar Census Data for Slovakia



There are 16 former counties contained within the present-day boundaries of the Slovak Republic (Slovakia.) 

Of these, the Mormon's Family History Library (FHL) has filmed eight (8) of these, as of December, 2004.  While the majority of villages for each county appears to have been filmed, none can be considered complete at this time, as no verification has been made.


  1. Abauj-Torna (partial - verified)
  2. Bars 
  3. Esztergom 
  4. Komárom 
  5. Nyitra 
  6. Sáros 
  7. Szepes 
  8. Zemplén 
The counties that have not been filmed at all:
  1. Árva
  2. Gömör 
  3. Hont
  4. Liptó
  5. Pozsony 
  6. Trencén
  7. Turóc
  8. Zólyom
The present FHL searchable catalog does NOT include the settlement names for those listed in the Census when using the "Place Search" feature. 
[Oct. 2003 note: Using the new "Keyword Search" feature will reveal the presence of the village in the film notes.  However, you will still need to use these
tables or search manually to locate the specific film number.]
The Magyar (Hungarian) settlement names used in 1869 (not the present-day names) are listed in alphabetical order, by Magyar name, on the film titles, with often 
more than one settlement name per film.  Secondly, the films may or may not have their present-day Slovak name listed parenthetically in the title.  
To address this these challenges, I have created a couple of different listings of the villages included in the FHL 1869 census.  The first list is
ordered by the Magyar (Hungarian) name.  The second set is ordered by the present day name used in Slovakia and found on present-day maps.
The Magyar-ordered list is presented in the forms of a web page, an Adobe PDF file and also as a simple, text-based listing of file names.  Each has
its' advantages, as described below.
The Slovak-ordered list is presented in PDF format only.  I ran out of steam.
Lastly the entire listing is available for downloading as a spreadsheet file.  This allows spreadsheet-savvy users the opportunity to search and 
sort the list any way you please.
These tables contain all FHL holdings of Magyar 1869 Census records for Slovakia as of July, 2003.  
These tables have five essential components, which allow for easy cross-referencing:
  1. 1869 Magyar Place/Village Name
  2. Present-day Place/Village Name
  3. 1869 County Name
  4. FHL Microfilm Number
  5. Order in Microfilm
Ordered by 1869 Magyar (Hungarian) Settlement Name
  • HTML Easy, fast search from web browser.  Most recommended. 
  • PDF 120K PDF Format  Easier format on the eyes, small download, easy to print to paper.
  • RTF  160K (rich text format) Settlement names only, no film numbers.  Good for those who just want a plain text version they can store offline.  Space delimited.
Ordered by Present-day Slovak Settlement Name
  • PDF  120K 
    Ordered by present-day Slovak settlement name; Easier format on the eyes, small download, easy to print to paper.
  • XLS Foreign Language Characters - For use with spreadsheets (e.g., EXCEL, 1-2-3) Allows user to search, sort, cut, edit using 
spreadsheet functionality; 584KB, Excel 97 Format, downloadable
  • XLS No accented characters  Same as previous spreadsheet, but with accented characters replace with non-accented characters.  Allows
users without foreign character support on their computer to search for names with standard American characters.   
Data Searching Strategies
As you may appreciate by now, settlement names may be distorted, misspelled and mangled for any number of reasons.  The greatest of these reasons is that the name was spelled phonetically, based 
upon the subjective language training of the scribe.  Therefore, it may be very useful, rather than searching for a literal, character-by-character search, to scan the list visually for similar looking or 
sounding names.
Hint: Most Microsoft applications let you search the text using Control+f keys (pressed concurrently.)  Adobe's search function is a "binocular" button found in it's viewer.  Do not rely 
strictly on a verbatim search.  
This list may also be of limited usefulness to those who would like to identify their settlement name in either Magyar or Slovak, having known one of the two already.  Note that these name conversions, 
to Slovak were made by the FHL, at their convenience and many are missing.  However, a more definitive conversion guide, discussed elsewhere is recommended.


A special thanks and credit to Julie Michutka and her secret weapon (Elliot) for parsing the Slovak name data to make the Slovak-ordered lists possible. 


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