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Eastern Slovakia and Environs



Formerly UNG (map), BEREG (map), and other counties of Hungary (pre-1918)

Magyar place names in use until 1910-1918

Present name (Magyar name), Alternate

Domasyn (Domafalva)

Domasyn (Domafalva)

Knjahynja (Csillagfalva), Knyaginya

Kostryna (Csontos)

Ljuta (Havaskőz)

Sil (Soslak)

Stavne (Fenyvesvolgy), Sztavne, Sztavnoje

Strycava, Strycva (Eszterag)


Stuzycja (Patakofalu, Patakujfalu), Sztuzsicja

Velykyi Bereznyj (Nagy Berezna) - A regional commercial center

Zabrid (Revehely)  Zabrod, Zabrigy, Zabrogy

Zahorb (Hatarhegy)

Zahorb (Hatarhegy), Zagorb (Slovak)


Focus on Western Transcarpathia (Zakarpatta) region.

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Solyak - STAVNE

Vasilnak - Stuzica




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