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ZBOJ (Harcos/Harczos)

1869 Census Details

I have not had the time to transcribe the details of all the houses, only those of my immediate family.  In other cases, I have shown the head of household and other info as time permitted.

House 74 

Mikulas Tarkulics (age 69)- landowner and Maria Petroka (age 60) lived in House 74 in Zboj. They had 3 children: Jurko (21), Ilyko(18), Mihaljlo(7). They lived in a one floor, one room house, with one entrance. They had one stall and one feed storage area. Mikulas was a farmer, Jurko was a farmer's helper. They were all illiterate. They had 1 cow and 2 oxen.

House 41

Szimko (Simon) Tarkulics (74) and Maria Gyazanics(74), son Petro Tarkulics(44) married to Eva Kacsur(49), Children Nacra(14) and Julya(7). They lived in house number 41 in Zboj. A total of 6 people lived in a one room, one floor house, with one entrance and a storage room. They had one stall and one feed storage area. Both males were unemployed/seeking work. They were illiterate. They had two calves. They were NOT landowners.

1 room, 1 door, 1 floor, I storage.  9 calves.

House 79

Jurko, Selepia (b 1815), landowner, farmer (could read and write), Olena Tarkulics, wife (b. 1827), illiterate.  Children: Vasily, Ancra, Jurko, Mihajlo, Andri, Tecra.  5 males, 3 females.  I floor, 2 rooms, storage room, 1 entrance, one stall, 1 feed storage room. All were illiterate except Jurko.

House 5

Ilyko, Lecko, b 1825, landowner, farmer.  Everyone was illiterate.  Maria Rensak, Wife.  Children Jurko, Ancra, Petro, Ilyko, Maria, Ivan.

House 6

Szicsak, Vasily, b. 1805, Everyone illiterate.  Greek Catholic.  Farmer.  Wife Tevka, Lecko b. 1812, born Nova Sedlica.  Children, Metro, Vasily, Nacra, Maria,  ancra, Ivan, Olena, Nacra, Vasily.

House 7

Chndamics, Ivan, b. 1825, Laborer,  All illiterate.  Greek Catholic, . Wife, Maria Lecko, b. 1825.  Children,  Ancra, Ivan. Dohun, Nacra, born 1810, Wetlina

House 8

Kacsur, Ivan, b. 1830, All Greek Catholic, All illiterate.  Wife, Nacra Csopak. B 1830. Children Andri, Jurko, Ivan, Pavel.

House 10

Paulisak, Petro, b. 1834, Laborer Tarkulics, Olena, b. 1830, Wife.  All Illiterate, Greek Catholic.  Children Vasily, Ivan.  No animals, 1 room house, no animals.

House 14

Kocsan, Nacra, Born 1810.  Koscan, Vasily, b. 1840, wife, Csopak, Maria, b. 1845, children Nacra, Vasily, Maria.  All illiterate, Greek Catholic.

House 11

Hlivak, Prokup, b. 1820, Laborer, All illiterate, Greek Catholic..  Wife Mikalija, Maria, b. 1830.   Children Ancra, Maria, Petro.

House 15

Szinak, Ivan. B. 1830, Laborer, all illiterate, Greek Catholic.  Wife Vajda, Ancra, b. 1831.  Children Maria, Olena.

House 24

Csopak, Olena, b. 1800, born Nova Sedlica.  All Greek Catholic, illiterate.  Csopak, Jurko, b. 1835, landowner, farmer.  Wife, Csopak, Julya, b. 1840.  Children Olena, Ivan.

House 25

Csopak, Sztanko, b. 1790, Landowner, farmer.  All Greek Catholic, illiterate.  Mocsar, Hasa, b. 1800.  Csopak, Mihaljo, Son, b. 1849.  Vaslyana, Maria, Wife, b. 1850.  Child Julya.

House 30.

One floor, Two rooms, storeroom, entrance.  2 stall barn, feed storage..  Grunburg, Melech, b. 1803, Jewish, literate. Grunberg, Duorka, b. 1805, Jewish, illiterate.  Grunberg, Moses, b. 1837, farmer, literate. Leher, Anna, Wife, B. 1840 illiterate.  Children, (Jewish, illiterate: Chaje, Szolko, Elias, Berko.  JANKLOVICS,  Szima, b. 1859 Vologtra, Galacia., illiterate, Jewish.  Lenyo, Petro, b. 1850, Ulicske Krieve, greek catholic, Servant, Pratyka, Tedor, b. 1849, Greek Catholic, illiterate, Servant.  DZUBA, MARIA, B. 1830, Vetlina, Galacia, illiterate, Greek Catholic, Vajda, Nacra, b. 1829 Greek Catholic, Ulicske Krieve, Servant.  7 males, 6 females.  2 horses, 2 colts or foals, 9 cows, 6 oxen, 16 calves.

House 33

Ilyko, Ledgan, b. 1835, landowner, farmer.  Born in Zboj.

House 32

Legdan, Mikula, b. 1830, landowner, born in Zboj, farmer.

House 36

Hajunics, Ilyko, landowner, farmer.  8 males, 5 females.

House 37

Petroka, Andri, farmer, all illiterate, Greek Catholic, 5 males, 1 female. B. 1812.

House 38

Petroka, Petro, b. 1827, landowner, farmer. Zboj.  4 males, 4 females.  ! floor, 1 room, 1 storeroom, 1 stall, 1 feed storage.  2 cows, 2 oxen, 4 calves, 5 sheep, 10 goats, 2 pigs.

House 39

Csopak, Ihnat, b. 1826, Greek Catholic farmer, all illiterate.  Wife Maria Jurczo, Maria, B. 1835, Ulics.  Children Mihajlo, Olena, Ancra, Petro.  Koscan, Vasily, B. 1865, , Koscan, Olena, B. 1868.

House  40

Cslopak, Mihaljo, b. 1830, landowner, farmer , greek Catholic.  All illiterate. 6 males, 3 female.

House 48

Csopak, Mihajlo, B. 1824, farmer, zboj, landowner, all illiterate.  3 male, 4 female.

House 54

Kacsala, Vasily, B. 1812, landowner, Greek Catholic, all illiterate.  7 male, 8 female.1 Floor, 1 storage, 2 stalls, grain storage.

House 58

Mackaly, Mikula, b. 1814, landowner, farmer, B. Zboj,  Greek Catholic.  4 males, 4 females.  DZUBA, Matyi, b. 1842, VETLINA   Farmerís Helper.

1 cow, 4 oxen, 2 calves, 8 sheep, 11 goats.

House 63

Szicsak, Mikula, b. 1829 Zboj, GK, 6 males, 2 females.

House 65

Szicsak, Andri, b. 1810. Farmer, landowner, GK, illiterate.  Tarkanics, Polaka, b. 1820 Zboj.  1 room, 1 floor.   Valily, Jurko, Ancra, Pero.

House 76

Csopak, Lecra b 1828, farmer GK 2 males, 4 females.

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