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Settlements of East SLOVAKIA




Photo Credit - Vasil Fedic, 2002.


We have very little information about this village.  If you would like to contribute knowledge or material about this village, please drop us a note.


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News Article: Eastern region suffers depopulation, 2003


Online Historical Book:

Below Snina Rock (1964)

Forced Annexation to Hungary, 1939-1944


1914 Zemplin County Map (714KB)


East Carpathian Biosphere Reserve - Poland/Slovakia/Ukraine

History of the Ulic Valley, 2002 (rewrite of the 1996 version)


Carpathian Ecoregion Initiative


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1914 Population  
Village Names  











List of names from the Cemetery.

 Gul'ak - Čornanič - Mudzo - Horun - Zuzulič - Čovan - Cilip - Olenočin - Sivak - Dozicky - Mika - Machinsky - Bega - Zak - Stanko - Draniča - Gido

 (Source: Mike Charnego, 2/06)

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