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Updates for Slovakia

August 2005 through June 2006


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FHL Updates for Slovakia, August, 2005 through June, 2006

A Call To Arms - Please Help

July 7, 2006

I just completed my latest inquiry of new records from the Family History Library. We need you and every researcher you know to write a letter. Bottom line right now is that the FHL perceives there is little interest in Slovakia Records.  Very few records have been cataloged this past year.  28 church/synagogue records were the entire addition for 12 months.   We need to change that and you can help.

Here are so excerpts from the and Czech Republic Cataloger dispatch to me:

"I'm still the only one who can do Slovak cataloging. I've been out of cataloging, into the Authorities group, and into Collection Management, and still they don't have anyone. That [missionary] is no longer working [to assist ]. She had to cut her mission short in Sep 2005, so we haven't really had anyone catalog since then. I've done a few here and there."

"...If you would like to see an increase in cataloging of Slovak records, I would e-mail Emily Schultz, the manager over all of cataloging and give her so feedback. You can also have other people e-mail. She really needs to see the need, because cataloging resources are limited, and she has been unaware of the need that specifically people have for Slovak records."

Please take a few minutes and dash Ms. Schultz your comments regarding the need for more records. Be succinct, but include specifics about the areas/villages of your research. Don't forget to express your appreciation for the work they have already done for us and to indicate how their work has helped you specifically.

The letter you write today will help all of us tomorrow. It costs nothing but your time. Thank you.


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