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FHL Church Catalog Update: October 2001 to 2002

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Church records added at the FHL, January 2001 to October, 2002

According my source at the FHC, the following place names have been added from January 1, 2001 to October, 2002.  Place names are searchable  in the main FHL catalog and on the FHL  CD-ROM.

Slovakia, Bajc
Slovakia, Bajka
Slovakia, Bajtava
Slovakia, Bánovce nad Bebravou
Slovakia, Bánovská Kesa
Slovakia, Bátovce
Slovakia, Beša (Vráble)
Slovakia, Bešenov
Slovakia, Bobot
Slovakia, Boda
Slovakia, Bohunice (Levice)
Slovakia, Bojná
Slovakia, Bojnice
Slovakia, Bory
Slovakia, Bošany
Slovakia, Branc
Slovakia, Brezany (Prievidza)
Slovakia, Bucany
Slovakia, Bystricany
Slovakia, Cabaj-Capor
Slovakia, Cajkov
Slovakia, Caka
Slovakia, Cankov
Slovakia, Cavoj
Slovakia, Cermany
Slovakia, Cícov
Slovakia, Cifáry
Slovakia, Cúz
Slovakia, Dedinka
Slovakia, Dežerice
Slovakia, Diakovce
Slovakia, Diviaky nad Nitricou
Slovakia, Dlhá nad Váhom
Slovakia, Dolné Lelovce
Slovakia, Dolní Dúrad
Slovakia, Dolní Ohaj
Slovakia, Dolní Pial
Slovakia, Dolní Prandorf
Slovakia, Dolní Síleš
Slovakia, Dolnia Sec
Slovakia, Dolnie Krškany
Slovakia, Dolnie Motešice
Slovakia, Dolnie Slažany
Slovakia, Dražovce
Slovakia, Drženice
Slovakia, Dubová
Slovakia, Dvory nad Žitavou
Slovakia, Farnád
Slovakia, Fyr
Slovakia, Handlová
Slovakia, Hlohovec
Slovakia, Hnúšta
Slovakia, Hokovce
Slovakia, Hontianske Darmoty
Slovakia, Horní Almáš
Slovakia, Horní Prandorf
Slovakia, Hornia Ves
Slovakia, Hornie Lefantovce
Slovakia, Hornie Ozorovce
Slovakia, Hornie Vašardice
Slovakia, Hul
Slovakia, Kepežd
Slovakia, Köbölkút
Slovakia, Lekýr
Slovakia, Mederc
Slovakia, Zemianske Kostolany
Slovakia, Zubrohlava

A quick review suggests this is a geographic hodgepodge of settlements, though most of them are in the west, namely Trencin and Nitra counties.


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