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I reply to the message of Mary Johnson -mjohnson@pershing.com Wed. 1/14/2009 Dear Mary, RUNINA village is on my website: http://www.cisarik.com/village-0095.html There is a list of surnames of still living people and there is also a surname MIKA that it belongs to your family tree. In Slovakia at the state archive there are church records of RUNINA: greek catholic (byzanthine church) for the period: 1821 - 1881 best regards, Juraj Cisarik my website: http://www.cisarik.com . . . archive searching in the state archives of Slovakia and being a tourist guide hired by days in Slovakia.
Juraj Cisarik <jurajcisarik@hotmail.com>
Kosice, Slovakia - Sun. 1/25/2009 5:1 AM

I have been researching my family tree and I saw on your site that you include surrounding cities. My great grandfather's name was Jacob Semenach and his son was Michael.He had a military booklet #393407-A. My grandmother was Agrippina, daughter of Illia Halasza or Hatasza. They were from the village of Wala, district of Kowelski. Their marriage records were from Niezuchajze-Zarzeckiej parish. Their priest was W. Gutowski. Their witnesses were Ignarij Powar from Tajkut, Timofej Koren from Wola, Kliment Martyniuk and Teodor Urdik from Srolim. Just can't seem to locate the villages or any relatives. I could use some help as to where to look.
Janice Haines <jhaines4@cogeco.ca>
Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada - Fri. 1/23/2009 10:3 PM

Your thoughtful, comprehensive website came up as I was looking for information about eco-travel in easternmost Slovakia. If I reach the region during future summer travel, I will be prepared with a deeper understanding of the local heritage and landscape thanks to your website.
Joseph Siegel <ireadpages2@yahoo.com>
Portland, OR USA - Sun. 1/18/2009 5:27 AM

Hello Anyone related to my paternal grandparents from Slovakia - Zemplinska or Runina still around? Micka, Mika and Kundrat. Thank you MJ
mary johnson <mjohnson@pershing.com>
long branch, nj USA - Wed. 1/14/2009 8:28 PM

Výborná stránka, kopec zaujímavých informácií.
Stefan <boci55@szm.sk>
Bratislava, Slovakia - Fri. 1/9/2009 8:8 AM

Thanks for this astonishing collection of information! I'll be using it to track my maternal grandparents, born in Dolné Kočkovce and Praha. You are a BLESSING to those of us who have been searching for a way to turn back the pages of time without travelling to our ancestral homelands.
Michael Carter <avidflyer@me.com>
Cupertino, CA USA - Thur. 1/8/2009 1:52 AM

Too overcome by emotion at this time, but eternally grateful for this site which has connected me to the village of my mother, Kateryna Tytanych Zubal, who passed away in April 2004.
jaroslaw b. dzwinyk md <slaw2@aol.com>
chicago , il USA - Thur. 1/8/2009 1:7 AM

- <->
USA - Sun. 1/4/2009 4:14 PM

After the recent passing of my father, who followed his wife after 3 years, I have sat down on this rainy day to reflect on what I know about them and our family. Although I know much, I intend to use the resources of this MAGNIFICIENT website for further illumination. Zivoj !
Tomas Vybiral <tvybiral@aol.com>
Elkin, NC USA - Sun. 11/30/2008 0:58 PM

My paternal grandfather was Francis Micka (Frank). I believe he was born in Austria around the 1880's and came to US and settled in a little town outside of Pittsburgh called Monessen. My paternal granmother was Mary (Marie) Kundrat (spelling unsure). I believe she came from Germany. Would like to find out something about them. Thankyou Mary Johnson
mary e johnson <mjohnsons@pershing.com>
long branch, nj USA - Sun. 10/12/2008 3:11 PM

Bill, I just found a gold mine today --- your website! I have been researching my maternal grandmother’s origins for twenty years. At first I had to find her hometown. Her marriage certificate said she was from Austria, my mother’s birth certificate said her mother was from Czechoslovakia, and my grandmother’s death certificate said that she was from Hungary! No town name was given on any of these! We finally discovered that she was from Slovakia, and have visited her home town four times. It is Sarisske Cierne. We have found family members who have received us with great hospitality. We still need to do more research, and I appreciate your material very much. It will keep me busy for a long time. Reginald Olson If anyone has information about my grandmother, Susanne Slimak, or her parents -- George Slimak and Suzanne Hosko, all from Sarisske Cierne (CSARNO) I would appreciate hearing from them.
reginald olson <reginald.olson@sb cglo bal.ne t>
Monroe, OH USA - Tues. 9/30/2008 2:35 PM

I have just started and this looks like a great place. I am helping a friend research her family. The last names are Kaczej (Casey used in US) and Hamilla.
Dina Dawson <di na6 90@ya h oo.c o m>
Spokane, WA USA - Fri. 9/26/2008 4:54 PM

Great site! Thanks, Bill. I'm searching for information/contacts for the following: PRIBISH/PRIBISS, CONJELKO/KONGELKA and BLASKO from JAKUBANY, GLOVNYA from MALCOV and TELMANIK and STEFANOV from SNAKOV. Also searching for the creator of ANDREW MIHALY & CATHERINE GLOVYNA genealogy to provide missing information. Charlotte Pribish Conjelko
Charlotte Pribish Conjelko <charr61pribish@ya h oo.co m>
Hobart, IN USA - Tues. 9/23/2008 0:20 PM

My email address has changed to bookseller53066@h otm ail.co m. I would welcome any contact from BEDNARS, SULEKS, PILATS and BUCKOS from Belusa, Slovakia. Thank you.
Elizabeth Bednar <BOOKSELLER53066@HOT MA IL.CO M>
Nashotah, WI USA - Wed. 9/10/2008 5:21 PM

Am SOOO glad I stopped in at your site tonight because I now have a way to jump start my husband's Polish family thru' some new to me, info I found. Sorry I missed your recent Dukla Pass talk...a fractured kneecap has way of curbing my interests lately ! Janice
Janice <ctjpking@ve ri zon.ne t>
Pittsburgh, PA USA - Fri. 8/29/2008 11:12 PM

Thank you for allowing to see where my family came from. My father told me that my Grandfather was from Starina and I am very happy to have learned a little about my origins. Thanks again.
Bill Mitrus <billmitrus@h otma il.c om>
Syracuse, NY USA - Mon. 8/18/2008 9:6 AM

I will check in periodically.My grandfather was Mikal Grega,born in Kerestsky,Maramarous County,Austia/Hungary, came to USA 1910 at age 17,attended Russian Orthodox Church. Trying to locate other family that immigrated. sgregor59@windstream.net
Suzanne Gregor Koval <sgregor59@win stre am.ne t>
Dilliner, PA USA - Thur. 8/7/2008 1:12 PM

Searching for information on Paul Gyurik, Julianna Vorhanich (Vorhanics) and Peter Mikovich (Mikovics)names. Immigrated from village of Gereny, now Horyany in the Ukraine and all settled in New Jersey. All were Greek Catholic. Any information about the village would be appreciated! Jeanne Gyurik Allen
Jeanne Gyurik Allen <allens5@opt onl ine.n et>
Flanders, NJ USA - Sun. 8/3/2008 9:22 AM

Hello! I desperately need to contact the administration of Nova Sedlica. The e-mail address on their web-site (http://www.novasedlica.ocu.sk/) is invalid. I'd be very obliged for any help or advice. Thank you!
Valentine <blanche_ingram@b k.r u>
Moscow, Russia - Sun. 8/3/2008 1:34 AM

Andrejkovics-Andrejkovic-Ondreikovicz-Andrejkovich Looking for any person with a connection to any of the spellings of my maiden name. Recently returned from Slovakia and Hungary. Towns/villages assiociated w this name are: Brestov, Humenne, Presov, Spišská Kapitula, Hrubov, Michalovce, Kochanovce, Dhle nad Cirochou, Samorin, and Snina in Slovakia. Hungarian towns/villages associated with the name: Miskolc, Debrecen, Hejce, Mad, Nyíregyháza, Törökbálint, and Goncruszka. Please contact me with any info you may have. Does anyone know if Andrejkovics is a Croatian or Ukrainian name? It does not seem to be Hungarian, nor Slovakian.
Barbara Andrejkovics Callahan <barbc70@co m cast.net>
Renton, WA USA - Tues. 7/15/2008 3:24 PM

Fabulous Web Page. Many Thanks, Bill, for all your wonderful infomation. You are such a great help.
Barbara Andrejkovics Callahan <barbc70@co mca st.net>
Renton, WA USA - Tues. 7/15/2008 3:4 PM

I am desperately seeking a record of my grandfather's birth. His name was Andras Csurlik and was born around November 29, 1879 in Hanusovce nad Toplou. I have gone thru the Evangelical church records from LDS but he was not listed. Does anyone know the address of the town registry in Hanusovce where I might write to see if he is listed in the registry??? Also, does anyone have any other ideas as to where I can find info on him??
dot donahoo <patndot@sp ry net.co m>
St. Simons Island, GA USA - Sat. 7/12/2008 9:38 AM

If any one who reads this and can shed any light on my sur name: PJOSEK, please respond to me? Thank you My father Karol PJOSEK was born in Jablonka, Austria-Hungary on 17 December 1885. Trying to trace our family name, "PJOSEK". Again thank you. Albert A. PJOSEK
Albert A. PJOSEK <allyn@nct v.c om>
Moses Lake, WA USA - Sun. 5/25/2008 3:58 PM

re; suzanne bubnash walker i saw your post on a message board, sent you info at your juno.net email but don't know if you got it; have names, places of birth, christening, death and places of burial for anna csornej/maczko, llona csornej/maczko and entire family i sent. if you haven't received my email, and i sent it to one you no longer use my email address is; keith_w@att.net
xenia cholock <keith_w@at t.n et>
st. louis, mo USA - Fri. 5/9/2008 9:30 PM

Eureka! I just discovered your site. What a bonanza - to know more of our family village of Valaskovce. Family lines include Firda/ Kalanick/ Jackovicova/ Borna/
Jolene Kalanick <jollyjo83870@y ah oo.c om>
Tensed, Idaho USA - Mon. 5/5/2008 6:32 PM

This site and Juraj Cisarik's site are terrific. Thanks for making them available. Anyone needed research done in Slovakia or wanting to visit there should contact Juraj (www.cisarik.com). He also has a yahoo forum you can join. (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/slovakiabirthrecords/)
Mike Sekerak <amicus@roadr un ner.co m>
Hudson, Oh USA - Mon. 5/5/2008 11:21 AM

Dear Bill, I would like to say great thank you. I have heard from my many clients that you gave them very good reference about my tour-guiding and archive searching services in Slovakia, best regards, Juraj Cisarik Kosice, Slovakia www.cisarik.com - searching in the state archives and finding your family tree 1780-1900. (During one day of my research for you I guarantee to find minimum 10-15 new persons in your family tree.) - tourist guiding with my car, when you will come to Slovakia - my personal visit of your village and asking people there about their family trees and taking pictures of the village, churches, graves in cemeteries.
Juraj Cisarik <jurajcisarik@ho tm ail.c om>
Kosice, east SK Slovakia - Fri. 5/2/2008 3:0 AM

Bill - Always a pleasure to come back to your site. I continue to look for Balog/Kassi/Firda relatives from Valaskovce. Keep up the good work.
Bob Balog <rbalog@ve r izon.ne t>
VA USA - Mon. 4/28/2008 8:52 PM

I really love your site, I am trying to use it to look up my family name which is MOTKO. Any information will help me. Thanks
Sheila Motko <queenpoisonmetallica@yah o o.co m>
Fontana, CA USA - Sat. 4/26/2008 10:1 PM

I will glad to hear something about MENDELOVIC family from KLENOVA (near snina). Any information about them. the lived in Klnova till 1944. thank you. s. blau
shmuel blau <sblau@012.net.il>
p.t., israel - Wed. 4/23/2008 9:29 AM

My computer disconnected, so as I was saying there were quite a few families that had immigrated here. They had even built a small wooden church in 1918 that is still standing in Bramble , MN. My ancestors were Mokej and Kasarda both from Smolnik. My great grandmother Eva married a Andrew Kochen who was from the area but do not know what village. They met on the ship coming to America. Sorry to hear that Smolnik does not exist anymore , but loved to see the pictures of the area. If possible I would like to have any pictures of the village of Smolnik as it was before. Thanks for the great website
Linda Dahl <ljdahl@nor thlc.c om>
Hibbing, MN USA - Wed. 4/23/2008 1:50 AM

So happy to find your website. I just started doing some research on my mother's ancesters. In the early 1900's there w
Linda Dahl <ljdahl@n orthl c.c om>
Hibbing, MN USA - Wed. 4/23/2008 1:27 AM

great idea with your website, wish you very very success in finding your relatives in Eastern Europe:-) and sorry, little mistake in a word CIRKEVNÁ, CIRKEVNÉ and so on...only one E, thanks:-)
noosha <lruzicko@sez n am.c z>
czechia - Fri. 4/18/2008 9:9 AM

Looking for Halko, Nicholas Anna Kochan son Theodore there were more children but names unknown. Katherine Szasz parents Paul and Maria(Mary) know she came left family behind any info please email me
mel <mhstarz@a o l.co m>
cleveland, ohio USA - Wed. 4/2/2008 11:44 AM

Looking for Balko relative(s) from Europe. Not sure when grandfather (Czechoslovakia)came to US. 1900-1920? Married a gal from that country named Anna (father was a diplomat of her town and was forbidden to marry my Grandfather - they eloped and came to US). He was a carpenter and I believe made violin(s). Had 9 children in US (John, Maria, Malvine, Phyllis, Paul I recall off mind). Any connection, please email me. Thanks
Kozar, J <finaliter9@y aho o.c om>
USA - Tues. 4/1/2008 11:30 AM

Information on brothers Petro Pete)and Yocum (Jack)Barna from Polany, Galicia,Ukraine/Austria/Poland/Russia can be found at http://www.enter.net/~stpbrown/barna/barna.html I have recently found two more brothers in the USA (Pennsylvania). I will be updating the website later. The information on your website may help me in my research. I am looking for any descendents of the Barna family of Polany, Galica. The brothers above spoke Lemko. Their mother and a sister stayed on the family farm in Polany. It was later confiscated and became part of a National Park. Several step-brothers also named Barna or Barni also settled in Pennsylvania, USA
Stan Brown <stpbrown@ente r.n et>
Easton, PA USA - Mon. 3/24/2008 0:31 PM

My mother was born in Ungvar, Hungry 1918. The youngest of 7 children. The last name was Stierer. My mother, Elizabeth, moved to Chicago, Ill USA around 1936 to live with her older brother Louis. He was the oly other sibling to move to the States. Two of her brothers Nandor and Janos both changed their sir name to ZACHARIAS. Nandor was a lawyer and received numerous awards for the work he did during the war and for the undergroung movement. Their father was an architect and I believe owned a construction company. I believe their home was declared a Historical Land Mark. Would love to find out more information.
Gary Saxton <thetravelplace@pac bell.n et>
Valencia, CA USA - Fri. 3/21/2008 7:20 PM

I was in Warsaw, Poland in July 2004 and purchased a hand carved wood nativity and creche. Each piece is signed. On the back of the creche is the name Marian Opis of Nroctan, Polska 2003. Can anyone give me any info about this person? Thanks!
Norma <norm a0054@y aho o.co m >
Mi USA - Mon. 3/17/2008 5:51 PM

I have found my paternal grandfather in Osturna which is to the west of the area you cover. My grandmother, Julia Palko, was born in Szurte which is south of Ungvar so she is also out of the area you cover. Never the less I am anxious to learn everything I can about the beautiful country of Slovakia. I feel such a connection to this land of my ancestors so this site is of great interest to me. Thank you for the instruction and advise. It will help me as I continue to search for my grandmothers family.
Dorothy Jasenzak-Fitts <df itts@im ail one.net>
Millerton, NY USA - Thur. 3/13/2008 9:30 PM

Can someone please help to find out what my village name is. I am from the Manriguez family (Ubaldo and Josefa (Ponce) Manriguez. I am looking for the village name of my Great Great Grandmother. If any information on or how to obtain my village name please contact me asap time is running out. I need this info. before March 17th 2008
Veronica Burgess <vero nica92530@y ah oo.c om>
San Juan Capistrano, Ca USA - Sun. 3/2/2008 10:13 PM

I just stumbled upon this website. In my genealogical research I only recently learned that my maternal grandmother, Anna Gondorcsin (or some version of the spelling of that family name), is apparently from Ljuta (Havasköz). I believe she was an ethnic Rusyn and spoke Slovak and Hungarian. Here in the United States she married József Szabó, who was also from eastern Slovakia. I look forward to finding out more about my grandmother and about Ljuta and hopefully finding any Gondorcsin relatives who might reside in or around Ljuta, especially if they can read and write Hungarian, since I have a limited ability to correspond in Hungarian.
Alan G. Segedy <asegedy@neo.r r.co m>
Akron, Ohio USA - Sat. 3/1/2008 9:15 PM

Thank you for such a wonderful web site!!! It is very valuable to all of us!!! Keep up the good work.
Kathy Traum Deak <katieinohio@ ao l. c om>
Chagrin Falls, Ohio USA - Mon. 2/4/2008 3:2 PM

The story was very interesting. My grandfather wasn't from Ulic but he was from a village close by "Ruska Volova". I have seen pictures of that area. It is a lot like the area he settled in, here in PA.
John E Pipta Jr <jrpipta@a o l.co m>
Newry , PAThe story was very interesting USA - Fri. 2/1/2008 4:37 PM

My grandfather Stephen Opalenik was born in Luta around 1881 or 1882 and came to the USA to settle in Allenport, Pa. around 1910. Several years later he sent for my grandmother - Julia Serotka - and my father John and his sister Anna. My cousin said that the rest of Grandpa Opalenik's family died of the Flu after he left Luta. My father married Helen Sekerak. Does anyone reading this have any knowledge of the names I have given? Thank you - Pauy Opalenik
Paul Opalenik <opie@centu ryt el.n et>
Birmingham, Ohio USA - Mon. 1/14/2008 11:46 PM

Thank you for this websight! I think this is a wonderful way to find ancestors. I have just begun searching for mine in eastern Europe: STAKCIN/ Takscany, etc. (N.E. of Presov in the SNINA region. Names: MAKUCH/ROSISZ:rosics/Kapral. Past American cities they lived in: Bayonne, New Jersey. Bridgeport, Connecticut. and Oxford, N.J. and Birdsboro, Pennsylvania. Also, I have a letter dated 1977,(supposedly from that same area). Neither a Slovak nor a Polish citizen can read it. Any ideas of what kind of writing from that region it could possibly be? Would love to hear from anyone who had traveled through North East of Presov. Happily Ancestor hunting.
Denise (Makuch) Dalton <Dend alt55@a o.co m>
Cleveland, Ohio USA - Mon. 1/7/2008 11:25 AM

I have in my possession a copy of a Greek Catholic baptism document stating that my grandfather Andrew Bazil born on 13 Oct 1875 and baptized on 20 Oct 1875. It lists his home town as Vysna Jablonka. The document only states his first name. His naturalization papers to the United States stated that he came from Austria. He moved to Scranton Pennsylvania with his wife Anna Bazil. Do you have any suggestions?
Tom Kulick <angeku li@ao .c om>
Spring Hill, Fl USA - Thur. 1/3/2008 6:5 PM

to je fajny website. michal sura is my father. i have Sura family in Kolonica. its so beautiful there! they eaven have baywac' born by ostrava and now live in Canada in Waterloo city.
Roman Sura <romansura@h otm ail.co m>
kolonica, ontario Canada - Mon. 12/17/2007 6:45 PM

Bill - Great site! Obviously, a lot of time and effort on your part. I am curious about the Roman Catholic church that you had an image of in Ubrez. If an English speaking person wanted to find out more information on this church, how would he go about contacting someone in Ubrez to acquire the information? I have found the Church online, I believe, and the person/phone number/address of the responsible person. I just wouldn't know where to go from here.
Donald Brandon <dbran@c abl eone.n et>
MS USA - Sat. 12/15/2007 0:24 AM

Names I am researching in Jablunkov are Lipovsky, Yezowicz and Bielese. Joseph Yezowicz (born 1902) and Anna Yezowicz (nee Bielese)(born 1909) eventually settled in Canada as did my Father Anton Lipovsky (born 1917). Joseph was my Father's Uncle. My Father's Mother was Suzanah Lipovsky (nee Yezowicz) (born abt 1892). My Father his Mother and two Sisters left Jablonkov in 1937. Thank you to anyone with any info on these names.
Cathie Barrett <silvermeadowfarm@eart hli nk.ne t>
USA - Thur. 12/13/2007 10:3 AM

I am trying to find out of Upper Slavkov was located in Slovakia in 1864
Wendy <kokoja14@y ah oo . co m>
salem, or USA - Fri. 11/2/2007 0:34 PM

Im looking for some relatives in Canada (Toronto). My forefather Imrich Istvan Homa has moved there from Senviz, Slovakia, now Krasna Luka, for work around the 1920s. His wife was Suzanna. We have information that he died there maybe around 1969 there. Can u somebody help me to find if he has some family there?
Jana Istvanova <jana.istvanova@s ix ne t.s k>
Kosice, Slovakia Slovakia - Mon. 10/15/2007 5:20 AM

To Carol Sue Strenocski - I have read discussion below, Carol Sue was looking for some relatives in Senviz, now Krasna Luka. My mother is from Novysedlak family there in Krasna Luka, also for now Novysedlak family branches live there. Do u have some contact to her? Or she can contact me at my email address. Maybe i can help her to contact her with some relatives here in Slovakia. Jane
Jana Istvanova <jana.istvanova@si x net.sk>
Kosice, Slovakia Slovakia - Mon. 10/15/2007 5:11 AM

I was sent this link by someone posting to my reply on ancestry.com. I have yet to look through all the pages but the front page has my complete attention Thank you for creating this website
Vanessa Redovian Harris <solitary_purple_butterfly@y aho o.co m>
Show Low, Az USA - Thur. 10/4/2007 1:0 AM

This was very helpful in understand my heritage.
Nathan Onda
USA - Thur. 9/27/2007 2:47 PM

I want to thank you for this very insightful resource. It has been quite helpful as I search for information on my Hungarian ancestors, Josef(ph) and Johanna Jurschtizka Theiss who immigrated to the United States some time around 1908 with their four children at the time: Michael, Madeline, Joseph, and Matthew.
Margaret Theiss Bratcher <margaretbratcher@ve riz on.net>
Bloomington, IL USA - Sun. 9/23/2007 2:1 PM

I have great grandparents who immigrated from Hungary roughly between 1860 and 1885. Their children were all born in South Bend Indiana after 1885. They were born in 60 and 64, respectively. I have the name Michael Alby born in Magyar and Agnes Simon, born in Czorna Hungary. The name Alby may be Americanized from Olbei. Would you have any advice on where I might start lookin for a ship manifesto for this group of immigrants?
nancy shattuck <nshattuck@tw mi.rr.com>
Detroit, MI USA - Sat. 9/22/2007 0:52 PM

Dear Bill You have a very helpful website. I have learned allot, from you over the years. Thank you. http://home.cogeco.ca/~arvayx11/
Rebecca Árvay
Canada - Fri. 9/21/2007 3:17 PM

Please send me any information you might have regarding this place- State-Grbarne City-Kobrinsky Urisd Country Wolost Dlulieloska P.O-Post Evenouow Village-Wierevana Penuhne I have looked everywhere for information,and can not find a thing. Our last name might be Merkowsky or Merkousky or Merkosky. Would like to find some answers/ Please/Thanks
Nancy Merkousko Abernathy <gracenja@ho t mail.com>
Conroe, TX USA - Wed. 9/12/2007 0:58 PM

Frank Cenky <sharonmessing@a ol .com>
Sandy Springs, ga USA - Tues. 9/11/2007 4:25 PM

I am Eva REZEK born in UNGVAR/USHOROD (Then Eastern Hungary).My mother was Irene SANDOR,my gradfather Mihaly SANDOR, my maternal grandmother Ilona ZAJACZ.IN 1946 I moved to Argentina with my parents. At the time communication with relatives was dangerous for them and we lost contact.Any information about ancestors or relatives will be most appreciated
Eva Rezek <evayalj@fib ertel .com.ar>
Buenos Aires, Argentina - Sat. 9/8/2007 2:42 PM

Bill, this is an excellent website, interesting to me as I have family stories about what my relatives experienced further south and east in Valaskovce and Nemecka Poruba at the time of the Battle of Dukla Pass. Your work has helped me understand the devastation that afflicted all of Eastern Slovakia in late 1944.
Suzanne Bubnash <s_bubnash@j un o.com>
Beaverton, OR USA - Tues. 9/4/2007 8:58 AM

August 2007 I briefly visited the village of my Great Grandmother (Susan Cuvan Baronych), Vyshna Jablonka, and met several relatives whose surname was Cuvan or whose parents were Cuvan. Only one person in the village spoke English and she was a language student at Bratislava University.
Edward Bonk <edward.j.bonk.jr@lm co.com>
Lake Ariel, PA USA - Thur. 8/30/2007 6:41 AM

My Father was born in Lazy Near Also Verecke. in 1905. In 1923 he entered the C.S.R. army for 3 years. The Chech Military headquarter claims that he can't find records for this. I enjoyed your comments. Jakov Berger Tel Aviv, Israel - Sat. 8/18/2007 3:42 PM
Jakov Berger <globalfa@n etvis ion.n et.il>
Tel Aviv, Israel - Sat. 8/18/2007 3:42 PM

Looking for information on a Joseph Dzacovsky - came to US sometime in late 1890's from Mihaly Saris and settled in Passaic, N.J......was a shoemaker and helped start the Slovak Catholic Church there. He had a step-brother, Michael Petrovic (?)who settled in Ct. Would appreciate any information on obtaining records from Mihaly Saris parish records. Had located internet sites years ago but they are no longer available. Joseph was interested in music and may have come from a musically inclined family. joan beerman tampa, fl USA - Sat. 8/18/2007 3:29 PM
Joan Beerman <saratash08@ve riz on.ne t>
Tampa, FL USA - Sat. 8/18/2007 3:29 PM

My Godmother, surname Lazorisak was born in Hostovice. Does anyone have relatives there and does anyone have pictures of Hostovice that I could send to my Godmother's daughter living in Cambria County, PA. Michael Sura from Kosice done my Genealogy research for me and I am well pleased with his work. Thanks in advance. George Sirko (Surname originally Szirka, Sirka) George CA USA - Mon. 8/13/2007 2:23 AM
George Sirko <gsirko@sb cglo bal.ne t>
CA USA - 8/13/2007 2:23 AM

Great site for information about the Battle for Dukla Pass!We have just returned from travelling around that area.. having been born in UK in 1941 my knowledge of the battles fought in Poland between Germany and the Soviets is sadly lacking.(I know much more about Western Europe.) What an horrific history of conflict in this area. Your site has been most helpful.Thank you. I'm off now to our local library to research more. Lisa Webber Wellington, New Zealand. - Mon. 7/23/2007 5:16 PM
Lisa Webber <lisamwebber@ho tma il.co m>
Wellington, New Zealand - Mon. 7/23/2007 5:16 PM

My great grandfather was born in Hanusovce Nad Toplou in 1863. He lived in this village and married a Mary Matska? They immigrated to the U.S in 1885-1888?. The worked the coal mines in Centralia Pennsylvania before coming to Montana around 1889-1900. I was just hoping that I could here from someone about helping me locate my slovak roots. Greg Lucotch (Lukac) Lewistown, Mt USA - Mon. 7/23/2007 9:47 AM
Greg Lucotch <gluke@midr ivers.c om>
Lewistown, MT USA - Mon. 7/23/2007 9:47 AM

Without recourse, the Survey of Slovakia Church Records (cirkevena matrika) Held by the Mormon's Family History Library (FHL) and posted by Bill is the most valuable resource for anyone with Slovak Roots. Greg Kopchak www.iarelative.com Gregory J. Kopcgak Florissant, MO USA - Sun. 7/22/2007 3:27 PM
Gregory J. Kopchak <greg@iar elat ive.c om>
Florissant, MO USA - Sun. 7/22/2007 3:27 PM

My mother lived in Sobrance. Her name is Zicherman. She is alive and well. Her first name is Libu or Libush. She had parents and 5 siblings before the war as of to date we are of the notion that she is the sole survivor. Her father was David her mother was Zissel nee Reichbach. Her step grandfather was Lippa Moscovitz lived in Sobrance Benjamin Eckstein Brooklyn, NY USA - Fri. 7/20/2007 0:4 PM
Benjamin Eckstein <snapstein@yaho o.c om>
Brooklyn, NY USA - Fri. 7/20/2007 0:4 PM

Ladislav Terebessy was my grandfather. Anna Jenkovska was my grandmother. My father Frantisek Terebessy was born in Ubrez on September 19, 1906. I have been trying to trace our family tree, and that is as far as I have been able to go. Does anyone out there have information that will tie to this family? I have a document from Zemplen County, Hungry dated December 10, 1778. It talks about a Terebessy family oringiating from a nobleman Gyorgy Terebessy and his decendants Francis, Joseph, Ladislaus, Stephani, Tegenyus, and George Terebessy at Vienna, Austria. I am trying to find a family connection that may lead back to this family. The original Nobleman Gyorgy Terebessy was awarded nobility and a large tract of land by King Ferdinand II in 1642. The land was in Nagy-Agard in the county of this district of Zemplinia including Fisza=Bodrogh-Vioz. Other family connection to this family through marriage mentioned are Francis Pereoessy, from Noble Barbara Beotthy. also a son Stephan Terebessy born form Noble Maria Szentivany. So, I am now trying to find family connections between the Terebessy family of 1778 and 1906. Any help or suggestions? Cecilia I Tolan (Terebessy Ildiko) indianapolis, Indiana USA - Thur. 7/19/2007 7:47 PM
Cecilia I Tolan <ildiko123@sbcgl obal.n et>
indianapolis, Indiana USA - Thur. 7/19/2007 7:47 PM

I have copies of documents from when my grandparents lived in Kusin and some from Klokocov, Porubka along with other places. The last name was CSOLAK but changed to CHOLOK when they arrived in Pennsylvania US. Anyone having more information on these places, please add to this site. St. Louis, MO USA - Thur. 7/19/2007 4:46 AM
Cholok <butformymother@yah oo. com>
St. Louis, MO USA - Wed. 7/19/2007 4:46 AM

Why didn' I know about this site before? It is terrific. I am doing research on my mother, and her family, who lived in Kolbasov. The family name is Judkovic. My grandparents names were Yisrael and Sura. My mother Sadie (Susha) immigrated to PA around 1915, and joined her brothers Jacob, Louis, and Philip who were already living in Scranton, PA. Helen Jakubovic who told her story of the massacre that infamous night in Dec. 1945 is my cousin. I will be in Prague July 18-21, 2007, and hope to do some research. I will be leaving the U.S. on Monday July 9th. Any information will be appreciated.
RUTH PALEFSKY <rifkap1@ao l.com>
Boca Raton, fl USA - Fri. 7/6/2007 11:30 PM

My mother was born in Hummene in 1912, her mother's maiden name was Tomko and married name was Kubas. I've seen the register at the church in Hummene..My father's father was born in Kosice, name of Puskas, changed to Pollick. They immegrated to Pittsburg(Moneson)and then Cleveland, where I grew up. Any information about th families would be appreciated.
r pollick <djpollick@co x.net>
Scottsdale, Az USA - Fri. 7/6/2007 4:43 PM

This site is very helpful and informative especially for the beginner researcher. I am researching my great-grandparents, Martin Sleziak (may also be spelled Slezjak or Slezak) and Maria (Mary) Polc. Martin Sleziak was born on 10/03/1904 in Dobrá niva which is 20miles from Zvolen and 40miles from Banska Bystrica in Slovakia to Martin Sleziak (born 11/13/1880 in Austria/Hungary) and Anna Švarc (born 1884 in Austria/Hungary). He first came to America on May 20, 1905 when he was 6months old through Ellis Island, New York. He had traveled from Breman, Germany on a ship named Prinzess Alice with his mother Anna who was 21. They traveled to Hannibal, Missouri where Martin Sleziak, Sr. was. Martin, Jr. had three siblings, George (born 4/11/1913 in Missouri), Steven (born 1909 in Missouri), and Anna (born 1911 in Missouri). In 1930, family lived in Gary City, Indiana. Martin Sleziak died in 1934. Maria (Mary) Polc was born 4/11/1909 in Dobrá niva, Slovakia to Martin Polc and Anna (maiden unknown at this time). She had two siblings Zuzana and Anna. Maria Polc and Martin Sleziak married on January 4, 1926 in Dobrá niva, Slovakia. They came to America on July 19, 1928 through New York. They traveled from Cherbourg, France on a ship named Mauretania with their daughter Zuzana (Susan) Sleziak (my grandmother; born 10/02/1926). They had another daughter also, Mary Sleziak (born 4/20/1929 in Pennsylvania). In 1930, the family lived in Hamtramck, Wayne, Michigan. Maria (Mary) Polc died 05/07/1999 in Pennsylvania). Maria (Mary) Polc’s family remained in Slovakia. She corresponded with a Zuzana Kolenyova, Maria Kaputikova, and an Anna Krishbova which maybe relatives. Also, she may have relatives with the last name Bahyl/Bahylova. A Jan Sleziak aged 45, came to America on a ship named Mount Clay from Hamburg, Germany to Ellis Island, New York on January 9, 1922 to join his brother Martin Sleziak in Missouri. This may be Martin Sleziak, Jr.’s uncle or maybe no relation. Anyone that may have information that could help would be much appreciated.
Renee Delrosario <rdelrosario296@ho tma il.com>
Twentynine Palms, Ca USA - Thur. 7/5/2007 8:33 PM

Great find!!! I wish I had known about your site 2 years ago!! It certainly would have saved me a lot of brick walls,and aggravation! Thank you for what you have put here. I am able to locate a lot of family information I didn't know existed. I still need to find more, however, and I will keep at my research project. Thanks again!
Pat Tarashuk <pattiwatts@ao l.com>
Summit, NJ USA - Thur. 7/5/2007 11:41 AM

It was nice to see my Grandfather, Stefan Franko, his sister Great Aunt Rozalia Franko and his 1st cousin, Julius Staroscak in the Ellis Island Roster from Snina. My Grandfather Steve and my Great Uncle Joe fought for the Austrio Hungarian Army during WWI. They were part of an artillery regiment that saw action in Italy, Serbia and Croatia, Roumania, and the Russian Civil war (Czech Legion).
Nancy Barton <sergius1@bellso uth.net>
Oviedo, Fl USA - Sat. 6/23/2007 8:5 PM

I am researching my ancestors in Slovakia. My Great Grandparents, John and Susanna (daughter of Michael Gaydos) Cosley (possibly Kosley) came from Kukemezo (now Kukova) Slovakia through ports of Hamburg or Bremen to New York between 1882 and 1886 with 2 children, Anna and John. My Grandfather, Michael Benyak, left Solymos (Inacovce) Slovakia in 1889 through Bremen to New York. They settled in the US in the Pittsburgh, PA area. I do not know if they left behind any family but would welcome information from anyone in Kukova and Inacovce areas with connection to family names Cosley (Kosley), Gaydos, Benyak.
Janice Cigler <jmcigler@ho tmail.com>
Portsmouth, VA USA - Sat. 6/23/2007 2:24 PM

I am looking for my grandmother's family that she left behind in Slovakia. Her name was Anna Matsko (Matcho) and she had a daughter,Teresa. She left behind a son with the family. Bohach was her maiden name. She grew up in Humenne. Any info would be very helpful .
Pat Windon <gp3096@comca st.net>
Mingo Jct., Ohio USA - Tues. 6/19/2007 9:42 PM

I'm researching the Pavlik families that originated in Trencen county, a small settlement close to today's Dolna Marikova called Cabajovci. Also the Duratny family line from village of Banova, which is now incorporated into the larger city of Zilina. Please email me for information or questions at beckiblair@hotm ail.com
Becki Blair <beckiblair@hotma il.com>
Westerville, OH USA - Sun. 6/10/2007 7:34 AM

My Grandparents & parents came from Ungvar ,in Eastern Hungary ,The name was Tirpak ,I believe immigration spelled it their way (Tierpack) & it stayed as they had no papers & couldn't speak English in the early 1900's ,My Grandmothers maiden name was Szirmai, Her Father was Karoly Szirmai ,,Any info will help.My father was baptized in Mukachevo, If anyone can help, I Thank You..
Joe Tierpack <ljt175@yaho o.com>
Plainville, Ct. USA - Sat. 6/2/2007 0:49 PM

Dear Sirs: I will try to make this as brief as possible--almost all of my family in Starina were related in one way or another-brothers, aunts uncles-great grandfathers etc. Peter Fill re-built t.ichael the ARchangel greek Catholic Church in Starina when it was burnt down. I believe he was the priest there. My grandmother on my mothers side-Csanda family name and Peter or a John Fill many-many years ago was a landowner there. We also have Hudak, Michalko and a few other family names--my history goes back over 1,000 years. Is anyne at all living in Starina now? I was told there are appoximately 9 buildings including the Church and of course the Cemetary. I plan to come to Starina to visit in approx. 2 years and I also plan to register with the Los Angeles Consulate for a Slovak living abroad--sinceI don't know if anyone is in the area or where they possibly have moved to when they flooded most of the area for the Reservoir. If I have a living relative Fill Csanda Michalko Hudak --we're all in the history of Joe Chabras' wonderful site with all the records of my ancestors. Slovakia is such a beautiful country.--Now I know why my grandmother loved it so. My mother Margaret Fill Jeckert passed on May 27, 2006 and was 89 years old. Her father 98 yrs. old and my great-grandfather-Peter Fill-105 yrs. old. I will be 60 this yr.- and any information you can find or even have someone write to me in English that might be related to me would absolutely be wonderful. Thank you very much. God bless! sincerely-Noelle Jeckert
Noelle Jeckert (Csanda & Fill Family-Starina, Slovakia) <carpathian1Kyrs@yaho o.com>
Lakeside, CA USA - Wed. 5/30/2007 10:10 PM

.. <.>
USA - Tues. 5/29/2007 7:50 PM

gives me new hope considering all of the name changes as various countries ruled
jim mergy <mergeit@com cast.net>
san ramon, CA USA - Tues. 5/8/2007 9:2 PM

What a great discovery to find your website.! Several Years ago my wife purchased an old hand made steamer trunk at an antique store. The trunk had the name Josef Zurka painted on the top of it. It is obvious that the name was painted on the lid when the trunk was built. I discovered the name Josef Zurka on your website, having come to America in 1910. Where would you suggest I start in trying to locate the original owner of the trunk and to discover if any family still resides in America? Just curious, Jeff Mair
Jeff Mair <jeffmair59@ya ho o.com>
Shirley, IN USA - Fri. 5/4/2007 3:43 PM

my deceased cousin mick (michael arendas) always talked about his father mike being from slovenia or possibly austria also. mike was born about 1895, his mother sailed to the u.s. and had him and them went back home and appearently did this several times, to get U.S. citizenship. is arendas (arendac's ??) a common name in this area? was this common for folks in this area to have children this way? the settled in the pittsburg, pa area. maybe a few came over and sent money back for others?? I just have always had a deep interest in this. anyone have any thoughts???
jack <norjackjean@sbc glo bal.net>
USA - Thur. 4/19/2007 10:3 AM

Hello, I will be traveling to Eastern Slovakia on May 21-25, 2007. My ancestry is from Ubla, Klenova, Dubrinic, Brezovec, and Kosice. My family names are Baulovich, Labanich, Lochonova, Tylnak, Dzoba, Slivka, Sirka, Trebuca, and Revta. If anyone has any information about these places or people, please contact me. We would also appreciate any information about hotels, transportation, etc. Thank you!
Mary Meloy <mmeloy@jfk u.edu>
Cherokee, IA USA - Sun. 4/15/2007 1:8 PM

Glad that someone sent me to it. Seeking Adamczyk and Lesko. Adam Adamczyk states that he is from Polakovec. Mary Lesko was from Lipovec. As found in immigration paperwork of Wilkes-Barre, PA. Adam born 1868, Mary 1870. Adam immigrated between 1885 and 1890. They were married in Wilkes-Barre about 1890. Thank you!! Dina Could Polakovec be Polakowice? Would they be pronounced the same? And i believe that Lipovec mith be Saros region of Slovakia but there is still the part of me that says if they married in Austria, and it is yet unproven that they did or did not, how could they be 152 miles apart.
Dina <czyckie@net scape.n e t>
Wilkes-Barre, PA USA - Thur. 4/12/2007 7:18 PM

Hello all: I have been doing research on the Petrassovich/Petrasovic Family name for many years and I am looking for any connections or family links and cousins. We are from Klenov (Formerly Klemborok) and before that(Porac from 1790 to around 1820). They were from St.Dimitrius Greek Catholic Church still there and built in the 1600's. Many of my ancesters were Greek Catholic Priets and Rusyns. The name was shortened and Americanized in about 1886 when they left what was then called Austria-Hungary now called Slovakia. If you have any info or want to exchange emails, please contact me. Dave Petrosky
Dave Petrosky <dave@ez-plant.com>
Ebensburg, Pa. USA - Fri. 4/6/2007 7:28 PM

Re: The 1869 Census. Film 2151180 (end part of Zavadka; Zakarovce; Zakovce) seems missing from the FHL. The catalog jumps from film 2151179 to 2151181 (when you look at the film notes, go to the last page). What happened to that film?
Thomas <treimer@nycap.rr.com>
USA - Sun. 4/1/2007 8:45 PM

I'm new to genealogy & hit a wall & after reading comments, this site appears to be a Godsend. My Grandmother was born in RUSKOCZ, ZEMPLEN, HUNGARY IN 1884 (as written on my mother's LATIN gc Bapt Cert) My GF born in Mesolaborcz(present Medzilaborce). IS RUSKOCZ PRESENT ROSKOVCE,SL? Last residence of my GM in 1913 was ZABORCY, HUNGARY -WHAT IS ZABORCY CALLED TODAY? Thanks for any help
John Torres <johnmar@earthl ink.net>
Castle Rock, CO USA - Fri. 3/30/2007 10:51 PM

I added to my site 624 villages with 70,199 people-surnames still living in Eastern Slovakia. I hope it will be helpful for searching of your relatives in Slovakia. site address: http://www.cisarik.com/villages-aaa-index.html
Juraj Cisarik <jurajcisarik@ho tmail.com>
Kosice, Slovakia - Wed. 3/21/2007 3:42 PM

Please help-I am looking for information on my grand- mother her village is now in the Ukraine,it is Viska or Vyshka it is in the carpathian mts,her nationality was ruthein.She left her village in 1910 for the USA.Her name was Marya Lesak,her friends name was Anna Burak.Viska is about 10Km north of Ljuta,any little bit of information will help,Thank You God Bless Mike
Mike <ra136699@ptd.net>
St Clair, Pa USA - Wed. 3/21/2007 2:7 PM

Need information on VINKA, MAJZUN, and Sisolak surnames: Zavod (Slovak name) / Pozsonyzavod (Hungary name) Today region/district: Bratislava - Malacky My great grandfather Vendelinus Vinka was the son of Emericus Vinka and Anna Majzun born in Zavod (No. 119), Bratislava, Slovakia in 1900 according to his baptism papers. The family was also Roman Catholics. According to an Ohio census Anna was born about 1880 and I believe that at some point Emericus changed his name to Henry and the 1910 federal Ohio census says he was born about 1873. The family immigrated to America through Ellis Island and settled in Ohio: Passenger list for the SS Lahn dated 6 Dec 1900 shows the arrival of a Imre (or Emre) Vinka born about 1873/74 coming from Zavod and going to Bellaire, Ohio. Pasenger list for the SS Barbarossa dated 16 Feb 1905 shows the arrival of Anna Vinka (born about 1880) and her son Vendol Vinka (born about 1900) coming from Zavod and traveling to Emrich Vinka in Bellaire, Ohio. There was also a Miklos Majzun traveling on the Barbarossa form Zavod. There are also various Majzun and Vinka passengers traveling from Zavod to the US during various years. Emericus and Anna Vinka left behind a daughter named Helen or Helena born 1898 in Zavod with Emericus's grandfather. She later married someone with the last name Sisolak - first name possibly John. Vendelinus had his name changed to Wendel Winko in Louisiana, 1923. Emericus had two sisters and I think their names were Anna and Catherine. Emericus and Anna later had five more children in Ohio: Mary, Joseph, John, Elizabeth, and Paul (who was later adopted by the Radish family). I found a 1910 federal census with the family in Ohio. I am looking for information about this family while they resided in Zavod. Interested if there were any generations that came from the left behind daughter (Helen or Helena). Also if anything is know about previous generations. Thanks
Dan Winko <dan@winko.us>
Jacksonville, FL USA - Thur. 3/15/2007 10:52 PM

My husbands family hails from Duplin (near Svidnik) - His great-grandfather's name was Peter Szagan. Peter's son Mihaly (Michael) was baptized in the G.K. church Jan. 10, 1888. Reportedly Peter's wife was Susana Szemanczo (spelled Semenko on the headstone)- she was born in Dricsna, Saros 07 Jan, 1859. Michael's godparents were Michael Zahurszky and Anna Kalas. Any information about the Sagan (Szagan) family would be greatly appreciated. We know that there are still relatives in Slovakia and the name is on head stones in the Duplin area. Michael married Anna Urdzik, daughter of George and Elizabeth Urdzik. Anna was born in the Lipany Rozkovany area in 1893. The Sagan family settled in Binghamton, NY: Dunmore, PA: and Latrobe, PA (the Urdzik's came to Latrobe) Thanks in advance for any help. The website is great Bill, thank you for sharing it with us all.
Deb Sagan <dza100@psu.edu>
Bellefonte, PA USA - Thur. 3/8/2007 10:53 PM

Hi! I needed a record of my grandmother's first marriage from Slovak archives. I wrote to the Slovakia embassy in DC and they sent me back a form to use to request record(s) and the archive address. The form is in both Slovak and English so it is easy to fill out. I added a short cover letter (translated into Slovak) and some proof of relationship (my grandmother's Declaration of Intent showing my mother's name as her child, and my birth certificate showing my mother's name). Four weeks later I had my grandmother's record of marriage. I don't know if I was just lucky (since I'm actually descended from her second marriage) but I would be glad to send copies of this form to anyone who is interested.
Lee <chips76309@yah oo.com>
Wi, TX USA - Thur. 3/8/2007 9:59 AM

Janos Csanda-great gr. ather-was a landowner---Peter Fill built 2x's the Church St. Michaels-in Starina, now slovakia---Csanda family, Fill Family, Palko Family, Michalko Family, Arendacs (arendas-americanized name) Family-cousins too-possibly Hudak---would like to know if any of these family names now lives in Snina Or humenne, or Presov or even Bratislavia. Thank you very much.
Noelle Jeckert (Csanda & Fill Family-Starina, Slovakia) <nvjeckert@yah oo.com>
Lakeside, CA USA - Fri. 2/23/2007 0:47 PM

My grandparents are from Horna Lehota having immigrated to the United States in the late 1800's. Our family names were Kuchar and Todla. The three children that came over were Mary, John and Cornellia.
Allen Charkow <acharkow@a ol.com>
Woodinville, wa USA - Wed. 2/21/2007 3:53 PM

Seeking information on names, Dovci, Dzurina, Korpa, and Cisar. Please reply to jrsg619@yah oo.com, thank you Janet
janet <jrsg619@yah oo.com>
USA - Tues. 2/20/2007 4:41 PM

I have not yet used this site but I am eagerly looking forward to doing so. I truly appreciate the time and effort you have taken, whether or not it proves helpful to me personally. Thank you
Karen Weinberg <hotdog@optonline.net>
Cedarhurst, NY USA - Mon. 2/5/2007 5:45 AM

A truly remarkable website for information not only on Eastern Slovakia Research, but for general imformation about Slovakia. Is there a similar website for Western Slovakia? My Dad and his comtemporaries lived in Pozsony Megye before emigrating to other countries. His home town was Also Dios, now Dolne Oresany.
Dolph Klein <kledolph@duke.edu>
Chapel Hill, NC USA - Mon. 2/5/2007 0:0 AM

Am researching the following names from Zemplin County. Dovci also known as Doci, Doczi; Korpa, Cisar and Dzuringa. My grandparents were Andrew and Suzannah Cisar Dovci, he was from Bracovce and she from Jenkovce. Also interested in finding out how to get in touch someone to get a copy of their marriage license (married in Bracovce) around 1900. Please reply to e-mail: jrsg619@yah oo.com Thank you Janet
Janet <jrsg619@yah oo.com>
USA - Tues. 1/23/2007 3:12 PM

I visited the home of my father's family in Zborov slovakia in 1977 and 1979. Also, visited the battlefields of Dukla. Family names are Sarrisky (sp?), Holman, and Kalapach. Spent time in Bardejov. Met a bright young student from the CZ republic --Vlado Repka==who escaped before the Berlin Wall came down and last I heard worked with a newspaper in Canada. Any of this familiar to ya'll?
marie annette Kalapach <darnold234@a ol.com>
austin, tx USA - Sun. 1/21/2007 2:38 AM

Thanks for the background. My grandparents emigrated from Velky Saris Slovakia and this provided a background. I'm interested transportation methods to the shipping ports of Bremen, Hamburg, and Trieste. If everyone was poor, how did they afford passage on land and sea?
Wanda Wyland <wanderinwylands@yah oo.com>
Mesa, AZ USA - Thur. 1/18/2007 1:14 AM

Would like information on the name Dovci, aka Doczi, Doczy. Grandpareants were from Bracovce and Jenkovce. Grandfather immigrated to U>S> 1901. Andrew and Suzzannah Cisar Dovci. Thank you. Janet
Janet <jrsg619@yah oo.com>
USA - Wed. 1/17/2007 0:53 PM

How do we make contact with other members that post messages in ths book? Mail DMea986657@a ol.com. Have information about the surname Toth in Va. maybe Slovakia. We have family in Pa. surname Machek, Fitman Sepera, Hedges, Ornot, Delansky. Thanks for any help, Dorothy
Graham <DMea986657@a ol.com>
Va USA - Tues. 1/16/2007 8:45 PM

GREAT SITE BILL! I am planning a trip to Poland and Slovakia this summer and need some help. My Dad's family is supposed to have been from Barnowiec, PL. I have finally found it on the map but that's about it. How do I go about contacting someone there? I want to verify the story that my gggrandfather, JOANNES (John) BARNOVSKY was the Mayor at one time. Another story is that my ggfather, MARCUS BARNOVSKY, was killed for shooting either a Russian or German soldier when he was caught killing a boar to feed his family. No one can tell me what year and I can't find a death certificate or any other info on MARCUS. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I also would like more info on Barnowiec, such as size, businesses, etc. THX!
Fran <barnoskykoneval@yah oo.com>
Mesa, AZ USA - Sat. 1/13/2007 11:24 PM

Fascinating site, Bill! My daughter married a bloke from Lackovce, and that has kindled my interest in the history of the region. Your site is far and away the most useful for researching this area of Europe.
Dave Healy <healydj@aapt.net.au>
Perth, Western Australia Australia - Tues. 1/9/2007 10:44 AM

My Mother and Father emigrated from Zboj prior to the First World War. They settled in Binghamton/Endicott, NY. They were Greek Catholic and friends of Tarkulich in Rochester, NY. Unable to contact Bill Tarkulich using the e-mail address given. Mary Cummings
Mary Citrak Cummings <cummings09@com cast.net>
Tallahassee, FL USA - Sun. 1/7/2007 8:38 PM

Hello, I have traced my family back to Ljuta, in what is now the Ukraine and I found your site very interesting. Do you have contact information for an authority in the area that I may be able to contact for further research? Thanks in advance!
Christine <christine_rbf@yah oo.com>
PA USA - Mon. 1/1/2007 1:14 AM

A great site for all those eager to search for roots. Please add the name "Micikas" to those from Old Valaskovce. My grandmother was from there and settled in the Wilkes-Barre area. She married my grandfather Carl John Semancik (now Semanick). They mover to the Stockett, Montana area in late 1890's and finally to Tennessee in 1912. Keep things going Bill.
Pete Semanick <psemanic@swcp.com>
Albuquerque, NM USA - Sun. 12/17/2006 10:20 PM

Anyone out there coming from the village of Runina? I'd like to hear from any Mika or Micka family members. My grandfather (Fedor Mika or "Micka") came from this village. He settled in Monessen, Pennsylvania along with some cousins and later brought his wife Marya, their children Marya and Fedor Jr. I found their entries on Ellis Island site. My father who was born in Monessen in 1910 remembers his mother talking of "Zemplinska" or the county of "Zemplin" in old Hungary as their home -- Runina is there in the far NE corner(?) Their town was Runyina or Runina, spelled both ways on the old maps and on the Ellis Island materials. The Mika (Micka) family probably spent some time in Hamburg. I am not sure how much time but I think it was waiting for young Fedor to be born before coming to Pennslvania. My father's family spoke a Rusyn dialect and used the Cyrillian alphabet. My grandfather never really mastered english, his old bank books spelled his name variously as Mika, Mixa and Micka … transpositions of Cyrillian. The Micka family were Orthodox which is called in the Pittsburgh area Sub-Carpathian Russian Orthodox.
Thomas Micka <m3 micka@veri zon.net>
West Grove, PA USA - Tues. 12/12/2006 8:19 PM

My birthplace is St. Louis Missouri and my Father's is Washington in Franklin County Missouri. We believe our forebears immigrated around 1840-1850's with orignal surname of Mika. The change in spelling caused at least one U.S. Civil War veteran difficulty in colecting their pension. I often check local phone books at large German cities, usually find at least one Micka.
David Micka <david.micka@us.army.mil>
Wiesbaden, Hess Germany - Wed. 11/29/2006 4:4 AM

My uncle John Bobela told me my grandmother and grandfather came from Ulic. Her name was Julia Maria Kocik, his name was Basil Bobela. My natural grandfather (father of my father) was Mike Hrib. All settled into a small mining town in northern West Virginia after they came over. Grandma would talk about her and her sister crossing the mountains into Germany as lead by a young German scout. My father was born here in West Virginia in 1926. I was born in 1949 and baptised Greek Catholic by Fr. Ausgustine Komporady in St. Nicholas Mission church in Clarksburg, West Virginia. for my son's high school graduation, he and I are saving monies to travel to europe with my hopes of visiting Ulic. we will be traveling mostly by Eurail pass and sleeping in hostels. I would appreciate getting some contacts to help us visit Ulic, attend church, and meet relatives. My father 'anglicised' our last name into Bobella, from Bobela. We will be flying to Ireland July 12th, then on to the continent. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Michael Bobella <bobella54@mac.com>
Monroeville, PA United States - Mon. 11/6/2006 11:35 PM

Great website and wonderful resource which I know will be of much help in my search for information about my grandparents, Josef KLADZAN and Anna PIKULA, who came to America from "Slovak Hungary" in the late 1800s and settled in the mining town of Bitumen, PA. Thank you, Bill, Eugene Klodzen
Eugene Klodzen <gene62cu@a ol.com>
Springfield, VA USA - Wed. 11/1/2006 8:26 AM

Very nice site! I go to Normandy and Holland to the battlefields. My 3 uncles landed at Omaha Beach. Please visit my site: www.ww2dday.com
Tim Roop <TroopAbn@a ol.com >
Ocean City , MD USA - Thur. 10/26/2006 8:50 AM

Thank you for a well-organized, truly useful website!
LM Stradley <chips76309@yah oo.com>
USA - Wed. 10/25/2006 4:40 PM

I am researching my Maternal Grandparents in Eastern Slovakia. My Maternal Grandmother's surname is Dzuba. If anyone knows of this name I would appreciate the help. I think she lived in a village near Ubla.Thank you in advance. George
George Sirko <gsirko@sbcglobal.net>
CA USA - Wed. 10/11/2006 10:2 PM

Interested in locating possible relatives in U.S. that are related to maternal grandparents from Budcovce, Czechoslovakia. Names were George Ondo & Mary (Fedor) Ondo, arrival thru Ellis Island in April of 1930. arrived with 3 children: Stephen, George & Mary. Settled in Pottstown, PA.
Kathy Fuhs <kfuhs@dejazzd.com>
Douglassville, PA USA - Tues. 10/10/2006 6:59 PM

Subject: Pictures Michael Sura recently took pictures of the vilage of Ubla and the Gr. Kath cemetery for me. I am researching relatives there. The pictures were of excellent quality and I would recommend him to do your photography work. His E-mail address is arusm@yah oo.com, George
George Sirko <gsirko@sbcglobal.net>
CA USA - Sat. 10/7/2006 0:35 PM

. <.>
USA - Fri. 10/6/2006 4:31 AM

My first cousin (twice removed), Melanie Groedel, along with her husband, Baron Armin (Herman) Groedel, owned the village from 1914 - 1926. Thanks for providing this information as I would have never known about it.
Jerry Zeisler <jzeisler@email.com>
Leesburg, VA USA - Mon. 9/18/2006 7:22 PM

I contacted Bill Tarkulik and he put me in touch with a guide in Kosice, Slovakia....Michael Sura. Michael turned out to be great and helped us find cousins in the area. This is a great website. Bill...I'm trying to email you but am getting a return due to bad email address. Please contact me....John Surinchak
John Surinchak <jab12@prodigy.net>
san rafael, ca USA - Mon. 9/11/2006 8:42 PM

I am looking for information on my Grandparents...Janos Balog and Irene Varga from Egeg, now Hokovce, Slovakia. I had a chance to visit Hokovce in 2003, but didn't have much information to go on. Would love to know more about the village itself, and of course, any news of my grandparents. I know that they left family when they came to Canada in 1928 and 1929. Please contact me if you can help me, Thank you so much.
Diane Peterson <ddrgds@telus.net>
Red Deer, Alberta Canada - Sat. 9/2/2006 1:13 PM

This is my first visit to your website. I am very interested in seeing what I can find out about my ancestors. I looked at the "Divergence" in the Church death records. While I do not have any documented information, I have seen such images when reading about the black plague. While it may not be the case in this particular instance, I wonder if a local sickness was going on during this time period. Just a thought>
David Samartini <dave62sam@ya hoo.com>
USA - Sat. 8/26/2006 4:8 PM

Great site! My husband's grandparents came over in 1912. His grandfather's papers say he came from Poland. (Today it is Belarus- I think.) He always said he was Russian-from black Russia. In his naturalization papers, he lists his birth place as Hmilwo, Poland. Our name is Shunko---we have been told it means ham in Russian. That was my father-in-law's nickname. His father is named on the ship manifesto as Andrej Szunko. My husband's grandmother's maiden name was listed as Mary Chelko on his birth certificate. Her birhplace is listed as Veliki Rocewitz Czechoslavakia (We have been told she was from Austria-Hungary) on her husband's naturalization papers. I can not locate any of these places on a map. Can you direct me to a map to locate them or give me an up-to-date name? I realize names have changed several times on many. Other places are Chimelow which is listed as his last residence on the ship manifesto. On his naturalization papers he lists Brest Litosk, Poland as his last residence. I think I did locate it. His WWI Draft Registration lists his birth place as Mushi, 1894. (Sp????? on all of these are hard to read.) Also, does anyone know where I can have a notation on the back of a picture interpreted? It is probably Polish or Russian. Thank you so much. I hope you can help me. Helen Shunko shunko1@com cast.net
Helen Shunko <shunko1@com cast.net>
OH USA - Fri. 8/11/2006 11:44 PM

GRRRREAT genealogy website. Congratulations for the hard work. Laszlo Apathy ----- "Én még jól szpikolom a hangerijent" :-)) "Büszke magyar vagyok én, Erdélyben nött törzsöké fámnak" - Mr. Ferenc Kolcsey ===== Laszlo B. Apathy III AAA - Apati/Apathy Ancestral Association (est.1995) 191 Selma Ave. Englewood, Florida 34223-3830 USA ---- Tel: 941-474-4774(home) & 06-1-555-9198(Budapest) FAX: 928-484-4774(pending) Email: Laszlo.Apathy@veri zon.net Mobil: 941-___-____ URL: www.____________ (pending) --- Proud researcher-archivist of Hungarian & German genealogy & family history. 1. AAA - "Apati/Apathy Ancestral Association" (Osok Tarsasaga) (est.1995) de Nagytot(1609), Dombos(1722), & Woldorf(1807), Transylvania Region, HUNGARY 2. WWWW / W4 "Wiebelt-Wetzel-Weibel-Wood" Families Association (est.1998) von Rheinland Pfalz/Palatinate, GERMANY "Genealogy & Family History is our hobby..., We collect (deceased) ancestors" - LBA =====
Laszlo B. Apathy III <Laszlo.Apathy@veri zon.net>
Englewood, FL USA - Wed. 8/9/2006 11:48 PM

I am looking for my ancestors just the other way round. They left Prosne (the Slovak Republik )for the USA in 1920´. Their surname is Zagrapan. They might have left for Pensylvania but they probably moved later. Can anybody help me?
Milena Horak <MiluseHorakova@seznam.cz>
Prague, the Czech Republic - Wed. 8/9/2006 8:26 AM

Hello: I am astounded after scanning the comments. Delighted to know so many are into family research. We are looking for information from Kostolna,, Lubina, Stara Tura area. Wonderful gentleman presiding. Happy hunting All.
Dorothy Trubacek
Virginia Beach, , Va. USA - Thur. 8/3/2006 7:23 AM

Just thought I would let you know I mailed letters today to the three Petruno families listed in Zoznamst.sk ... Sent pictures of pradedo, dedke, otec, matka and me and my family. Wish me luck. Rovne is the town I am searhing for family, but mailed to letters to Snina, Roskovce and Nagov...Thanks for all your help and your great website. Zbohom ... Mark
Mark Petruno <k3mp@veri zon.net>
Catasauqua, Pa USA - Wed. 8/2/2006 0:34 PM

Researching Motto, Matey and Matej surnames in Wilkes Barre, Lehighton and Luzerne PA. First cousins Barbara, Dolly and Metro.Thank you. George Sirko
George Sirko <gsirko@sbcglobal.net>
CA USA - Sat. 7/22/2006 11:47 PM

Hi' Bill I appreciated your site very much. I was born in E. Conemaugh, PA and am 2nd generation American. My grandfather, all brothers and 1 sister came from Hrabovs Roztoka around 1900. An Uncle visited there in the 90's and I got photos and a video mostly of the church. All of those countries were behind the Iron Country so we never communicated with any remaining relatives and were even unsure of the names of the villages as there was an English/Slovakian barrier among the generations. Maybe the site would be useful in linking families? I tried writing but we lost touch. I understand that even though our surname was originally Jaczko (pronounced "Yashko"), it was "Anglicized" at Ellis Island to Yasko (pronounced "Yasko"). My Grandfather's name was Nikolai, with brothers Jon, Andrew, Michael, etc. With my regards, Richard N. Yasko
Richard Yasko <ryasko@comcast.net>
Paducah, KY USA - Mon. 7/17/2006 4:38 PM

Great Site. I'm trying to find any trace of my Great Grandmother's Surname. Correctly spelled it's SZUHATS. She was from Pressberg/Bratislava. Can anyone provive me with a contact. Paul Hartinger
Paul Hartinger <phhartinger@hotm ail.com>
Oromocto, NB Canada - Thur. 7/13/2006 11:48 AM

Researching Matej. In a previous comment I thought the name was Matey but have found that it might be Matej. If anyone else is researching the name or can give me any information it would be greatly appreciated.Thanks to all who helped me find the Szirka (Sirka) information in Ubla,Slovakia. Best Regards, George
George Sirko <gsirko@sbcglobal.net>
CA USA - Sun. 7/9/2006 6:24 AM

Great resource page, thanks Bill. I am researching my Slovak ancestors from Teplicska and Markusovce, near Spisska Nova Ves, including familes: VARSA, CEKEL, LACSNY, JALESKO, KRISTOF, and DZURICZA. Andrej Varsa immigrated 1906 to Struthers, Ohio to work in Steel Mills.
Marilyn Hertenstein <mjhertenstein@charter.net>
Swansea, IL USA - Mon. 7/3/2006 9:27 AM

Very interesting site! I've been helping my husband explore his Slovakian roots and this site was a great help, thank you.
Karen Oravis <ladydatura@msn.com>
Burnsville, Mn USA - Sun. 7/2/2006 0:44 PM

Researching Sirka and Matey.This is a great website. Thank you for sending the numbers of the LDS films. I have found my Father's Baptismal Record, his parents and Brothers and Sister names.I'm not sure if the LDS film for Zemplen, Humenne, Slovakia will contain the surname Matey or Matej but I am going to order it next. We have an LDS center here and the films take about 2 weeks to get here but you get to keep them for about 5 weeks for $6.00 and you can keep them for another 5 weeks for the same price. There's a wealth of information in them. Baptisms, Marriages and deaths. George
George Sirko <gsirko@sbcglobal.net>
CA USA - Thur. 6/29/2006 3:32 AM

Family from Zemplenrona (now Rovne)came to US 1907 and 1910, wondering where I could look to see if family is still in or around Rovne. Original name is Petrunyo...does anyone have pictures of this town. Dakujem Daj Buze Mark
Mark Petruno <k3mp@veri zon.net>
Catasauqua, Pa USA - Mon. 6/26/2006 6:38 PM

I found the village of Dobroslava (Dobroszlo) in Eastern Slovakia on your web side when google. The page also have a picture of a road-sign by Grag Csubak. Trying to find a road map that will lead me to this village, but don't succeed. Can anyone guide me on the right path?
Kjetil Brukstuen <kjetilbrux@ya hoo.no>
Lillehammer, Norway - Tues. 6/20/2006 11:22 AM

Have pictures of Lekarovce (Lekart) on my website--shoganfamily.com--for those from that area. Enjoyed visiting relatives there but better language skills would be helpful. Would like to hear from others from the village. Have emailed quite a few already. Rege Shogan (Sogan)
Regis Shogan <shoganr@a ol.com>
Monroeville, PA USA - Sat. 6/3/2006 1:1 PM

Fantastic website...I'm sending this to my elderly aunt who has more knowledge of our Slovak heritage than I do. Our name was Szurincsak, my grandfather came over about 1900 from Starina. Grandmother was a Lasky from Dara. Anyone have any contacts for an english speaking guide in the Starina area?
John Surinchak <jab12@prodigy.net>
San Rafael, CA USA - Mon. 5/29/2006 1:3 PM

My grandparents came from where I thought was Slovakia. Ellis Island records show them visiting Jablonka Hungary in 1904. A family member once told me that Jablonka was at one time in Poland where they were born. I am confused because there are so many Jablonkas. Their names are Andras and Karolina Gura a/k/a Stahulla Gura. Any help in finding this town will be appreciated. Need info soon as I plan to visit this area. Diane
Diane Gura Bates <dgurabates@ya hoo.com>
Antioch, IL USA - Sat. 5/27/2006 10:42 PM

my father was ukrainian and came over to uk after the war i am unsure what part of ukrain but am trying to find out his name was dmytro zdendiak looking in the emails i am fairly impressed
michalina zdendiak <ajmic@btinternet.com>
Bradford,West Yorkshire, uk - Wed. 5/24/2006 0:15 PM

My family is from Smolnik which is no longer there. I have been in the area a number of times. I would say that residents of Smolnik were Greek Catholic. Records dating back to 1900 are with the Greek Catholic priest in Snina. The former mayor lives in Snina. My original name was Vonda-Hricko. Thanks. John W. Onda
John W. Onda <onda@hsnp.com>
Royal, AR USA - Tues. 5/16/2006 11:20 AM

Hello, I am wanting to find any relatives or pen pals from Papradno. My mother was born there and her maiden name was Kristina Hikanikova.
M Phillpotts <nqtropics@bigpond.com>
Townsville, Qld Australia - Sat. 5/6/2006 6:46 AM

9 <9>
USA - Fri. 5/5/2006 11:30 AM

Hi Bill -I found your story on the "Dukla Pass" battle during World War 11 very interesting. I'm very interested in Slovak genealogy ,and anything pertaining to Slovakia . Both my parents were born near there. My mother was born in Krajna Poljana near Ladomirova in the Svidnik area.Her maiden name was Ulias. My father(Stankay) was born in Bretejovce near Presov . They settled in Braddock,Pa. near Pittsburgh in Western Pa.,where I and my 8 brothers and sisters grew up. Thanks again for the Slovak info.
Vince Stankay <vstankay@a ol.com>
Lantana, Fl USA - Sun Apr 23 22:29 2006 EDT

Incredible website! Thank you so much for all your work! I'm looking for info on my grandfather Michael Popovics, who left Zvala around 1900, as well as any help on the best way for me to visit my family's homeland around Cukalovce and Vechec, Yusko Volya. We'd like to do it on our own, but don't speak the language. Anyone in that area able to help? We'd love to hear from you! Thank you!
Pat Papawick Beronio <a.beronio@att.net>
Martinsville, NJ USA - Sun Mar 12 22:20 2006 EST

It was interesting to see the Grisak family history posted on your website. I have one of the original publications of the book. I am related to the Grisak's through my maternal grandmother, Julia Flasher (Fleischer)Petrick. Her father was Michael Fleischer. Michael Fleischer's father, Ian Fleischer, married Anna Grisak.
Carole Thomas <csthomas81@a ol.com>
Indianapolis, IN USA - Sat Mar 11 22:52 2006 EST

We are desperately searching for relatives of: John C. Toth born in Hungary in a town called Lelesz, Zemplemn, Hungary, Sept 8, 1880 Married Mary Hornyak of the same town on July 16, 1904. Mary was born May 10, 1888 They came to United States of America in 1905 Mary's father was Stephen Hornyak John had a brother Paul and a sister Julia who was murdered by her boyfriend. They also had a half brother named Alex. John and Paul came to America in the early 1900's. As far as we know Alex did not. Any help you can give me in how to locate relatives or at least some background on the above people would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Elsie Toth Irish
Elsie Irish <eirish2003@ya hoo.com>
Covina, CA USA - Sat Mar 4 10:22 2006 EST

- - - G E N E A L O G Y SLOVAKIA - - - www.cisarik.com I made a mistake in my last message in my e-mail adress. THIS is CORRECT now! Any facts - family-trees will send you free of charge anytime in future by e-mail. The samples of LAST NAMES of reverends that I have in my database: . . . Adamkovich, Bachinsky, Bajcura, Brinsky, Bardossy, Bobak, Cisarik, Dudinsky, Dzubay, Gavris, Gladis, Gerbery, Gojdic, Goydich, Goodich, Gulovich, Halko, Hauris, Hodermarsky, Hodobay, Hucko, Huchko, Chanath, Ilkovich, Ivancho, Kapisinsky, Kopcay, Kello, Kelly, Krisko, Kristof, Kubek, Leukanic, Lukac, Malinich, Mankovich, Mankovits, Martyak, Michalic, Mirossay, Molchanyi, Pavlovic, Petrasovsky, Petrasovic, Petrick, Petrik, Podhajecky, Popovich, Rojkovich, Rokiczky, Rusnak, Sedlak, Sereghy, Simko, Szekely, Takac, Takach, Tink, Toronsky, Ujhelyi, Varzaly, Vislocky, Vojtovich, Zacharias, Zapotocky, Zavacky, Zedenyi, Zidik, Zima, Zorvan, Zubricky . . . etc P L E A S E, C O N T A C T M E on email adress: jurajcisrik@hotm ail.com I will answer all your questions immediately. Best Regards, Juraj Cisarik p.s.: If you would like to see my web-site: www.cisarik.com It was reverends from my database. Any facts - family-trees will send you free of charge anytime in future by e-mail.
Juraj Cisarik <jurajcisarik@hotm ail.com>
Kosice, Slovakia - Mon Feb 27 16:39 2006 EST

Looking for any info or photos on the town of Pcoline, Slovakia. Also looking for relatives still living in the area.
sandi skumanich (maiden name) <kcinnas@adelphia.net>
garfield hts., oh USA - Sun Feb 26 22:47 2006 EST

GREAT Website...family is from the Eastern part of Poland and the Western part of Belarus.
Larry Schenker <lpsca@earthl ink.net>
Los Angeles, CA United States - Fri Feb 24 14:40 2006 EST

looking for any info on martin slahor, brezova area early 1800's to chicago around 1875 to 1910. peace curtis
curtis conley(slahorova) <cwc32@nau.edu>
flagstaff, az USA - Sun Feb 19 12:33 2006 EST

Hi Bill and All!!! I wanted to commend you on your very thorough site!! It's a pleasure to peruse. I'm 100% Slovak (born in the US) with a husband who is 1/2 Slovak (3rd generation). I do need help that I'm sending out to the community. I need an English speaking guide to set out from Bratislava to za hory. Do you or does anyone have any handles or recommendations? It's been impossible to find anyone. Thanks!!!
andrea west <akwest@yta.webmail.com>
chicago, IL USA - Mon Feb 13 16:09 2006 EST

Hi, Bill: I was really excited to read your comments to Gaby on the Hungarian genealogy website. 3/14/04 I 'd just seen the Ellis Island passenger list with my own great-grandmother, hailing form Rokamezo as well; at long last solving the mystery of their origin. I very much hope to locate living relatives as well and plan to re-visit the area this spring. Thanks to you I was able to locate the village on an old map of Maramoros Megye. I was unable to email you via your website, thus this message. Many thanks. Mary
Mary McElhinny <anevada70@hotm ail.com>
Seattle, WA USA - Sun Feb 12 16:37 2006 EST

Looking for information on my Great Grandmother Maria Kaszics. She immigrated to the US in 1906 on the ship Patricia out of Bremen. She settled in Portage, Pa. She is listed as being from O. Runka or O. Rutka Hungary and speaking Slovak. I have since learned that the village may have been Ruttka and is now called Vrutsky. I've also learned that there are Kasik's listed in the phone book there. If anyone can add further information I'd be glad to hear from you. I also have reason to believe that her mother's name was Ellen. Thank you
Dawn Carson <rmc82_2000@ya hoo.com>
NJ USA - Sun Feb 12 14:14 2006 EST

- - - G E N E A L O G Y SLOVAKIA - - - www.cisarik.com Any facts - family-trees will send you free of charge anytime in future by e-mail. The samples of LAST NAMES of reverends that I have in my database: . . . Adamkovich, Bachinsky, Bajcura, Brinsky, Bardossy, Bobak, Cisarik, Dudinsky, Dzubay, Gavris, Gladis, Gerbery, Gojdic, Goydich, Goodich, Gulovich, Halko, Hauris, Hodermarsky, Hodobay, Hucko, Huchko, Chanath, Ilkovich, Ivancho, Kapisinsky, Kopcay, Kello, Kelly, Krisko, Kristof, Kubek, Leukanic, Lukac, Malinich, Mankovich, Mankovits, Martyak, Michalic, Mirossay, Molchanyi, Pavlovic, Petrasovsky, Petrasovic, Petrick, Petrik, Podhajecky, Popovich, Rojkovich, Rokiczky, Rusnak, Sedlak, Sereghy, Simko, Szekely, Takac, Takach, Tink, Toronsky, Ujhelyi, Varzaly, Vislocky, Vojtovich, Zacharias, Zapotocky, Zavacky, Zedenyi, Zidik, Zima, Zorvan, Zubricky . . . etc P L E A S E, C O N T A C T M E on email adress: jurajcisrik@hotm ail.com I will answer all your questions immediately. Best Regards, Juraj Cisarik p.s.: If you would like to see my web-site: www.cisarik.com It was reverends from my database. Any facts - family-trees will send you free of charge anytime in future by e-mail.
Cisarik <jurajcisrik@hotm ail.com>
Kosice, Slovakia - Thu Feb 9 18:42 2006 EST

Does anyone know if the 1910 Hungarian Census (including Slovakia) is available anywhere for study ? The census is referenced in relation to a 1914 Gazetteer by Tamil Publishing.
David Holoshka <david.holoshka@ericsson.com>
Lund, Sweden - Mon Jan 16 07:36 2006 EST

Just read your article, "Why Emigrate". It was an enlightening and moving description of the plight of the Carpatho-Rusyns. It makes me even more proud of my heritage then every. I thank my grandparents for their desire to make a better life for their children and grandchildren.
Bill Alt <wjalt@adelphia.net>
New Freedom, PA USA - Sat Jan 14 02:57 2006 EST

Will be visiting Belusa in Slovakia to find my Father's home and his ancestors. What do you know about Belusa ?
Elizabeth Bednar <lbed@voyager.net>
Nashotah, WI USA - Wed Jan 11 21:12 2006 EST

i have just started looking for my fathers relatives in hungary his name was gyula pallaga and was born in puspklodany. ihave not been able to find any information any where else so i am praying i will be able to do so on this site
marianne pallaga <mary_pallaga@hotm ail.com>
Tieri, Qld australia - Thu Dec 29 06:36 2005 EST

GREAT Website...family is from the Zemplenski county of Slovakia and the Ung County which is now in the Ukraine...Surnames of Petrunyak, Petruno in Slovakia and Svajko and Musak in Ukraine believe to be around Lubnja (sp)..would be nice to find relatives...Thanks for all the insight and information available here
Mark Petruno <k3mp@veri zon.net>
Catasauqua, Pa USA - Wed Dec 28 19:08 2005 EST

I am looking for people that knew family weiss in Trnava Slovakia before the Second world war . Or Family Lamberg Hanzlikova. I know that Brother of Adolph Weiss moved to the USA before the war.
Rivka <riviw@012.net.il>
Israel - Mon Dec 26 15:37 2005 EST

I found my family name MAGADA here but little more than that. My Grand Father came to Pennsylvania and settled in McKeesport.They moved to Youngstown ohio to work in the steel mills. Any information would be appreciated.
Peter Magada <pmagada@earthl ink.net>
Warren, Ohio USA - Fri Dec 9 20:52 2005 EST

What a wonderful surprise. Neat arrangement of separate pieces all very readable. Ended up at your site after searching "stremba" on Google, which took me to a photo for sale on E-Bay: "Church in Jasina on Stremba." I was trying to find what Stremba might be in that context. A river? A stream? A hill? And searching "Jasina" I came to you. dyaku-YOU! Matthew
Matthew-Daniel Stremba <stories@stremba.us>
Baltimore, MD USA - Thu Dec 1 10:07 2005 EST

I ran across this web site by searching our family surname "Ladomirak". I noticed you specifically identified the name "Ladomirak" and I wondered what the tie could be. My father was from a family of 9 brothers (Metro, Steve, Basil, Andy Mike, Peter, John, George, Myron) and 2 sisters, (Anna and Marian). Dad was born in 1921 in Jessup, PA. I don't know very much about his mother and father other than their names were Metro and Mary Stankosky. Both died when my father was very young. If you can share ANY information, I would greatly appreciate it. I have searched to many dead ends and don't know where to look. Thanks, Pete Ladomirak, Martinez, GA
Pete Ladomirak <lados@knology.net>
Martinez, GA USA - Mon Nov 28 20:25 2005 EST

Hi: As far as I know I'm 100% Slovak as if any of us could be 100% anything! Impossible. I did have the DNA done with Family Tree, and I'm trying to find out what it all means. I belong to mitochondrial group K, and most of the mutations seem to be related to K except one. I'm trying to get a deeper understanding of it all. Anyone else do this research? One thing that was interesting--when I tried to find connections, most of the similar mutations were Irish or Scots??? But I think the Celts dominated that part of Europe at some point perhaps 1000 years ago or so. A lot to learn about!
mjhodor <mjhodor@a ol.com>
san antonio, tx USA - Sun Nov 27 16:48 2005 EST

hi does anybody need any information about ancestor from eastern slovakia such as konus,chonkovce,horna,porubka,priekopa, sobrance etc. can help i was born there and lived till my 25 moved just recently to uk in 2000. so ready to help if you need me. bi lucy
lucy <5581@post.sk>
birmingham, uk - Sun Nov 20 13:36 2005 EST

Hi Bill, You are the best resource for info. In our Genology Soc.library (we are connected with LDS) I received a request to order this microfilm:Przybyszow-Sanok Administrative District, Greek Catholic Parish film No. 1784-1850. We recieved microfilm of another village in Poland. I can't locate the Village in the LDS catalog. Could you help or make a suggestion? Always appreciate your assistance. Dorothy
Dorothy <dknaf@epix.net>
Shavertown, PA USA - Thu Nov 17 20:39 2005 EST

Good morning! My name is Michal Tomasko (26) I´m from Slovakia and I look for some info about my greatgrandfather Jan (John) Tomasko (date of birth 10. September 1897). My greatgrandfather came from Zdana (small village near town Kosice in eastern Slovakia). In 1921 he left behind here his wife and small son (1920). That was my grandfather. Jan was probably married again in USA, he worked in mine and maybe lived in Johnstown or somewhere in Pennsylvania. He had brothers Stephan and Martin and sisters Mary and Elizabeth. That is all I know. Do you have some info about him. I look for some contact to his children. Could you hepl me, please. Have nice day! Miso (sorry, my english is not very good ;o) )
Miso <mac06@post.sk>
Zdana, Slovakia - Thu Nov 17 06:35 2005 EST

I am trying to find my Mother's first son his name is Richard Donimirski and was last seen in Warsaw 1939 as my mother was taken by the Germans. Her name was Maria ( formally MYKULIN from Ukraine ) her husband was a Polish Army Office whose name was Ryzard. He was killed at the beginning of the war. Richard was born in 1938 and was in the care of his grandfather Pavel Donimirski when his mother was take. My E mail is holmesfamily@ragstone.plus.com.
Robert Holmes <holmesfamily@ragstone.plus.com>
UK - Tue Nov 8 15:19 2005 EST

My search for the family name Pasztjerik My name are Frans Pasztjerik, come from the Netherlands, and I am for a long time in search of my family name outside the Netherlands, and that is not easily this way such as I had thought. My complete family Pasztjerik lives all in the Netherlands, and that is there best, however, much. My father with six brothers and six sisters these had all died its, but are descendants also a lot of so that name Pasztjerik insure is. When I to my father asked then he still lived, and also sometimes to my uncles, where their grandfather came from got I as answers from Hungary, which was what their grandfather had them also told, and the borough or village where he came from the name Teplicka this way said he that, told my father and my uncles. I inspiration eventually have found to start a search, and this way I to birth prove and marry certificate of great grandfather have come, by a tip of my mother because those knew still that he had married in arnhem, therefore I look for in the old files of the municipality house of arnhem. And that birth certificate becomes its parents named after, Joannes Pasztjerik and Anna Martincsek and their zoon Josephus Pasztjerik born on 24 November 1851 at Teplicka, are peet parents are Andreas lazar and Susanna Szmolka, it birth certificate is of the parish house Teplickensis. Teplicka! that I looking for just as on the country card of Hungary, not therefore! Not to find. I got a tip of someone eventually of the Internet which it lay in Slovakije. With what is aid of the Slovak embassy I will looking for, also I got aid of people on the Internet, and that was quite welcome in my search to my roots. And this way I came in kontact with the citizen master Mr. Miro Vel'ky of the borough teplicky, by means of consulate of the embassy Mr. Jan Kvapil. And that were this way pleasant select it or there still the name Pasztjerik was. And in Teplicky the name of Pasztjerik did not come for also not the municipality files, mayor Miro and its assistant Jana has gone then in search to Teplicka nad vahom and with more success, as it happens, citizen master Tibor Mintal a friend of him is and those are look up gone, and came with the communication that family pasztjerik had, however, lived in Teplicka but that no more family lived there in its city prevented the name of our great grandmother Martincsek, who now this way is written (Martincek). Also he said that there a city is Bytca where still information am in the files of the municipality from 1817 therefore I kontact will have take with them our family end up Harvelka according to their, but no longer exists, (what now to village nova Bystrica) belonged. Harvelka were ever overflowed because of a cover and now nova Bystrica and live only one woman have been called Pastierik what is not pasztjerik but the same means in Slovak, and that said people also several against me such as Mr. Klima and Mr. Kvapil of the Slovak embassy in The Hague and the citizen master of Teplicky Mr. Miro Vel'ky and Jana its assistant. Also I have come in my search on the Internet in kontact with Zlatica which gives a lot many weet and tips to people, such as I myself which zoeken roots to family which also me made there on attentive that the name Pastierik the same name was as Pasztjerik but that had evolved these also is that happened with villages and cities, (here reported of zlatica) hello Frans I can give you a no closely date/year then the surname PASZTJERIK in PASTIERIK change. The last mentioned who correct slowaak and Paszt seem Magyaars is. Some surnames time evolved in. You weet that during the rule of Hungary in the current Slovak republic the surnames and names of cities in Magyaarse/hongaarse orthography products pronouncement of Pastjerik and Pastierik is same. Most probable the church reports one more or two different orthographies of your surname could And nevertheless I am certainly of it that my name Pasztjerik and the name Pastierik in the same period there were already or existed. And that makes me to doubts! There be I also in America will zoeken to the name Pasztjerik arrived this way at Ancestery.com that certain Stefan Pasztjerik born in 1876, had left to America, because I got the immigratie New York passenger trick to see in the period between 1851 and 1891 to come port or New-York of name had Bremen and the ship where he left Ima. And we encountered the name still more Pasztjerik at liberty ellis Island foundation, as it happens, Janosnc Pasztjerik 36 years and its for the Cecilia Pasztjerik 9 year both ended up Felsoricso that now the name has Horny Hricov according to Zlatica, and they left of from Bremen and arrived 8 December 1910 in New York with the ship the Main, on the immigration list stood to data, which they go to its man and the father of its child. The name which described stood where them to shutted, sounds Joannes Pastierik, this way that was just as are scared, because both names had already rather come up for discussion. Because both surnames were in the same period there already. Then I encountered you terrible beautiful site on the Internet site Mr. Bill, and thought at me itself, this man can help me zoeken to my family name. Or these still exist in slowaakije or in this time still in America people is with the the same name such as of my, Bill you want be this way well help me, or indications can give that there still people to live with me name Pasztjerik, in America or Slowaakije, because I sit at this moment on a dead track the cordial groeten of Frans Pasztjerik the Netherlands.
pasztjerik <pasztjerik@home.nl>
tilburg, Brabant holland - Mon Nov 7 08:59 2005 EST

Dear Friends Alan Newark (braveheart180203@hotm ail.com) in England surfing in. I write in my capacity as First Vice-President of www.dpcamps.org, the world's largest independent website devoted to searches for all catgories of Displaced Persons in the WWII and post-war eras. The following enquiry was forwarded to me by California - based friend and colleague, Olga Kaczmar, owner of the website. If anyone can help with this enquiry, we would be most grateful. Yours Aye Scottish Alan (Leeds, UK) PS..It would help, for file purpoes, if fellow searchers could copy their replies to me. ***********************************************************Olga: I've been trying to find a description of the German retreat in late 1944 through the Carpathian Mountains, especially in the area around Vilag (Svetlice) in northern Slovakia. I remember once, a few year ago,running across something on the Internet but lost it. Have you any idea where I might turn? My grandmother was killed by the Germans when one threw a handgrenade into her house because she wouldn't come out. Nick 11/6/05 2:33 PM nickkaras@ya hoo.com
Alan Newark <braveheart180203@hotm ail.com>
Leeds, West Yorks UK - Mon Nov 7 01:54 2005 EST

Very good information. Am looking for information on Jurgow (now Poland)
Norman Wytas <Overswing2000@hotm ail.Com>
Viera, Fl USA - Sun Nov 6 11:36 2005 EST

I'm looking for info on my grandparents, Peter and Margarite Kurtzhulz Gaug, lived in Nemet Sagh, Hungary. They had 8 children. They moved from Hungary to Romania around 1904 and came to the USA I think thru Ellis Island in 1906. Anything info would be greatly appreciated. I've enjoyed reading all the info on this *****book but haven't been able to use a lot of your sites.
Betty Gaug King <wtbetty1@comcast.net>
Ocean City, MD USA - Thu Nov 3 14:14 2005 EST

Klimko, Josef (DOB after 1875/ DOD ? before 1035) Country of origin? Russia, CZ, Slovakland, Poland, Lith? I've found Josef Klimko with all these variants. I'm looking for information on the surname of KLIMKO, Josef. Here is what I know. My mother told me she came into the US as a child. From her death records I know she was born 1912 in Georgia (this may have been a misspelling/Americanization of some area other than Russia. There is also a possibility she was born in US. Have a copy of her application for SS Card and it says her Father's name was Josef Klimko from Russia. Cannot verify Ellis Island information because I cannot find her name. Constance Olga Klimko. Found one (1)Josef Klimko entering US in 1921 says he spoke Magyar/Hungarian. After reading lots of information on your site it seems like many families moved around a lot. Any information on the name and other resources greatly appreciated. I don't know what else to do. Would like to hear from others with that last name. Thanks to thanks some good researchers on this list I've come up with more options. Still in the dark though. Ideas? gloria
connie <cglw2002@ya hoo.com>
USA - Mon Oct 24 23:46 2005 EDT

Hi, I've been searching for my Groninger family name back to Szil, Hungary- ...I know they were born in Szil, Austria until the boundries were changed to Hungary. Can't find any records for my g.grandfather, Herman & Elisabeth Groninger...I am looking for his parents to prove or disprove they migrated from Groningen, Holland. I know that they came to the US on the Ship, The Main. Reached my dead-end. Would appreciate any help.
Carole Pozenges <pozy2@netzero.net>
Toms River, NJ USA - Thu Oct 20 12:42 2005 EDT

For those interested in place names check out http://earth-info.nga.mil/gns/html/
Pat Kirol <sunwukong@hananet.net>
seoul, Korea - Mon Oct 17 17:34 2005 EDT

Bill, I just found your website on ASK JEEVES. I am searching for my relatives in Ubla, Slovakia. Particulary I would like to get the address of the Greek Catholic church there. My Father and his brother came to USA circa 1917. My maternal Grandparents also came from Ubla. The surnames are Sirka and Mattey. Can anyone help? A website would help. Thank you. George
George <gsirko@sbcglobal.net>
CA USA - Tue Oct 11 03:25 2005 EDT

Hi, I am looking for any relatives of my father, John Balko who came from Lucky Slovakia to Canada in 1928. His mother's maiden name is Lovdor.
Dianne <ddkelly13@ya hoo.com>
Kingsville, ontario Canada - Fri Sep 16 08:32 2005 EDT

You have helped me immensely! I just learned today the name of the birthplace of my grandfather's brother. Vel'ke Kapusany was in Hungary but now in Slovakia. Thank you for moving me in the right direction. I am researching JACOBS, VADASZ, MADANSKY, MICHAELSON, SCHATZ.
Ruth May <RARMay@ya hoo.com>
Bellevue, WA USA - Fri Sep 2 00:55 2005 EDT

I started researching my family tree and came across your site. Thank You!! It's great, gave me much needed information about the regions.
Noreen <mrundle@socal.rr.com>
Fountain Valley, CA USA - Thu Sep 1 13:12 2005 EDT

I am amazed by the depth and breadth of this site. I am just beginning to research my great-grandparents, Johannes KISS and Julianna BENDIK from Spisske Bystre, CZ (near POPRAD)who came to the U.S. via Ellis Island in 1921 and 1923. Thank you so very much for such an exceptional resource!Laura Rogers
Laura Rogers <roghome@sonic.net>
CA USA - Sat Aug 20 23:22 2005 EDT

Great website! I have worked with Juraj in the past on researching Cabiny. He has been so helpful over the past several years. To the previous emailer, I did get my DNA tested. My y-chromosome (from Cabiny, SL) is E3b. This group is considered Mediterranean/North African. Primarily found in Italy/Greece and the Balkans, North Africa and into Spain. Probably Neolithic farmers/shepards that moved northward from the Middle East. Of course, this is just one aspect of all the different people that lived there. I would be interested in hearing from others. - Chip
Chip Quasney <CrashD1@a ol.com>
Walled Lake, MI USA - Thur. 7/21/2005 1:0 PM

hi: I was just wondering if any readers have had DNA testing done, and what it revealed about ethnic/racial background. I think it's fascinating, and I have ordered a kit. MJHodor
mjhodor <mjhodor@a ol.com>
san antonio, tx USA - Tues. 7/12/2005 1:37 PM

Sproch family search. Looking for relatives of John and Elizabeth Sproch who emigrated from Slovakia-Hungary in the early 1890's to the city of Derry, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, USA. Elizabeth's maiden name was Lukac. I can be reached at hamiltonbonnie@hotm ail.com
Bonnie Hamilton <hamiltonbonnie@hotm ail.com>
USA - Mon. 7/4/2005 1:18 AM

My Grandparents left east Czechlosovakia in the early 1920s. They came from a town called (Kareema) I'm not sure how it is spelled. I can't find it anywhere. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Dan
Dan Prusak <dprusak@pdq.net>
USA - Fri. 6/24/2005 3:5 PM

I am doing a reserach project on blueprint imported from Czechoslovakia and hungary into South Africa for use by farners and African women. Can you assist me???
Dr Juliette Leeb-du Toit <leebdutoitj@ukzn.ac.za>
Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal South Africa - Thur. 6/23/2005 11:42 AM

Hallo @ all, I'm looking for my grandmothers family KUSSMANN, KLEIN, KURBEL from SCHMIEDSHAU/Tuzina. Congratulation!This site is great! Greetings from Vienna (Austria/Europe)
Renate Kaiblinger <rekai@aon.at>
Vienna, Austria Europe - Tues. 6/21/2005 5:0 AM

I'm seeking information on, or how to find records for the family PRESSER, known to be from Korumpa (Krompach, Krompachy). They lived there late 19th Century through 1930's. Joseph had children Morris, Ida, Elias, Gaspar (Gus) and Helen. All but children except Elias and Helen depart for America 1910 - 1921. Where would Jewish records for this town be found. Any and all help is appreciated. Thank You.
Joel Presser <joel@joelpresser.com>
Dallas, TX USA - Sat. 6/11/2005 11:40 AM

I am very happy to find your website and that of CentroConsult http://www.centroconsult.sk/genealogy/index.html You have restarted my enthusiasm on Slovakia. Son of Bessie (Bosena) KUZELA & CHVILICEK, KOVAR, CIGNALEK, ZEMEK & PAVELKA around Vlcnov, Moravia, Czech Republic Grandfather Vendelin KRIZAN & HOLEKSY or HOLEKSZY, near Dolne Oresany, Trnava County, Slovak Republic Grandmother Ruzena (Rosina) CECH or Csech & TRNOVICS, near Losonec, Trnava County, Slovak Republic
Simon R. Krizan <SRkrizan@comcat.NET>
Chicago, IL USA - Wed. 6/8/2005 2:11 PM

We are a young couple from Slovakia.We have been living and studiing at the US.But the living expenses were wery high and we were not able to pay everything.We still want to finish the college and be good architects-interior designers. We don't know anybody in the US and our family in Slovakia is very poor, so they can't help us. At this way we are looking for some good people who wants to help us fulfil our “American dream“ and who will help us with the college fees so, we can go back to college. If you can, please, help us we will appreciate your help and we will try to repay back everything. Thank you very much For more information contact us on this email: cuyahoga@pobox.sk
Peter <cuyahoga@pobox.sk>
Bratislava, SK Slovakia - Sat. 6/4/2005 2:34 AM

Searhing for information on Malka and Bernath Spiegel family from Velke Kapusany, and Shimshon and Chaiya Lichtenstein family from Velke Kapusany.
Michael Reynard <reynard@ucla.edu>
Santa Monica, CA USA - Thur. 6/2/2005 1:5 PM

My great-grandfather came to the USA from Porubka, Slovakia. I am interested in obtaining genenological records from there for the family names of Markowitz and Gutter. How do I order records from this town?
David Katkowsky <tcmkat@ameritech.net>
Northville, MI USA - Tues. 5/31/2005 2:23 AM

Hi everybody whose families may be from Snina or Giraltovce. I was born in Snina, but all my family has origined in Giraltovce and surrounding villages. I have studied in Boston for few past years. I would like to talk to anybody who might be somehow related to my family.
Alena Soltysova <asolka2003@ya hoo.com>
Boston, MA USA - Mon. 5/30/2005 8:49 PM

Hi: I'd like to know more about the village of Jablon, its history. My grandfather Tom Hodor was from there, and I've visited. I just don't know too much about its apparently long history. Also, my grandparents on my mom's side, George and Mary Sofranik. Any Sofraniks on this website? Thanks, Mary Jean Hodor
Mary Jean Hodor <mjhodor@a ol.com>
San Antonio, tx USA - Sat. 5/28/2005 9:19 PM

My paternal great-grandparents were from Sobrance. My grandfather Viktor NEUMAN, who died in Michalovce in December 1920, was a son of Max (Miksa) NEUMAN and Ottilie (Adel) POLACSEK. My grandmother Hermina MOSKOVITS was born in Ostrov Eles, just south of Sobrance. Her parents were Markus MOSKOVITS and Sali KOHN. Also searching for ZICHERMAN from Sobrance and Ubrez, ROSENBERG from Sobrance, and MOSKOVITS from Bunkovce.
Vivian Kahn <vkahn@kmort.com>
Oakland, CA USA - Sat. 5/28/2005 6:5 PM

I live in Northern Mexico and my Grandparents arrive from Poland on 1923. My grandfather's name was Jan Adamczyk (but here in Mexico we spell it Adamchik). My Grandparents were born in Otalez close to Mielec in southeast Poland. I know I have realtives in Pensilvania because Sofia Adamczyk and Michal Adamczyk ( my grandfather's Sister and Brother) went to live there. I will be eager to get in touch with some relatives. This website is great !!!
Nora Valdes <noravaldes@ya hoo.com>
Monterrey, NL Mexico - Mon. 5/2/2005 7:20 PM

I recently located an old family document dated 1880, hand written in Old German cursive in Quill feather....I cannot read German so I don't know what it is, but was in an old F. Missler wallet - there are Names in it that I recognize and Months and Dates....there are two stamps, one looks like a german postage dated 1880 that is uncancelled and another is the ROUND ink stamp (blue) with a cross in the middle...WHAT IS THIS? WHO CAN TRANSLATE FOR ME?
Rhonda Rae Rutz <rhondaraeradio@ya hoo.com>
Buchanan, MI USA - Mon. 5/2/2005 5:9 AM

Looking for information on Adamcik (now spelled adamchik) or Calej (galaj) or Slesko. Husband's grandparents and great grandparents immigrated in early 1900's from slovakia. Grandmother was Franziska (Frantiska) Calej (galaj) and grandfather was Stephen Adamcik. Grandmother's parents were: John and Kathrine Slesko Calej (galaj). Grandfather's parents were Andrew and Mary Adamchik. Any information would be great!!!!
Sandy Adamchik <sandraja@ptd.net>
Blairsville, PA USA - Sat. 4/23/2005 3:58 PM

Semczuk, Ligocki, Orychyn. I am hoping that this site will give me some leads. As was said no much information was given and now the older generation is passing on, along with our family history.
Bev Semchuk <bevandgary@sasktel.net>
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan Canada - Mon. 4/18/2005 4:42 PM

I thanked Bill Tarkulich in a private e-mail for the great job he has done with this site, but also wanted to do the same in this forum. I would be interested in exchanging information with anyone who has researched the Dranchak name or the village of Ljuta, Ukraine.
Steve Dranchak <dranchaks@ya hoo.com>
Beavercreek, OH USA - Thur. 4/14/2005 8:58 AM

Was referred to your site which gives me hopes that others might be also searching the Doboruszka/Ruske, Nagy Kapos, Kis Kapos/Vel'Kapusany and Ungvaar/Uzhorod areas. Your site is a great help in appreciating the culture of the area.. I hope another searcher can join our team exchanging results.
Jim Lakatos <jim575@peoplepc.com>
Caledonia, MI USA - Sun. 4/10/2005 1:46 PM

Thanks for this web site. This has a lot of great pictures and information. I found my Mother's Maiden Last Name "Vokulic" (Americanized as Wokulich) and grandfather's mothers maiden name "Hrib" on your surnames list. Thanks again.
Jason <jason113077phxaz@ya hoo.com>
Phoenix, AZ USA - Sat. 3/26/2005 1:9 PM

Terrific web site! My maternal (Minyoski and Mnich) and paternal (Dzugan and Merva) grandparents came from the mines near Slovensky. The Grisak book chapter under Culture was fantastic. Grisak settled in Ohio where my parents grew up after their parents had immigrated. As I'm getting ready to make Easter Paska, it gave me pause to hear his recollection of it being made in the old country!
Monica Marics <fmmarics@comcast.net>
Boulder, CO USA - Wed. 3/23/2005 11:15 PM

I would appreciate if i can find some informations about EUGENE TOPUZOW(TOPUZOU`s children,LIBUSZKA and JOSCHKA TOPUZOW(TOPUZOU).He was born in 1896 in Bokovo-Chersonskaja, Gubernija ,Russia,and he came in Usa in 1952 from Czechoslovakia.He died in 1985, in Los Angeles-CA. Probably his children remained in Czechoslovakia and if anybody can give me some information about them, I would be more than happy. Thank you!!
Karinna Kruse <kkruse@bureauofmissingheirs.com>
ceres, ca USA - Wed. 3/23/2005 0:56 PM

I would appreciate if i can find some informations about EUGENE TOPUZOW(TOPUZOU`s children,LIBUSZKA and JOSCHKA TOPUZOW(TOPUZOU).
Karinna Kruse <kkruse@bureauofmissingheirs.com>
ceres, ca USA - Wed. 3/23/2005 0:53 PM

Hi, HELP! I am trying to research a friend's Slovak ancestors. I am totally unfamiliar with Eastern European research as my family was all very WASPY. The family names are BENSER/BENCUR, SABOL, PITAK, KOCH and EVANS. Have gotten nowhere on anyone but BENCUR. Found an entry in Ellis Island ca 1906. Said he came from LIPTOV but his WWI draft registration said St. John's, Hungary. It has been suggested by another researcher that perhaps they came form Liptovsky-Jan. No one in the family has any clue to the village name or location. No help on Cencus or city directories. Family lore says they could see hte Carpathain mountains out their kitchen window. Big help-eh? All these folks came to work in the Pittsburgh steel mills but ultimatley settled on farms in Erie,PA. The PITAK line was known to still have relatives who made it through WWII because a grand-daughter remembers helping her grandmother fill feed sacks with supplies to be sent to Slovakia. She even wrote the label for her grandmother but doesn't remember where it was sent as she was only six or seven at the time. Any help or suggestions will be most appreciated. Thanks, Anne
Anne Stone <astone3988@a ol.com>
Pittsburgh, PA USA - Thur. 3/17/2005 0:6 PM

I would like to take this time to thank you for your help about were my family come from. in 1880. Have a great day
Charles Steven Dopirak III <csdopirak@hotm ail.com>
Lapel, IN USA - Wed. 3/2/2005 10:0 PM

- - - G E N E A L O G Y SLOVAKIA - - - Any facts - family-trees will send you free of charge anytime in future by e-mail. My name is Juraj CISARIK and I live in Eastern Slovakia (former Czechoslovakia). My grandfather (Jan Cisarik, born 1909) was the Greek Catholic priest and his wife Helena Mankovicova b.1913 /Mankovich/ - she came also from a priest-family. So far, I have managed to collect about 300 priests and more than 2200 their common relatives. They are all genealogically connected. Probably you could be interested in some surname: The samples of LAST NAMES of reverends that I have in my database: . . . Adamkovich, Bachinsky, Bajcura, Brinsky, Bardossy, Bobak, Cisarik, Dudinsky, Dzubay, Gavris, Gladis, Gerbery, Gojdic, Goydich, Goodich, Gulovich, Halko, Hauris, Hodermarsky, Hodobay, Hucko, Huchko, Chanath, Ilkovich, Ivancho, Kapisinsky, Kopcay, Kello, Kelly, Krisko, Kristof, Kubek, Leukanic, Lukac, Malinich, Mankovich, Mankovits, Martyak, Michalic, Mirossay, Molchanyi, Pavlovic, Petrasovsky, Petrasovic, Petrick, Petrik, Podhajecky, Popovich, Rojkovich, Rokiczky, Rusnak, Sedlak, Sereghy, Simko, Szekely, Takac, Takach, Tink, Toronsky, Ujhelyi, Varzaly, Vislocky, Vojtovich, Zacharias, Zapotocky, Zavacky, Zedenyi, Zidik, Zima, Zorvan, Zubricky . . . etc P L E A S E, C O N T A C T M E on email adress: cisarikjuraj@orangemail.sk I will answer all your questions immediately. Best Regards, Juraj Cisarik p.s.: If you would like to see my web-site: www.genealogy.unas.cz It was updated: 28/Feb/2005 . . . there is the list of all 327 reverends from my database. Any facts - family-trees will send you free of charge anytime in future by e-mail.
juraj cisarik <jurajcisarik@orangemail.sk>
Kosice, SLOVAKIA - Tues. 3/1/2005 4:16 PM

I found that your information are not very accurate and your information confused many people. I did not find my relatives sending by spam letters as u recommend to everybody, I sent my query to Slovak embassy and they manage how to find my relatives, I highly recommend Slovak embassy to do this. My Slovak relatives read your web-page and they found many faults, u do not know situation there in Czechoslovakia very well.
Henry <henryk1256@optonet.nit>
USA - Sun. 2/27/2005 4:7 PM

What a fantastic web page! I happened upon it when I was looking up information on the town my great grandmother was born in, that being Nizny Slovinky. Because of your web page I was able to find the FHL reel number for the 1869 census. I am going to go to Slovakia in May and want to visit the towns that my Ancestors came from, that being Slovinky, Vitaz, and Sarsske Jastrabie. The ancestors names were Macura, Jenca, Dolny and Spegar. If anyone has information on these names I would appreciate it.
John m. Yancho <jmyancho@...net>
Freeland, MI USA - Thur. 2/24/2005 10:0 PM

Our ladies group from the Church is involved with puting on a skit for the "World Day of Prayer" and we needed pictures on the dress of the Polish village women, as the women of Poland wrote the service for 2005. I did find a couple of pictures which help. Thank you, if you know of another site I could go to I would appreciate your input. Thank you so much. Rosalie
Rosalie <jrlalonde@...ca>
Sault Ste Marie, ON Canada - Mon. 2/21/2005 0:16 PM

Thanks again for your latest Information and access to the articles from Heritage Quest. I'm always learning more from you. You deserve special commendations.
Dorothy Knafla <dknaf@...net>
Shavertown, PA USA - Fri. 2/18/2005 8:13 PM

Saw your site after being referred here by Zlatica. I am researching the following names: Dovci, Dzurina, Korpa and Cisar. My grandfather was Andrew Dovci (Doci) and grandmother Suzzanah Cisar. He came to the states in 1901 and she about 1912. I am interested in finding out what religion this name is and how I can go about getting a copy of their marriage license as they were married in Bracovce. Very good site. Janet
Janet <jrsg619@...com>
USA - Wed. 2/16/2005 10:14 AM

Thank You!
NIcholas P Molnar <minerDtwo@...net>
Johnstown , Pa. USA - Sun. 2/13/2005 7:33 PM

I'm looking for information on the surname of KLIMKO, Josef. Here is what I know. My mother told me she came into the US as a child. From her death records I know she was born 1912 in Georgia (this may have been a misspelling/Americanization of some area other than Russia. Have done some research into bloodtypes and areas of origin and they seem to match geographically with this area. Have a copy of her application for SS Card and it says her Father's name was Josef Klimko from Russia. Cannot verify Ellis Island information because I cannot find her name. Constance Olga Klimcho. Found one Josef Klimcho entering US in 1921 says he spoke Magyar/Hungarian. After reading lots of information on your site it seems like many families moved around a lot. Any information on the name and other resources greatly appreciated. I don't know what else to do. thanks gloria
gloria wright <no1fieroguy@...com>
CA USA - Sun. 2/13/2005 4:39 PM


- - - G E N E A L O G Y B OO K - - - send from: cisarikjuraj@orangemail.sk My name is Juraj CISARIK and I live in Eastern Slovakia (former Czechoslovakia). My grandfather (Jan Cisarik, born 1909) was the Greek Catholic priest and his wife was named Helena Mankovicova b.1913 /Mankovich/. I have, so far, managed to collect the names of about 300 other priests and more than 2000 their common relations. All they are genealogical connected themselves. In my family tree I have also a person named Gabriel MARTYAK who was as a bishop in USA (Ruthenian Byzantine Catholic Church) in 1916-1924. I would like to correspondate with you about our family trees in future. And I would like to offer you my book "THE GENEALOGY OF GREEK CATHOLIC PRIESTS IN THE CARPATHIAN REGION (EAST SLOVAKIA) 1674 - 2004". It is the first edition, size is 21x29cm(A4) and it is a 700 longpages publication. It is written in english and slovak languages. This book is hand made hard bookbinding and printed nonserial by me. The samples of LAST NAMES, that they are included in the book: . . . Adamkovic, Bacinsky, Bajcura, Brinsky, Bardossy, Bobak, Cisarik, Dudinsky, Dezubay, Dzubay, Gavris, Gerbery, Gojdic, Gulovich, Halko, Hauris, Hodermarsky, Hodobay, Hucko, Chanath, Ilkovic, Kapisinsky, Kopcay, Kello, Kelly, Kristof, Leukanic, Mankovic, Mankovich, Mankovits, Martyak, Michalic, Mirossay, Molcanyi, Pavlovic, Petrasovsky, Petrasovic, Petrick, Podhajecky, Popovich, Rojkovic, Rokiczky, Russnak, Sereghy, Simko, Szekely, Takac, Takach, Toronsky, Ujhelyi, Varzaly, Vislocky, Vojtovic, Zacharias, Zapotocky, Zavacky, Zedenyi, Zima, Zorvan, Zubricky . . . P L E A S E, C O N T A C T M E on email adress: cisarikjuraj@orangemail.sk I will answer all your questions immediately. Best Regards, Juraj Cisarik p.s.: my web-site: www.genealogy.unas.cz my adress by normal post: Juraj Cisarik Hlinkova 22 040 01 Kosice SLOVAKIA
Juraj Cisarik <cisarikjuraj@...sk>
Kosice, Slovakia - Sun. 2/6/2005 5:42 PM

pozdrowienia z Bieszczad, z Wetliny!!
Grzegorz <wgrzegorz984@...pl>
Wetlina, USA - Fri. 2/4/2005 5:45 PM

Imagine my surprise when researching my grandfather Paul Husek from Zavod to find your example of searching for another Zavod resident. I am now working on your suggested steps to further our information on Paul.
Vernon Husek <vhusek@...net>
Rensselaerville, NY USA - Tues. 2/1/2005 8:18 AM

Read thru much of your info on your web site,very interesting.I was looking for info,if any one might have concerning the areas of Galazia or the Lemko region, in south east corner of Poland. My Mother Anna Krawtz [Rylow] came from Boprka and my Father Alex Krawtz [Ilko Krawcow/Krawec] came from Bereszka. The two villages are about 8 miles apart. However, they met over here and married in the Byzantine church in Bradenville, Pa. Steve Krawtz Bradenville, Pa. 1/20/05
steve krawtz <semk24@....com>
Bradenville, pa USA - Wed. 1/19/2005 7:59 PM

Komárom is Hungarian, and it should be given back to Hungary!! Éljen a Magyar! www.magyarhun.net
Magyar Attila
Komárom, Hungary - Tues. 1/18/2005 6:40 PM

Would like to hear about Bednars from Belusa, Slovakia. My father came from this town and I know other Bednars came through Ellis Island from Belusa, Slovakia. Are they related ?
Elizabeth <lbed@...net>
WI USA - Sat. 1/8/2005 11:35 PM

Researching the ASZMONGYA (ASZTMONDJA) family from Nagy Kapos (Velke Kapusany). Janos (DOB c1848) married Mary TOTH (also show SARVONICS as a maiden name)(DOB c1852). Their daughter, Elizabeth 'Rose' ASZMONGYA married my grandfather, Joseph Louis KERTESZ on 1May1899 in Braddock, PA, USA. The parents along with Elizabeth, and Joseph moved to Gary, IN, USA circa 1907/1908.
Ken Curtis <bkcurtis@...net>
Wanatah, IN USA - Sat. 1/8/2005 2:50 AM

I'm doing research
john baca <hasubaco99@...net>
roseville, mi. USA - Fri. 1/7/2005 6:29 PM

Absolutely fantastic webpage Bill. you have commented to my posts before (helpful) but not nearly as helpful as your fabulous page. I wish I found it sooner. briefly, I have been researching families, less intensely than you however, for about 3 years. takes up more of my time each year. ancestors Galadja,Hakos, came to Scranton/Taylor PA from Osadne and Juse/Dius Staryjsambor Ukraine (near Slovak Rep border). Scranton families Wenglovski,Lucas, from ? in E. Europe. Maybe this is getting too long for a ***** book comment, so I will send you another email. Page already extremely helpful. joe
joe schuster <jschuster@...com>
panama city beach, FL USA - Mon. 1/3/2005 5:54 PM

Iam researching my Parents who were born in Bardejov, Slovakia. They are Joseph P. Krajnak and Mary Lesicko. Both migrated to the U. S. married. I am maily interested in their parents and grand parents. Thank you for any help John Krajnak
John Krajnak <jjkrajnak73@...com>
Ellsworth, PA USA - Mon. 12/27/2004 9:8 PM

This site is really great. Very informative. Helps tremendously with my research. Thank you.
Gloria <westipaw@...com>
Pa USA - Sun. 12/26/2004 7:44 AM

Very informative site. Provides a wealth of information. I just returned from a trip to Slovakia; I wish I had made use of this site before I traveled!
Bob Balog <rbalog@...net>
Chantilly, VA USA - Fri. 12/24/2004 4:31 PM

This web is a significant contribution to increasing the knowledge of those of us--of both Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn ancestry--whose families hail from this region. R. VLADIMIR BAUMGARTEN chair, FRIENDS OF DUKLA PASS
R. VLADIMIR BAUMGARTEN <vlad1sk@...com>
TALLAHASSEE , FL USA - Tues. 12/21/2004 6:44 AM

What a great and informative site. I am researching my grandfather Franz Kolodzey (zej) who came to America in 1891 or 1892. He was from Martin. It's been a long journey in finding information but thanks to sites such as this one I am starting to piece him together.
Mary Traphofner <trap_m...>
Interlachen, FL USA - Wed. 12/1/2004 10:18 AM

Thanks for the information. Very interesting. I am looking for the Juba surname. I recently found relatives in Toronto Canada surname Mylly who mentioned someone named Juba that was an artist. The Juba name was also mentioned by the decendents of my aunt Ann Ligeza who lived in Youngstown Ohio. Daughter of Ann Ligeza said that person named Juba had made a portrait of one of the family members and that the family had visited the Juba family in Pennsylvannia (I think Pittsburgh) USA. Don't know if Juba was a relative or just friend but my family originaly came from Przybyszow and Wola Piotrowa Poland/Austria... Thanks Theresa
Theresa Teoli <TMTeoli...>
Lake Elsinore, CA USA - Tues. 11/9/2004 0:22 AM

Recently found your site. Very interesting. My grandfather immigrated from Ruska Volova in 1896. He would never say why. But if what you have written is true, I can see why. The information you have published is very useful to those who were never told.
John E Pipta <John E P{ipta>
Newry, PA USA - Tues. 11/2/2004 1:24 PM

just talked to a lady from Slovakia who has heard our Name Janosik its always nice to see a site such as yours Thank You
Paul Janosik <pjjano...>
Las Vegas, NV USA - Fri. 10/29/2004 11:43 PM

Just found your site tonight. It was forwarded to me by someone on the Radix site. There is so much information on your site, that I think I may finally be able to locate information about my maternal grandparents. Dora Schajovitz arrived at Ellis Island from Ilonok Ujfalu in 1909. She met and married Eugene Fuchs who was from Eperjes/Presov. Though they married in New York City, I suspect that there may have been some family connection in 'the old country'. You have a wealth of sources and I'm planning to try every one. Many thanks.
Ann Armoza <armozaan...
Oakdale, NY USA - Mon. 10/11/2004 8:53 PM

Very interesting site. We're neophytes at this, but made some progress thanks to you. Looking for what happened to the village of Valaskovce (Pasztorhegy) near Mt. Vihorlat.
Al & Pam <needle99...
Williamsburg, VA USA - Tues. 10/5/2004 5:59 PM

Bill: Thanks very much for your website. My paternal grandparents, aunts and uncles immigrated from Dukla and I have been trying to find out more about the town and area. Also as a student of WWII your description of the batle of Dukla Pass was valuable. Thanks again.
Mel Pinsler
Burlingame, CA USA - Wed. 9/29/2004 7:19 PM

pekne stranky.....blahozelam. tiez hladam svojiich pribuznych v Amerike, len s malym uspechom...
Joan <noox...
Zemplin, Slovakia - Sat. 9/25/2004 10:57 AM

I put your site is in a special "research resources" folder right along with other major resources such as the LDS (Mormons), Jewishgen.org etc. You are GOOD!
Ari Dale <...
Vered Jericho, Israel - Fri. 9/17/2004 7:18 AM

THANK YOU AGAIN BILL:) Every time I view your WEB I discover something that I didn't see before. You have provided a WEALTH of information and advice. I hope you don't mind that You and your WEB will be referred to at a presentation that I will be giving at the LDS Library in Clarks Summit, PA on Sept. 25th. I really appreciate your sharing of all your hard work,knowledge and understanding. Dorothy
Dorothy Knafla <dknaf...
Shavertown,, PA USA - Tues. 9/14/2004 6:54 PM

Hello! I am researching MALINA, changed to Maline, married to KRIVONYAK from the Jakubany Greek Catholic Church and SAMOL married to BUDZAK from Plavnica (near Levoca, Hungary)in Roman Catholic Church. My grandparents came to the US in 1899, they were married in Johnstown,PA, lived in Jersey City, NJ, and finally settled in Cleveland, Ohio to raise a large family. I was able to find vital records on Malina from the Jakubany, Slovakia website:http://www.geocities.com/jakubanyrecords/; need help finding Samol/Budzak records. I also have trouble with sorting out the subgroups such as Rusyns, Gorals, Lemkos for this area. Would welcome hearing from those related or able to help. Is there a master surname file for this site? It has a great wealth of information and easy to use!THANK YOU in advance, Patty Clark
Patty Clark <Clarkcamp5...
Lisle, IL USA - Mon. 9/13/2004 8:5 PM

Thank you so much for your web site. I have been searching for my grandparents village for three years or more now. Even though I have the name of the village I do not know the geographic location. I have found several sites that I thought could be my ancestoral village. The village was spelled in differant ways on the Ellis Island manifests of my family members, of which only my grandparents stayed in the USA. After reading your writting on Why Emigrate, I am now convinced that my grandparents came from this area of Russia. Czishowki is the name of the village and should have a neighboring village of Sholki. The conditions written about in your article match what my grandparents shared with me about there existance in their motherland. As I search and read about these conditions I find that I love them even more for their great sacrifice of giving up their families to give their children a better life. Thank you again,I now have a renewed hope about finding the rest of the Nagacz and Bondaruk family. Truely, Collene K. Nagacz Thompson
Collene Thompson <coworthom...
Omaha, NE USA - Sat. 9/11/2004 0:51 PM

Dear Bill, I'm in the early stages of finding ancestors from TREBISOV and your maps/pictures were a great help but there's more for me to do!! Looking for family names SAVKO, VRABELY, POROCHNYAVI, ETC that came to NJ and PA in 1890's I find this so facinating to finally learn about my roots after all these years of wondering. Your story on why they came here was very moving. Thank you for sharing this with me.
Elizabeth <deanlizjame...
phoenix, AZ USA - Wed. 9/1/2004 6:22 PM

Bill, I write an inter-active "genealogy help" column for the Wisconsin Slovak magazine. Many people write to me for help in their genealogy quest. This site is one of the first places I refer them to - I call you the "Slovak Guru"! There are many "good" sites out there, but few (if any) as GREAT as yours. Thank you for your dedication. Denise
Denise Wranik-McLoughlin <ddm1050...
Tampico, IL USA - Sun. 8/22/2004 3:48 AM

I'm currently living in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. I have been all over the Snina, Stakcin, Humenne area including Sninsky Kamen a rather tall (or so it seemed when climbing) mountain just SE of Snina. The factory that you mentioned in Snina made the CS version of the AK-47. It is beautiful place but there is not much there except for Humenne. The people mix Slovak, Russian, and Ruthenian together making them even harder to understand. If you visit here you will be subjected to a practice I call vodka terrorism (they like to see if you can drink as much as they can) Sadly this area has also been forgotton by the Slovak government and is being depopulated from people moving west to find work. If there are any rich entreprenuers reading this and would like to set up a factory there, please let me know. I would be glad to help as I have been trying to do this myself (but sadly, I'm not rich).
David Cole <dacoleslovensko...
Dallas, TX USA - Mon. 8/16/2004 1:32 PM

Great site. I am in the early stages of finding out my family's history in Poland. I have been working on tracing the origins and family tree of the Blachas. My father was from Tarnow--Wladyslaw Blacha--and my mother was from Rajbrot--Bronislawa Trojan. They were interned in worker camps in Germany during the end of WWII. Any help would be useful. Thank you.
John Blacha <tapjb...
Waterford, MI USA - Sun. 8/8/2004 1:17 AM

Dear Bill, I scanned your site and found so many interesting facts. I've been researching both my mother and father's background of Slovakia. I'm very much interested in getting the book of the traditions of Slovakia. I recently hired two genealogists (one for Brezina, Kocise), and the other for Stara Tura. Though I have a huge family chart of the Stara Tura Clan, not much history on them (as you say, families don't talk much of their life there in their country). I learned more from the clan in Brezina, Koscise -- even to find that a cousin is the mayor of Brezina. I shared some of this information with family here and they didn't even know some of what I have learned. The desire to know the traditions is great for me, and your site is just fantastic!
Monica Kurucz-Kosinar <Bratgirl54...
Old Bridge, NJ USA - Sat. 8/7/2004 9:47 AM

Thank you very much for your website. I am a proud Polish-Slovak American and I greatly value websites like this that get the word out about our people. God bless you in all you do.
Danusha V. Goska <calamitygene...
USA - Thur. 7/15/2004 0:15 PM

Thanks so much for the informative website. I recently found out my grandma was from Ungordas, Hungary and your information helped me find the location and alot of helpful info. Thanks again.
Dorothy <bun....
Hobart, IN USA - Tues. 7/13/2004 2:51 PM

WELCOME BACK BILL!! Thanks again for all the wonderful information that you continue to provide on this WEB as well as on iaralative.
Dorothy Knafla <dknaf...
Shavertown, PA USA - Sat. 7/10/2004 10:37 AM

We have just logged on to your site for the first time and have already found out so much about my grandfather Peter Igonda. Thank you for providing inspiration and wonderful pointers for the continuation of this journey into the past!
Apolonia Igonda <viapolonia...
Orvieto, Italy - Sun. 7/4/2004 11:45 AM

Bill, doing some research into ancestry and I stumbled on this site. All I can say is "wow". Keep up the great work.
R. Scott <rllscott...
Seattle, WA USA - Tues. 6/22/2004 8:2 PM

Zlatica recommended your site from my postings on the Radix Forum. My grandmother was b. 1901, Szentgyorgy, Pozsony, HU. I do not know if Szentgyorgy now Svaty Jur is within the Upper Hungary boundries you mention. I have my grandmothers Hungarian baptismal http://www.computer-firstaid.com/lineage/blaskow/Antoniabapt_lg.jpg and would like to find this church to see if there are more records of my ggf Johann Blaschkow & ggm Catharina Follrich and their other children born unto them. I hope your site holds leads and my appreciation for those of your talent and interest to help others by sharing your research, very commendable Sir.....Doc
Doc (Blaschkow-Blaskow-Blaszkow)
San Gabriel, CA USA - Thur. 6/10/2004 1:51 PM

Bill, I'm really amazed at your site, the amount of work you've done and the way it is arranged. Will, for sure, recommend it to folks. Just let me know if you need something translated from Hungarian, I'd be glad to volunteer.
Janos Bogardi / Radix <janos...
Pecs, Hungary - Thur. 6/3/2004 3:2 PM

Thanks Bill for the informitive site on Ulic Slovakia. My Maden name is Ulics, and we were never sure the origin except that my grandfather was Hungarian/Slovik. Evidently my fathers true name was Ulicsni, but misspelled by the doctor completing his birth certificate. Thanks for the help! Leeann Ulics-Moos
Leeann Ulics Moos <leeann...
Dublin, Tx USA - Thur. 6/3/2004 10:30 AM

Hi Bill, thanks for all the information;we spent a wonderful holiday in eastern slovakia !
Francis and Birgitta <obermaier,franz ...
Rosenheim, Germany - Tues. 6/1/2004 4:7 PM

Great site Bill. All people that pass through your web-pages appreciate all the work you have put into it. My relatives came from the Kosice area, which isn't in the far eastern reaches of Slovakia. I am actually working in the old Szepes county A-H empire area, but do refer to your expertise.
Paul Yurtinus <stpaul21...>
Brooksville, FL USA - Thur. 5/27/2004 9:32 PM

Bill, You have done absolutely great work. Your insights and information have been really helpful. No doubt, I will spend quite a bit of time on this website. Having you zero in on our ancestral village was a real breakthrough. Before communicating with you, the task of research seemed daunting to impossible. Now, the possibilities are wide open. Thanks for your great work.
George Garbell <gggarb....net>
Phoenix, AZ USA - Mon. 5/10/2004 2:1 PM

wow. i found your web page through the cz/sk site, which i visit often to read all sorts of interesting things. we are fortunate enough to have my husband's grandfather's birth certificate, listing his town of birth. our daughter spent a year in prague, and we visited her there. we were able to drive to vrbovce,(in western sk) meet the pastor of the lutheran church, see the baptizmal font where grandpop was baptized, and look at the church record books. unfortunately, the records are lost for 15 years in the time frame we needed to discover his parents marriage. it was such an extraordinary trip, and we would love to go back and learn more. your site and all the info and pictures is so thrilling to read/see. thank you for your hard work and willingness to share it all with those of us who desire to learn of our family's past. marylou (c)halupa
marylou halupa <marylou.....net>
springfield, , or USA - Thur. 5/6/2004 1:18 AM

Bill: Thanks so much for your web site. Anyone who is currently trying to do any Hungarian genealogy research knows how frustrating it can be. I am at the proverable "Brick Wall". Hopefully through your site I can stop hitting the wall and start again. Searching Sabo(Szabo)-Vajan, Ung County & Mislai, Bodnar, Bayttan Zemplin County.
Betty <Betyt...>
USA - Mon. 5/3/2004 7:12 PM

Bill.. You did an awesome job on this site.. It makes one appreciate, so much more , what our ancestors went through, and what risks they took to survive. God Bless you!
Debbie Wadkins <Wde....>
Sandusky, ohio USA - Fri. 3/19/2004 7:51 PM

Bill, the winter photos are lovely! I must add,the timing is perfect for your posting them today. We had a snowstorm here in NJ today, 16 Mar 04. Your postings are much appreciated, as I have learned so much from them and from the links you provide. Have you ever considered leading a tour to Eastern Slovakia? Thank you for sharing your knowledge and resources. Your attention to details takes time and dedication. Sincerely, Bernardine
Bernardine Weigand <bwe...>
Holmdel, NJ USA - Tues. 3/16/2004 8:21 PM

dear Bill, where I go in the www. for ancestors search you are always omnipresent.My compliment for such good work. horvath edwin alias sogulincic
horváth edwin,marian,belo <hog...>
neumarkt, germany - Tues. 3/16/2004 6:41 PM

Thank you for your website! I am researching information about my Hungarian ancestors of Pogony, Nograd Megye, Hungary. I learned so much about the 1828 & 1869 census' from your information. Now I at least know enough to ask the right questions. Researchers who share their knowledge are such wonderful gifts. Thank you for your time and expertise!
Diane Navecky <dia...>
Warren, OH USA - Tues. 3/16/2004 2:5 PM

What a wonderful effort on your part. Thank you so much as you have saved me much time. My great grandfather "Akos Czan" came here in 1903 from a place called "Hluboka" in Hungary. I am trying to find out more about him and his place of birth. Thanks again.
Daniel A. Zahn a/k/a Czan <dzahn....us>
Remsenburg, nt USA - Sun. 3/14/2004 10:10 PM

I am working through old registers on microfilm at the LDS and have found your site extremely useful. Thanks for having taken the time to put it together.
Jonathan Bobaljik <bobalji...edu>
West Hartford, CT USA - Wed. 3/10/2004 11:5 PM

Have relatives Kozany,Hytovka, Matysova.
william mihalo <omihal...net>
Munster, In. USA - Sun. 2/29/2004 2:10 PM

Hi Bill, just a note that partially under your inspiration, I've taken the first step to create a Web-based source of information on my ancestral villages and the others nearby that make up a colorful and historic part of Carpatho-Rus': the sub-Dukla region between Svidnik and the Dukla Pass. The "get in touch!" page is up and running at: http://www.erols.com/rcuster/RusynsUnderDukla
Rich Custer <rcuste..com>
Washington, DC USA - Sat. 2/28/2004 9:13 PM

Grandfather: Fedor Mlej from Radvany, Zemplen Grandmother: Mary Dzjan/Zjan(?) from Zbojna, Zemplen I've just started the "hunt", but have found your site extremely helpful!! As I search the LDS films I'll be referring to your site frequently. My grandmother's Surname is a mystery -- have not found it anywhere. Church records from Pittsburgh show Dzjan/Zjan/Zan on various documents,
Robert Malay <rmala...net>
Broad Run, VA USA - Sun. 2/15/2004 6:4 PM

Bill, thanks for so much information so clearly organized. I gather that the actual 1869 census for Hungary is not yet online anywhere? I agree that the US census which says only Hungary - Slavish or Hungary - Magyar is not helpful. Josef Dvorcak arrived in April 1888 in New York on the ship Trave from Bremen. The family story says they came from "Charish" or "Saris" or a name that sounded like that. Sa'rospatak? Which in Hungarian would mean muddy creek. You've got a terrific website. Thanks!
Ruth DeVorsey <miamoj....com>
Greenville, SC USA - Sat. 1/24/2004 11:9 PM

Bill, thanks so much for this very informative website. My now-deceased maternal grandfather, Michal Hrino, was born in the village of Hostovice. My hope is to make a brief pilgrimage to his village with my husband and children in this summer. Your website is giving me invaulable background info about the region. Thanks again!
Andrea Baker <abake....org>
Sun Valley, ID USA - Sun. 1/18/2004 4:4 PM

Thanks for the work, its a surprise to see this kind of info on the old country.
Christopher Bobela (aka O'Neill) <oneillscurr.....com>
USA - Fri. 1/9/2004 10:2 PM

I enjoyed your site. Didn't see any info about Ruska Volova.
John Pipta <jrpipt......com>
USA - Wed. 12/24/2003 1:44 PM

BILL, you've done a fantastic job here. I'm going to recommend this site to all my research partner cousins, especially the younger cousins who are just starting researching their other relatives. Thank you for all your hard work and sharing your expertise with the on-line community of researchers! MARIANNE
Marianne 50614 <mmpetrusk......com>
Sherman Oaks, CA USA - Sat. 12/20/2003 5:17 PM

Thanks so much for your website and the invaluable information it has supplied. Fortunately for me, I know the town or village that my great grandfather told us he was from "Debrete, Hungary" which I found in your historical reference maps, etc and apparently it is still there. Now the task is to contact someone there or close to there to see if there are still any Kovacs or Kovacz still there. Now on to my great grandmother who was from then Czecheslovakia (sp?) now Slovakia and a town named Selina or something similar. Your website guidance, I am sure will prove invaluable. Thank-you for paving the way for me.
Jeff George <georgejeffrey.....com>
Orlando, FL USA - Tues. 12/16/2003 8:56 PM

Thanks for the website. I am looking for info on my grandmother, Julia Novota, whom, I believe was from the High Tatry region. She came to U.S. in earlyl 1890s, and married my grandfather, Josef Bryjak in Bitumen, PA. She died at age 29 in 1905 at childbirth. Any info would be much appreiated.
George Bryjak <bryja....edu>
Bloomingdale, NY USA - Tues. 12/16/2003 4:4 PM

Thanks again Bill, I really appreciate all the info and assistance that you have provided. I located the village of my grandmother Theodosia Borik (Burik) and possibly my grandfather Andrew Haradem (Haradim/Haradym) Ellis Island Immigration notes Solinka. I am searching for more info. I realize that the village was destroyed and I did see a Web page with a few names from the village..I think they are from western PA.
Dorothy Knafla <dkna....net>
Shavertown, PA USA - Sun. 12/7/2003 5:59 PM

I have just stumbled onto your website. My grandfather immigrated from Rozkovany (about 20 kilometers north of Presov), we think in 1896. His name was George Hasara. His marriage license in Illinois (1899) says his father was also George Hasara and his mother Anna Robut or Kobut (not legible due to penmanship of the county clerk. As you say Grandpa would not discuss the "old country" because he said it was bad, "just be good Americans". I also am trying to make the connection back there because grandpa had brothers and sisters. I did come across a dentist in Presov named Peter Hasara, but it is difficult to communicate with him. Got a couple of Christmas cards from him, but not answers to my translated letter questions. Thank you for your great effort with the your website. I will visit it regularly. Sincerely yours, Robert Hasara
Robert A. Hasara <bhasara200....com>
Provo, UT USA - Fri. 12/5/2003 10:26 AM

Mr. Tarkulich, Ako sa máte? Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your efforts online. Six months ago it hardly seemed possible that three generations of my ancestors might be identified in enumerations from their ancestral village, but that was before reading your stategies for researching the 1869 Magyar census. Straightforward, insightful, illuminating, instructive... and much more.
Jeff Stana <jef...net>
Glendale, AZ USA - Fri. 11/21/2003 4:45 PM

Hi Bill, Denise McLoughlin introduced me to your wonderfully informative website. Up to now have documented info leading back to my "pra pra pra stary", Jan Skotta 1748-1826, in Spissky Hrhov, who migrated there from Silesia (Breslau) in the 1770,s. There is info in the Catholic Church records in Breslau about the "Skotta Family", probably in German. Silesia is now in Poland. How does one, who speaks only English, go about locating a reliable archivist in Breslau (Wroclaw)to research those records. Appreciate any suggestions from anybody PEACE BE WITH YOU! Ed Skotta >peace....net
ed skotta <peace....net>
Gainesville, Fla USA - Wed. 11/12/2003 2:43 PM

Oh Bill, There just aren't enough words of praise for you! Your dedication and willingness to share your expertise appears to be unsurpassed. This is the most comprehensive website on Slovak Research I have found. I write an inter-active, genealogy help column for THE WISCONSIN SLOVAK and have passed this site on to many. D'akujem! Denise
Denise Wranik-McLoughlin <ddm105....com>
Tampico, IL USA - Thur. 11/6/2003 11:6 AM

I am finding your site to be very interesting. Glad that someone sent me to it. Seeking Adamczyk and Lesko. Adam Adamczyk states that he is from Polakovec. Mary Lesko was from Lipovec. As found in immigration paperwork of Wilkes-Barre, PA. Adam born 1868, Mary 1870. Adam immigrated between 1885 and 1890. They were married in Wilkes-Barre about 1890. Thank you!! Dina
Dina Adamchick <czycki....com>
Savannah, GA USA - Sat. 10/11/2003 2:50 PM

Was surfing and found your site - thank you for all your effort explaining the 1869 Hungary Census for Slovakia. Was unaware Saros county was filmed. Have extracted many birth, marriage & deaths from church records in the villages of Rostoky, Mergeska and Vyslava. Now I can complete it with the 1869 census. Thank you for researching all of this.
Arlene Dremak Gardiner <argar....net>
Racine, WI USA - Mon. 10/6/2003 10:36 PM

Bill; You have a very interesting website. Grandparents from Ukraine and Austria-Hungary settled in Johnstown and Scranton PA, USA. Visited Bratislave, Slovakia a few years ago on a 6 country personal auto trip. Didn't think of inquiring about "The Dzuba's" Your site has made a return trip very desirable. Thanks, and keep it going.
Charles Dzuba <cdzub....net>
Springfield, NJ USA - Saturday, September 13, 2003 at 19:25:11 (EDT)

Your expertise has been so helpful to my research. Finding your web site will take my hunt to another whole level. I found my Slovakian cousins, recently, by searching the town of "Krupina" on Google.
Bette Nelson <bnelso....com>
Big Sur, CA USA - Friday, September 05, 2003 at 23:46:47 (EDT)

Greetings Bill ~~ I am in awe of the work and devotion you share in creating and updating your site. Each time I log on I am treated to yet another fascinating and informative lesson in my ancestry. My heartfelt thanks. Ursula Suga Greene
Ursula SUGA Greene <ugreen....net>
mattittuck, ny USA - Saturday, August 30, 2003 at 20:09:29 (EDT)

Thanks for putting all your research on a web site. I have benefited greatly. Your imput on Delphi Forums and this web site have made my search for ancestry much easier. From knowing nothing about grandparents, to my planned trip to visit their home towns and villages this fall,has been a two year journey that has been amazing to me. Thanks again. You have done and continue to do a great service.
Thomas Barbercheck <tnjb12....net>
New Albany, IN USA - Saturday, August 02, 2003 at 13:23:37 (EDT)

First time that I visited. A great place even for the seasoned researcher. Thanks for taking time to create this. Can I access without coming into Delphi?
Barbara Sleboda <baslebod....com>
Ellicott City, MD USA - Friday, July 25, 2003 at 21:23:19 (EDT)

Dear Bill, Found my grandfather's birthplace in Andrejovka near Orlov. May have some living relatives the Dopriak nearby. I hope to visit them next summer and also visit the birthplace of my grandmother Honorata Barnowska in Barnowiec, Poland.
Dan Nedoroski <dnedorosk....com>
St. Paul 55104, MN USA - Monday, July 21, 2003 at 19:25:29 (EDT)

Dear Bill, You have collected an enormous source of information. Even I as a Slovak resident can learn much. My congratulation. Peter
Peter Nagy <nag...sk>
Samorin, Slovak Republic - Saturday, July 19, 2003 at 05:09:22 (EDT)

Thank you for a grteat tool and a lot of effort.
Andy Gabor <agabo....com>
Vancouver , BC Canada - Wednesday, July 16, 2003 at 13:25:11 (EDT)

Thank you so much for this wonderful site and for all your hard work in helping us find family. You are a great credit to genealogy.
Lucy <missluckyluc....com>
Louisville, ky USA - Thursday, July 10, 2003 at 17:34:14 (EDT)

I am just getting started trying to research the Slovak side of my family. My mother Vera Durana came to the US in 1950 from Zilina. She knows the names of her grandparents but not their birthdates or towns, and that is as far as it goes. I am hoping to find more information, and your site has a lot of good advice. I am hoping the language barrier is not too formidable. My mother speaks Slovak, and although she doesn't have the interest in this that I do, maybe if she sees what opportunities the internet provides, she'll sign onto this search and provide some help.
Debbie Mikuteit <dmikutei....com>
Oakland, CA USA - Monday, July 07, 2003 at 00:10:17 (EDT)

I found my granfather's birthplace from your translation of the village. It was Bolarov on his SS registration but could only find his name at Ellis Island in a village called Bolyar. Now I know they are the same. Thanks.
Ann Pietragall <annabelle4...com>
Pembroke Pines, FL USA - Sunday, July 06, 2003 at 10:10:38 (EDT)

Bill: Your notes are so very informative to genealogists. I have been researching Sedlak for many years, just recently on iarelative.com. I appreciate all your history of Slovakia, Hungary, Poland. When my grandfather came over in the late 1890's from Austria-Hungary along with his five brothers, on his naturalization papers he listed his name as Novysedlak or Novisedlak, however over here they were always known as Sedlak or Shedlock and settled in Western PA. When searching over the internet, do I look for Novisedlak or Sedlak? Also, they were from Senviz, which I now understand is Krasna Luka. We were told that was in the Carpathian Mountains. Is this correct? We also are supposed to have Pocedly's in Sarisska, Zupa Lemesany, Posta Zdravce. Nobody is alive that can help me in the family. I thought you may know off the top of your head, as I thought one time I noticed you mentioned the name Szedlak or Sedlak. Thanks for all your information. You are a great source of info. Sincerely, Carol Sue
Carol Sue Strencoski <CarolSue1...net>
Harrisburg, Pa USA - Wednesday, July 02, 2003 at 14:14:24 (EDT)

I have located my Greatgrandfather (Janos Domcsak - [John Demshock]) in the 1869 Magyar census living with his family (including my Greatgreatgrandparents) in Zamuto, Zemplen. Thanks for your helpful site. It has made interpreting the census data much easier than it would have been otherwise.
Michael Simpson <mkscms7....net>
White Plains, NY USA - Thursday, June 19, 2003 at 16:52:39 (EDT)

I found my cousins and a wealth of family history on the internet. I first looked on the internet in Jan. 2002. By March, I connected with family and by June we were invited and went to Slovakia. We met 20+ relations and our family sprouted a European branch. Next week my cousins daughter will stay with us for several months. The American branch is looking forward to her visit.
George Klempay <gklempa....com>
rochester, mi USA - Tuesday, June 10, 2003 at 18:26:17 (EDT)

Hi! Just passing by, wandering if i could locate some ancesters of mine on the web.. but they seem to be hard to find! .. bey
Jurgen Slowack <jurgenslowac....com>
Belgium - Tuesday, June 10, 2003 at 13:59:16 (EDT)


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