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Under the Carpathians

Home of a Forgotten People

by J. B. Heisler and J. E. Mellon

Lindsay Drummond, Samuel Sidders and Son, Ltd.

London, 1946




The Face of The Country
A Forgotten Spot
Ivan's Castle in the Air
A Hard Life
Churches for Sale
On the Upland Pastures
A Shepherd's Tale (Oleska Dovbus)
Downward Float the Rafts
A Proud People
The Village of 12,000
There Once was a Hucul Republic
Customs and Superstitions
Racial Minorities


Carpathian "Elephants"

Precious Salt

The Capital

The Gipsies

Dethroned Capital

A Dynasty of Rabbis

Wine and Tobacco

An Emergency Capital

Past Without Glory

A New Era



Note: When this book was written in 1946, western Ukraine was known as Carpatho-Ukraine.   It has also been known as Ruthenia, Subcarpathian Ruthenia, Transcarpathia.  In the intra-war years of 1919 to 1945 it was included in Czechoslovakia.  This book describes the life, customs and folk stories of these people, known as Hucul (Hutsul) and Boyko.   The photos are from circa 1946, a priceless snapshot in time, just before the Communists did their damage.  As the Rusyns of today's Slovakia and the Lemko of today's Poland share in a similar heritage, many of these long lost stories will ring true to their descendants. 

The primary village of focus is in the Verchovina region:  Jasina, about 100 miles east of the Slovak Republic Border.  Other locales include Uzhorod, Mukacevo and Chust.

Please read and enjoy.  I would like to hear your comments about this book.

Bill Tarkulich

December, 2005





























This books is readily available for sale by used bookstores.  I picked up my copy online at Abebooks, a network of thousands of used booksellers.  Others have reported good luck with online retailer Alibris.


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